Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Into the Light in 2009

2009 is right around the corner - starting at midnight actually! And I'm wishing everyone a great one, with success, enlightenment, and great joy.

I've seen "light" coming at me as a theme lately and so I'm blogging about it today. I'm talking about some energetic developments, new attunements, and learning that I'm beginning now.

I just received the manual for the Lightarian AngelLinks attunement series, and I'm going to schedule the first attunement for some time this week. I've been reading it, and it feels like this could be a profound growing and connecting experience. I'm looking forward to the attunements very much. I'll post on how they feel to me, and also I'll be able to pass them on, so stay tuned for that. The first one is called Seraph Rose Aura. Click on the link above to learn more. Because this is the "licensed" version from the Lightarian Institute, let's just say this attunement series wasn't cheap. But it felt important to me and I pondered it for quite a while before signing up. (I'll try to offer them back at a discount.)

Also, I mentioned in my last post that this Friday I start learning with Sarah Weiss. Her course, which I hope to take one on one with her is called Light Journey Training. As I've been learning more about angels, guides and channeling, I feel that connection with "light beings" such as these are an important part of my learning.

This has represented another shift in my perception of reality. When I began learning about Reiki, I didn't know about this level of awareness. I wouldn't have really believed there was more to life than what I had already experienced in terms of spirituality. Actually experiencing physical experiences of the flow of energy changed that for me. It also helped me approach learning about angels and guides with an open mind. Reiki opened up a door that just keeps letting in more light. Hence the theme for today's blog post!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moving Forward, Moving Upward

First, I would like to express big thanks to Jane Arnell, who graciously offered, designed and gifted me the most beautiful, perfect and fitting header to my blog that I could ever have imagined. Such wonderful talent and generosity is a true blessing. And she's a cool person too so click on her name and check her out!

I'm excited at the progress of my upcoming website as eight amazing spiritual people are collaborating to create this resource on alternative health education and energy healing, spiritual and intuitive development, and more! Stay tuned!

Over to the right you'll see new links for attunements to Guardian Angel Reiki and Tachyon Source. Guardian Angel Reiki connects you with your own guardian angel who will be with you always assisting with healings and providing guidance when asked. I've found it quite powerful for myself and those whom I have attuned. Guardian Angel Reiki attunements will be $25.

Tachyon Source is an attunement for those who already have Tachyon energy attunement. It enables you to create a permanently charged Tachyon Source object which will in turn charge all it touches and is near with Tachyon energy. Tachyon energy converts into life force energy. Life force energy provides healing, balance, wellness and positivity. It is the energy of Reiki. Tachyon Source attunements will be $18, and you must already be attuned to Tachyon energy to receive this attunement.

I am grateful to all who have given me the opportunity to practice and hone my abilities at channeling. I am now receiving requests for channeling in exchange for a donation afterward. The donation is open to your discretion as far as amount, and other forms of exchange are fine as well (i.e. crystals, energy healing, attunements, readings, artwork, etc. Just email me if you would like to offer an exchange of this sort when you ask your question.) Donations can be sent to my paypal address, and please do so after I give you your channeled answer. What is a channeled reading? Simply, you email me a question - something you are wondering about your life - and I connect with your energy and ask your guidance to help me write you an answer. Then I email you what I've received. The question can include a bit of explanation so I can be specific with your guides. If you ask me "What will my future hold?" I will probably receive a general answer in response. The more specific the question, the clearer the response. I also sometimes get additional information, which I will always pass along to you as well.

I wish everyone holiday light and blessings this season, and a year of abundance for 2009.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is my birthday, and the 1st anniversary of the day I began this Reiki Awakening blog. So much has happened in the last year and it's been an amazing journey so far. I'm continuously inspired by the blessings Reiki has brought me and the way Reiki has opened the door to new states of awareness and growth in all areas of my life. I know there is more to come and I'm very excited about it all.

I started this blog because I was so inspired by the way Reiki had opened my eyes, and that inspired feeling just grows and grows. Click here for the link to my first post.

I have new experiences on a daily basis that show me more ways that Reiki can work. For instance, the other day a friend in the Netherlands and I exchanged Reiki at the same exact time, both sending and receiving. We felt the energy start and stop at exactly the same time.

And another friend asked for Reiki because she was feeling sick. I sent immediately, and 20 minutes later she sent me a thank you because she felt so much better. I'm thankful that I have a way to help someone, even if that person is across the world from me (as many are). I know I'm just the channel, but the fact that I can be a channel of loving, healing energy is my inspiration.

I started out knowing nothing about energy and now I've attuned around a hundred people to Reiki and feel unbelievably blessed that I bring this amazing experience to others. Being involved in the DHN has given me ongoing opportunities to channel Reiki to people who have requested it. I'm finding ways to get in closer contact with guides and angels, and have had success in channeling messages for people who are seeking answers from their own guidance.

I've met amazing people all over the world who work with Reiki and many other forms of intuition, and I've learned from them and continue to do so. I'm profoundly grateful.

My family has joined me in learning and experiencing Reiki and it's become part of our daily lives, enriching it for the better on many levels.

This has been an amazing year.

So as I celebrate another year of life, I have humongous amounts of wonderful things to celebrate. Thank you to all of you for being here with me.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Angels and Light

Well, today was my second weekly Energy Day. I've decided to make Mondays my Energy Day - a day as completely as possible devoted to Reiki, learning, meditation, and rejeuvination. So what did I do today?

The day started with receiving an attunement to Full Spectrum Light energy. This is an Ole Gabrielsen founded attunement, and it was a very pleasant tingly-hands way to begin Energy Day. I can't think of anything more fitting. I can also pass this attunement on to others, if interested. It helps greatly with balance and energy regeneration. Email me for details.

During the week, I also received an attunement to Guardian Angel Reiki. This is an energy attunement which connects you with a Guardian Angel of your own, and enables you to call upon this angel of light to help you with healing, help you find clarity and connect with your higher guidance. Today, I had the opportunity to pass this attunement to Connie Dohan, my Chios teacher and mentor, who works with angels on a daily basis. I felt the presences around me as I channeled the attunement, through sensations in my eyelids, third eye chakra, and energy tingles in my hands. She reported a powerful experience receiving the attunement. I can also pass this attunement to others who are interested. I'll be adding it to those I offer. For now, please email me if you're interested in receiving it.

I also sent two Kundalini Reiki attunements and caught up on channelings - I did four! It feels good to be connected with energy and to be able to hear messages that help people get clarity on their questions. I've received tremendously positive feedback on the free channelings I've done so far and it's been a validating experience. Reminder - the offer for free channeled readings is good through December 20! Afterwards, I will do channeled readings on a donation basis. You ask me a question, I'll channel a reading for you, and you make whatever donation you feel is appropriate based on what you're guided to do. I won't turn anyone down and I'm also open to exchanges of non-monetary value.

I'm also very excited about January 2 because that's the day I begin independent study with Medical Intuitive Sarah Weiss in Light Journey Training. She did an amazing reading for me (over the phone) and solved a medical issue I had been having for two years by finding the exact vertebrae in my spine that needed adjustment and sent me to a chiropractor. He confirmed it with an X-Ray, adjusted it, and I'm all better now. The rushes of energy I've felt during sessions with her have been astounding to me. Learning from her is sure to help me make great strides in my energetic development. I'm going to her house to learn from her one on one in person. (Thanks to my mom and mother-in-law for the birthday gift that is making this beginning possible!)

Lastly I am simply grateful for good friends and inspiring people who I've met on Twitter, Facebook, through this blog, and on forums. These people are all part of my awakening journey in energy healing, Reiki, intuitive awareness, and connections with guidance, angels, and Archangels. I'd like to give shout-outs of most grateful thanks and love to: Connie, Cher, Tamu, Merita, Frank, Naomi, Tasha, Tamar, and all attunees and those who allowed me to channel guidance to their questions.


Monday, December 8, 2008

The Darkness and the Light

I had a sad sort of experience the other day - the first time something like this has happened to me. A person, I'll call him D, contacted me first for a Reiki healing, and then for attunements. He saved up the fee, and was very excited about it. I had sent him the first two attunements, both of which were met with great enthusiasm and success. Then, right before his third attunement, he abruptly told me he would not be continuing. I was surprised, and asked him what happened. His explanation surprised me, and left me feeling sad.

He had gotten into a conversation with a member of his religion's clergy. This person told him that Reiki is evil, the devil's work. That Reiki makes people think they have powers, like a diety, and is meant to undermine God's plan by causing them to deny the existence of God, thinking they are gods themselves. He went on to say that the man who told him this had been into energy work before - astral projection - and had met evil entities on the astral plane. He advised me to quit practicing and teaching Reiki based on this.

I find it very disturbing that the practice of Reiki could be so misunderstood and vilified. I also find it disturbing that someone who had experienced it for himself could be so easily convinced of these extreme views. I tried to express how I disagreed, and how Reiki has helped me strengthen my connection to Source rather than make me need it less. I stressed that as God's creations, we are capable of helping each other and all of God's creations, which is what we are told to do in the Bible. I told him Reiki is a blessing to me.

Then I wished him well. That was all I could do.

I made today a day devoted to Energy and Light. I rested, and then did a Colors of Angels self healing, which was marked by powerful rushes of energy healing going through me. I loved it. I channeled three attunements, two healings and two channelings. I chatted about healing with some amazing people on Twitter both online and on the phone.

I met an interesting person who is running a program called 9 Weeks to a New You with Amythyst Wyldfyre, which sounds like some guru thing I know, but it is about transforming yourself, connecting with your Higher self, and realizing your potential. I wouldn't normally go for something like this, but I spoke with her on the phone today and she talked to me at length about how to develop the Rites of the Munay Ki. I received these Rites when I spent the weekend with Connie back in June. But I've never really known what to do to develop the Rites. I haven't even been able to explain them very well. Today Amythyst really spent time with me talking about how to work with the energies and connect to the potential in each of the 9 Rites. It was very helpful. Then she suggested the workshop and explained what she was doing, which includes mentored coaching on this kind of spiritual development. Tomorrow there's a free call-in which gives a taste of the course link here which I may do if I can so I can sense whether this is something that would be right for me at this point. I have lots of opportunities for self growth right now, so I'm not sure about doing them all at once or not. Plus, money is also a factor. But I'm learning to trust that things will align themselves. Amythyst's home page is here if you want to check her out. I do have doubts about whether this program is right for me at this time, but respect her and am grateful for her guidance today.

I met a wonderful person, Amy Bush Bradley. She has a remarkable parenting coaching program called Transformational Parenting and Evan & I are very psyched to gain some insights and a little help from her program. She graciously agreed to trade a few months of the program for Kundalini Reiki attunements. We've exchanged Reiki healings already, and enjoyed each other's feedback. Wonderful opportunities!

I have made some contacts with very connected people lately who are giving me insights into developing my spiritual awareness further. They suggested exercises for getting in touch with my guides and hearing messages more clearly. One of these people is a Twitter friend, Frank Butterfield who graciously allowed me to channel a question for him, and gave me wonderful feedback and some excellent suggestions.

Another impressive person I met on Twitter recently is Ken (although I don't know his last name...) and I really like his approach and sincerity. Click on his name to view his website.

And, last for my blog entry for tonight is that I have signed up for Lightarian AngelLinks attunements, which are certified by the Lightarian Institute (yes it's real). I'm waiting for the manual to arrive by snail mail. This is supposed to deeply connect one with the Archangels, which lately I've been feeling more from Colors of Angels healings and would like to further develop this connection. So I'm excited the most about this.

So just a little darkness, and my day of light today helped it go away.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Emerging into the Light


First, I'm feeling better from my "Spiritual Upgrade" I wrote about last week. Funny how I know it's over - I do feel lighter and more clear-headed. Also, when I drive, the yellow line in the middle of the road has a big blue aura around it - lol! I notice that and realize I'm seeing something energetic and that's another clue!

Meanwhile - I am meeting some amazing people on Twitter, and if you're there, check out the list of people I'm following. I would dearly love to sit down with the lot of them and talk for about a month about Reiki and energy healing, positive thinking, and all of the energetic arts. There are many inspiring people there. Stop by and follow along!

And, I have a BIG IDEA that I'm starting to build into reality. I'm awfully excited about it. I bought a website domain - - and I've started inviting some of the most amazing people I've met and had excellent experiences with to gather together with me on this project. It's going to be a resource of information on many sorts of energy related things - Reiki, auras, angels, chakras, channeling, psychic connection, intuition, and more. The people I've invited are experts, and the real deal. What the page will be is a place for people to come and read some articles about the various topics, and link to the people who are experts on them. I envision classes, discounts for different combinations of services, a place for Q&A, a blog, and fantastic energy. I'll keep you posted on the developments!

Meanwhile, thank you to those who have signed up so far for my holiday special and welcome to anyone else who wants to join in before Dec. 20!

I've been getting good experience and feedback with channeling and it's always a learning and growing opportunity for all involved.

Blessings all around.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Offerings

Hello friends,

I've been thinking of the giving time of year, and wish to give something back as a thank-you to those who refer people to me.

So from Thanksgiving through Dec. 20 (the 1st anniversary of my ReikiAwakening blog!), I am offering your choice of a free Colors of Angels, or Tachyon/ Tachyon Source (if you have Tachyon already) attunement if you refer someone else to me who orders an attunement or asks for a free channeling (see - they don't have to even pay for something!) All they need to do is to mention that you sent them (they can do this in their paypal form or by email). Then I'll email you that you've been mentioned as a referral and I'll ask you which attunement you would like. If you prefer, you may also choose Kundalini Reiki at 1/2 price - the full set of 3 attunements for $30!

I'm also on Twitter now if you'd like to follow me. Thanks to my friend Tamu Ngina who pointed me in that direction.

Wishing you all a season of gratitude and abundance.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Under Construction

The last couple of days I've been feeling rather out of touch. My senses seem dulled, and my sensations while channeling Reiki have not been as strong as usual. The Reiki's been working, but the way I've been sensing the "tingles and heat" is subdued.

I have learned that we go through these periods of
"spiritual upgrade" during which our senses shut down for a period, leaving us feeling sort of dense like I do right now. So I'm just taking a break of sorts, and not doing any big attunements, meditation, or channeling until the fog clears. It's like I'm "under construction."

It was a year ago when I had my Reiki 2 attunement that changed my life completely. Amazing how much has happened in a year.

I may be going on a
spiritual retreat Dec. 20-21 with Sarah Weiss. I've emailed her to ask if this is the kind of retreat that will help me learn more about intuitive healing the way she does it, or if it's not designed for that. If it isn't, I may not go, because I don't want to be frustrated wishing I could be learning what I'm interested in. I'll keep you posted. Dec. 20 is also my birthday (and the day I began this blog a year ago!) so it's a pretty significant weekend.

Wishing everyone a
Happy Thanksgiving and lots of good food, good family time, and a nice break.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Moving Energy Around

I had the pleasure and honor to meet Warren Grossman on Thursday evening at the class I've been teaching at Akiva High School. He had a roomful of teens riveted as he told his story of going from a basically everyday educated person to having a near-death experience with a parasite, and a slow recovery aided by the Earth. He was never the same once he had the chance to observe the Earth's effect on his body, healing, heart, and perception of living energy. It was truly inspirational. Second half of class he was just with me and my two students who were present (two were not present and sure missed a lot). He demonstrated energy healing on each student in turn, and they were very moved by the experience. He talked about how he can see their chakras, and the size, shape, color and position of each told him things about where each person needed healing. Amazing.

At the end of class, he took a look at my energy and invited me to come to his home for a healing because he thought I could use it in several places. Not surprising - I know I tend to burn the candle at both ends on a regular basis. I wanted to experience for myself the effects of his healing method so I went on Friday. According to him, I was pretty out of whack energy wise. So he did meditational stuff, had me "feel" where my feet are connected to the ground, and he stood across from me, and kind of pointed at each chakra and did adjustments on them from where he stood. I felt...vibrational energy. He also had me walk around his apartment a few times concentrating on my feet. The feet take in energy from the Earth, so being aware of them is the first step (ha - pun!) to becoming aware of this energy. He did the adjustment two more times, had me walk two more times, and sent me on my way. Although he usually charges for a session, he did not ask me for money. I brought him a Tachyon charged gemstone as a gift of appreciation. The next day I felt pretty sluggish energy wise. His advice to me was to get regular exercise and each day 2-3 times a day to stand back against a tree. I admit I haven't been able to do those things quite yet due to blechy cold weather. But I'll get to it...

In Tachyon news... Ole Gabrielson has developed a new Tachyon energy attunement called Tachyon Source attunement. This allows one to charge an object as a source of Tachyon energy - permanently - such that the object will charge other objects it touches and the surrounding air with Tachyon energy (which converts to Life Force Energy - Ki). I have received this attunement and have already passed it on to one person. I've been experimenting with charging water, stones, crystals, rocks, the shower head, and disks with this energy. The vibration seems more subtle than Reiki feels to me, yet I do feel it has given me an energy boost during the day, and also during distance energy channeling. If you are interested in the Tachyon Source attunement, please send me an email. The prerequisite for this attunement is Tachyon energy attunement. The fee will be $25 ($18 if I have attuned you to Kundalini Reiki or Tachyon energy). I will email the manual and offer an emailed certificate as well (if desired). I'm a member of Ole's forum, and people on there do interesting experiments with Tachyon energy. If you'd like an invitation to the forum (it's invitation only), please email me and I'll invite you.

Finally, thanks to my friend Cher for being my mentor in intuitive development. She has guided me in practicing channeling lately. I posted on a Facebook group an offer to channel information if someone has a question, as long as it's understood that this is for my practice and I make no promises about accuracy. All I ask in return is that I receive feedback afterward. The question should be something the person wants to know - not "What color are my eyes?" but something about your options or future, or something you are wondering about. A little background is appreciated as well. I've done this three times now for various people, and it seems as if it is going well. The feedback has been positive and rather validating for me. So consider yourselves, my dear blog readers, also invited to try this with me and present me the opportunity for further practice. Just drop me an email and I'll get back to you with what I hear from your spiritual guides when I tune in. It's a learning experience for both of us - win-win!

Always a journey and an adventure!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Channeling Healing and Receiving Guidance - Different Frequencies

I've been made aware recently that channeling energy healing is about being a channel for the energy to flow through us to the recipient of the healing energy. This is about being open, like a straw, so the energy can get through. Higher beings perform the healing.

Attempting to channel information from one's spirit
requires one to raise one's energetic vibration (through meditation) towards the higher frequency of higher beings (who lower theirs in order to communicate with us) and receive the messages that our guides transmit to us.

Sometimes what happens with me is overlap. I mean that when I'm channeling healing, or getting ready to channel an attunement, I meditate quietly to feel the energy and get in touch with the mindset for setting my intention. The act of meditating in this way, and the meditative state I get into when channeling energy gets me in touch with my higher self and I receive messages, or ask questions and intuit an answer. Also, many Reiki practitioners receive messages from the recipient's guides during a healing sesion.

But I've been told that channeling healing and messages are not necessarily meant to be done together. In other words, if the intent is to communicate with guides, one should be meditating and not involved in healing. If the intent is to channel healing, one should be simply open to being the channel, and any messages that are received are part of that. It's subtle, a little confusing, and an interesting point.

Where did I get these ideas? I exchanged a reading for channeling a Tachyon attunement with spiritualist medium Merita King and this is what her reading told me, as channeled through a guide of mine. I thought it was interesting enough to share, and for those interested, Merita offers free readings for an exchange of the recipient's choice (i.e. donation or as the recipient feels moved to reciprocate). She's got insight and integrity.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Colors of Angels Attunements

I'm now pleased to offer an attunement called Colors of Angels. This attunement helps to put you in energetic contact with the frequencies of Archangels and the colors associated with each. (I copied the following from my previous post.)

This is from the manual:

Archangel Michael Who serves in the first ray which is the Blue Ray and the Ray of Protection and Power

Archangel Jophiel which serves on the Second or Yellow Ray which is the Ray of Illumination and Wisdom

Archangel Chamuel who serves on the Third or Pink Ray which is the Ray of Love

Archangel Gabriel who serves on the Fourth or White Ray which is the Ray of Harmony and Purity

Archangel Raphael who serves on the Fifth or Green Ray which is the Ray of Healing and Truth

Archangel Uriel who serves on the Sixth or Gold Ray which is the Ray of Peace

Archangel Zadkiel who serves on the Seventh or Violet Ray which is the Way of Freedom.

The person with this attunement can call on different archangels for different needs such as confidence, strength, healing, clarity, peace and truth.

I was blessed to attune Connie Dohan, my Chios Healing teacher and inspiring friend, to this healing modality. Connie gave me permission to share this feedback from her attunement:

WOW-a full report is impossible ..what
follows is poor rendering

1. would really recommend the receiver be
sitting & not have any urgent tasks scheduled for just after the

2. just before 10 felt you were not really nervous but perhaps doing a mental dry run to make sure you had it all together.
3. started by being wafted to a very gentle plane - the world I used to live in was blurry & in slo mo. hubby looked at me & asked if I was ok
4. for what seemed like an hour but was only a minute or so in real time, Iwas surrounded by swirls of rainbow colors as I continued to ascend from the earthly plane.
5. then I was infused with a series of rays of color.
6. as each color reached my heart chakra, a door opened & I could see a face & instantly knew the attributes associated with that face
7. then I was surrounded by rainbow swirls again & descended back to the earth plane ...still a little ungrounded here

For those interested in the attunement, which I feel has begun to increase my own connection with these higher beings, the fee is $25, payable through paypal. I added a button in the sidebar to the right.

In any case, the attunement will include:

  • attunement (single which takes you to Master level and you can pass the attunement on afterward to others)
  • manual
  • certificate
  • complete email support

To order, please use the button on the right sidebar for convenience. Then I will email you with the manual and we'll schedule the attunement when you are ready.

I think this attunement is good for opening your connection to higher spirit frequencies and growing your awareness and communication ability. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Blessings and light,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coming Around

I have some nice news... My mother-in-law, (who I've mentioned here before) has not had conclusive results the few times I've given her Reiki, (and thus has said repeatedly that Reiki "doesn't work" for her, she doesn't feel it, etc.). Well last night she was mentioning some muscular type pain in her legs and I offered her Reiki, said "couldn't hurt" and she agreed. After a few minutes, I commented that my hands were tingling quite a lot, and she surprisedly exclaimed that her feet were too. Then, she said, "And you know what? The pain is completely gone!" She was quite surprised, and I was sooooo glad!! I guess patience and gentle persistence can pay off.

Also, when channeling Reiki lately, I've been more consciously asking that the angels and guides of the recipient be present and assist in the healing for this person. Whenever I've done so, I've felt much stronger energy sensations in my hands, and at times, saw golden lights/ shapes moving behind my closed eyelids. I would like to "see" more but perhaps this is a step in that direction. My hands are most sensitive to Reiki energy, but I want to be able to see more as well so I can learn to interpret the information coming through my hands.

I am planning to learn from Sarah Weiss ( at the nearest opportunity, which may be January. Her meditations on her website I know I mentioned before, but I really like them. I felt so her energetic work so strongly during our sessions that I am very drawn to learning her methods and becoming attuned to the energy as she is.

Meanwhile, I will continue to strengthen my receptors in working with the higher guidance as much as I can. Tomorrow night I'll do my first Colors of Angels attunement. I have one more person wanting that attunement, which I'm doing for her next week. Afterward, once I have feedback that all is well, I will post and offer the attunement here. So stay tuned, friends!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Props and Plugs


Today I would like to help promote a few worthy resources for energy healers.

The first is my Chios teacher, Connie Dohan's website, She is now, (besides teaching, offering readings, doing energy healing, and attunements), selling beautiful chakra jewelry. To the left of this text, please check out my necklace from Connie! I love the way the colors spread on my otherwise plain brown shirt! Radiant! I've received plenty of compliments and questions from those who have seen me wearing it, and I've had the opportunity to talk about chakras and Reiki. Love it! I also want to plug her website because next week, Connie is having a special on the chakra jewelry she is offering and an open house too, for those lucky enough to be in the Columbus, OH area on Sat., Nov. 1st. Connie is channeling readings for those who can make it that day. The jewelry alone is well worth a visit to the site and her place if you can make it.

Secondly, I simply love this website: . I could spend hours exploring it if I had hours to do that, I mean. But each time I go there, there's something nice to see or click on. It's really quite beautifully put together and worth a look.

Third, I'd like to introduce all interested to Sarah Weiss. She's a medical intuitive, and all around amazing spiritual person. She has done two readings for me, over the phone, and every single thing she found has been spot-on exactly right and extremely specific. The energy rushes I've felt during the sessions have been far more profound and powerful than any Reiki session (and you all know how passionate I am about Reiki!) and she is simply the real thing. Her website offers free meditation mp3s and plenty of advice and guidance besides. She teaches classes and offers many types of supportive help. Sarah's website is There is much to learn from Sarah.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reiki Rejuvenated!

I'm back from 36 hours at Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center with 15 wonderful and spiritual Reiki people. We shared Reiki treatments with each other - (I realized I haven't had a full hands-on Reiki treatment since February at my Reiki Master class!) - talked a lot about how we came to Reiki, reiki-ed trees, meditated, participated in the global water blessing this morning, and a most wonderful treat is that the leader of our retreat, Carol Spears, played therapeutic harp for us. She even brought some crystal bowls which she incorporated into the music beautifully. It was very uplifiting. (Click on Carol's name for her website with her harp music, crystal bowls, and more.) Carol attuned one member of the retreat to Reiki 1 on the retreat, and he immediately channeled very strong Reiki. That was especially moving. I'm feeling quite relaxed, inspired and balanced.

I'm inspired to grow the awareness of Reiki and am thinking of approaching the principal of my kids' school about doing a Reiki information session for parents. I think if the parents were interested in being attuned to Reiki, maybe they would accept teachers being attuned to Reiki, and so on. I think that educating the parents would be a good place to start.

This week my kids are off school Tuesday & Wednesday, so things are going to be busy around here. I have to catch up on work now!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Reiki Retreat This Weekend!

Hello friends!

Tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon I will be away from my computer (gasp!) in a nature reserve with 14 Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters, learning, sharing Reiki with each other, and connecting with nature. Woo-hoo, I am so excited!

And look what I made to bring with me:

What do you think?

I'll post on Sunday night to share my experiences and the wonderful contacts that I'm sure I'll be making with other Reiki people. This could be another step in my journey, and I am soooo ready!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Intuition and The Universe Lining Up

This morning I had an interesting experience. I was typing away at my computer, trying to get some work done while I could when I started to feel tingly - as if I was receiving Reiki. I had a quick flash of my friend, whom I had attuned to Usui Reiki level 2. So before stopping to think, I shot her off a quick email telling her the time and asking if she had just been sending me Reiki.
A couple hours later she replied a surprised "yes" answer. This is the first time I've been able to notice Reiki without knowing it was coming, and also intuit its source.

Today my husband and I discovered to our dismay that a large frame around one of our back room windows is rotting out. We called a few window companies to get estimates and left messages, worrying about the cost. I left and took the kids to the playground.
We had just gotten home from the playground when a little puppy with a collar came wandering into our yard. Seeing no owner about, I coaxed the puppy to come to me, and called the phone number on his collar. I left a message with my phone number and a few minutes later a thankful person called and was on the way to get the dog. When he came, we found out he is a handy man who moved a block away recently and he could replace and fix our window. He called us later with an estimate. I think we'll hire him. Nice.

It seemed as if the universe just lined up right today.

Also -
I want to show you a new blog I like. I added the feed to my right hand column, but please check it out. It's excellent - informative, thought provoking, and relevant to all things Reiki. I'll be taking the Reiki 30 Day Challenge probably starting next week. Here it is: . Funny name, but way impressive. Check it out.

I'm so excited because next weekend I'm going on a Reiki Retreat!!!! From Saturday morning until 2 pm on Sunday, I'll be in a beautiful environmental education retreat center, staying in a beautiful wildlife reserve, and sleeping in nice dorm-type rooms, sharing Reiki experiences, nature connection, and Reiki treatments with 14 Reiki people. The immersion and connecting with other Reiki people will be amazing - I know it! I'm so excited already! I'll be getting more details about the schedule in a few days. I'll keep you posted.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Vibrations and Angel Colors

I recently received an attunement called Colors of Angels attunement. This attunement connects one to the frequencies of archangels and colors associated with each. This is from the manual:

Archangel Michael Who serves in the first ray which is the Blue Ray and the Ray of Protection and Power

Archangel Jophiel which serves on the Second or Yellow Ray which is the Ray of Illumination and Wisdom

Archangel Chamuel who serves on the Third or Pink Ray which is the Ray of Love

Archangel Gabriel who serves on the Fourth or White Ray which is the Ray of Harmony and Purity

Archangel Raphael who serves on the Fifth or Green Ray which is the Ray of Healing and Truth

Archangel Uriel who serves on the Sixth or Gold Ray which is the Ray of Peace

Archangel Zadkiel who serves on the Seventh or Violet Ray which is the Way of Freedom.

The person with this attunement can call on different archangels for different needs such as confidence, strength, healing, clarity, peace and truth. I called in help last night to give me confidence for today, when I had to lead children's services for Yom Kippur and run some activities which followed. I did feel that I had an energetic connection and will continue to work with this energy in the hopes of strengthening my connection to these higher beings. Things went well today, by the way.

Last night I went to sleep playing the astral projection mp3 again. I have to say that I felt my inner self vibrating very strongly as I listened to it. I think there is something to this, but I need to keep working with it to see what will happen. It was definately a stronger vibration than last time.

So it's all a process, as I've been told, one which is leading somewhere and will one day all come together.

Happy New Year to my fellow members of the Tribe.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Astral Vibrations

I've been interested in binaurals and astral projection lately. I downloaded an mp3 of music with binaurals which are supposed to help one astral project during meditation. I got it from a funky site called . So I tried it. Twice so far.

The first time, toward the end of the 30 minute meditation music I felt like I was vibrating all over. It was very interesting. It kinda felt like that moment before you fall asleep. But I wasn't asleep. Then it ended.

Last night, I played it while settling into bed. I was very tired. I remember listening to the sounds (bells, water, soft music) and the next thing I know I woke up this morning.

The music actually comes with a money back guarantee, and the testimonials have someone's account of it working for him on the fourth try. The money back guarantee is good for 8 weeks so I'm going to keep trying and I'll keep you posted.

In Tachyon and KR news, I've been blessed lately to have done attunements for people in Thailand and Switzerland - with very effective results. I always am impressed by the way the energy works over any distance and time. The consistency of the results is truly beautiful.

Peace and a happy New Year to all my fellow tribe members!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Earth Energy and Reality Therapy

Kind of funny...

I've been enjoying short meditations outside in the back yard, connected to the earth by sitting, laying or standing in my bare feet. I wrote a couple days ago about seeing white sparkles afterward, and that has happened again since then. So I'm pretty enthused about this earth healing stuff.

Well, I had a stomach upset and had read some of Warren Grossman's Handbook for Healers, which I had ordered from his website. It advised that lying on one's front on the earth is healing, while lying on one's back is for clearing out negative energy. So I gave it a try - I lay down on my front on the ground in my back yard. The ground was cool, the grass was a little itchy against my face, and the earth was a little uneven but I persisted. Eventually it was relaxing and my stomach pains faded. I got up, because one of my kids needed my attention, and I was walking when I had a cold feeling on my arm. It was a slug.

There's the reality side to Earth healing. I wonder if it's okay to use a blanket...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mom/Daughter Reiki and Being Starstruck

Yesterday, my almost-9 year-old daughter Rayna came with me to give volunteer Reiki healing at the Reiki center at Ursuline College. Rayna is Reiki level 2, and we channeled Reiki healing together to a person who came in to receive Reiki. It was a strong Reiki experience for our recipient, and all were touched by the presence of a child giving healing energy with her mom. It was good for all of us. Rayna said she wants to do it again next week.

And....some exciting news is that I emailed Warren Grossman, the author of a book that's deeply impressed me lately, To Be Healed by the Earth. He lives here in the Cleveland area. I asked him if he would be willing to come and speak to my teen students in the Seeking Connections course I'm teaching. He said yes!!! We set a date for Nov. 13, and he asked me to invite other classes and staff to come too. It's quite perfect for my class, because not only is his story inspiring, but he's also Jewish, and I'm teaching this as a Jewish course on connecting to a spiritual source other than by formal prayer. I think his visit will be a highlight and I'm very grateful that he accepted so willingly.

I've found lately also that when I try to connect with another person's energy for the purpose of asking a question of the person's guides or higher insight, afterward my third eye chakra tingles for a while. It's good. I like knowing that I'm growing in ways I've been longing for.

And, dear readers, you can now visit me on Facebook with the throngs of our other friends out there in Internetland. So come on over and leave me a message on my wall.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

White Sparkles and Earth Energy

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been reading Warren Grossman's To Be Healed by the Earth. In his book, he describes how the Earth's energy healed him from the brink of death to full health. He includes exercises for connecting with the Earth's energy, and I've been trying them lately.

I've been spending a little time in my back yard, with shoes off, sometimes laying down, and sometimes sitting in quiet meditation connecting with the Earth's energy. It feels like receiving Reiki - gentle and soothing.

Today, I went outside after doing a big chunk of work at my computer, and I decided that I had 20 minutes to do Earth meditation/healing. So I layed down and felt the ground against my spine, imagining my chakras extending down into the Earth, and connecting with the energy there. Then I sat up, connecting from a sitting position, and keeping my thoughts as clear as possible. When I opened my eyes, I saw white sparkles dancing in the air. I thought it was my glasses, so I took them off. I still saw them. I enjoyed watching them for a few minutes, and moved my hand through them. They looked like dust mites, but they were white light. It was fascinating, and I have never seen anything like that with my eyes open before. By the way, when I looked at my watch, 45 minutes had passed.

I asked Cher, my psychic friend, about it, and she said I saw the energy in the air. I've heard that energy looks like white light sparkles, but never seen it for myself until today.

Also, in other news, I started teaching my Seeking Connections class for teens tonight. I had two students, though at least two more will be joining the class next week. I have so much to share with them - this class is about finding alternative connections to a spiritual source outside of formal worship services. Reiki, yoga, chanting, meditation, creative prayer, and connecting with Earth's energy are all part of it. Plus studying Jewish scholars who were seekers, and what they found. I wish I could have taken this class years ago. I also hope that my students can be open minded enough to learn that there are ways to find a connection that they may not have considered before. It's a big undertaking. I wish I had twelve students, but I'll take what comes to me for this first time. Plus the students are interested in finding something and have a healthy skepticism that is challenging, but good too.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Fuzzy World

When I don't wear my glasses, I can't see very well. I'm quite nearsighted, and facial features 10 or more feet in front of me become a blur if the glasses aren't perched on my nose. But I've noticed something. When my glasses are off, I can see auras much more than when they're on.

Why? A logical explanation might be that I'm seeing their fuzzy outline, not their aura, due to my rather impaired vision. Or, an enlightened person might say, I'm more able to see the things that the glasses keep me from seeing as they bring other details into focus. Which is it? Not sure. Maybe my eyes relax without my glasses on.

The reason I'm writing this is that tonight, we were at services at the new synagogue we joined. (It's actually the one where we grew up, but we had been belonging to a different one because I used to work there. Now that I don't, we were free to switch. But I digress.) We were at synagogue, as I was saying, and the cantorial soloist was singing. I took off my glasses, and noticed that while she sang, her aura really shimmered in green-blue and yellow. The more she sang, the brighter it seemed to get. Bigger too. But with my glasses, I couldn't see much of it at all. The rabbi too - I could see his aura - more yellow-green - without my glasses. With them, it was much harder - I needed to squint. Funny, because I need to squint to see anything if my glasses are off, but with them on I need to squint to see an auric layer.

There may be something to this observation.
Insights from my dear readers are welcome.
Peace and Shalom.

By the way, read Warren Grossman's book To Be Healed by the Earth. It's fascinating.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Doing the Time Warp

Well, as time sometimes will reveal the truth, I realized that some of the "answers" to my questions were not quite correct, at least not for the present time. Things didn't turn out the way the answers I intuited during my meditative questioning had implied. (If you're wondering what I am talking about, see my previous post).

When I asked Connie and Cher why, I found out that Spirits, guides, angels and ascended beings don't live in the same time dimension as we do, and so they don't always give answers that are valid for "right now" but their answers are still right. It may be necessary to wait for things to turn out that way, but their answers mean things will.

So I wait.

Funny though that one could argue that this is a great excuse. It's true, just not yet. But I am making every attempt to avoid cynicism and accept this. The growth of my intuition depends on me letting go of cynical doubts and keeping an open mind. Another challenge.

But I can do it.

I am looking forward to the day I will post and say that all was true as time finally revealed.

There. How's was that?

Monday, September 1, 2008


I've been trying to grow my intuitive abilities, with the help and advice of my Chios teacher, Connie, and my psychic intuitive friend Cher. (Gratitude shout out to you both!) Among the most important advice I've been getting is meditate, and also to ask for details from my guides and angels.

Meditating, as I was instructed, has been interesting. Cher told me to start off by studying the inside of my eyelids, and then focus on my third eye chakra. When doing this, I have felt connected to energy, and "saw" swirling colors and abstract shapes.

The other night when sending Reiki, I had questions in my mind, and I felt that I got answers to the questions. The next night, on Connie's suggestion, I asked for more specific information - asking more specific details, and receiving more specific answers. To be clear, when I am channeling Reiki, I feel connected to the energy and to my intuitive higher self, and the answers seem to come.

But, this being new to me, I also feel confused by doubt. I know that I have a very strong imagination and these answers could be what I am imagining I want to hear. I used my pendulum to see if it confirmed the answers, and it did. (But I'm unable to measure my own subconscious input to the answers). Connie says to ask for proof, or something that will help me emphatically believe in the message I received. I don't know what, though, would do this for me, so I haven't been able to do this yet. Also, things in my life are suggesting that the message I received may not be true, which further confuses me. I'll keep trying.

I would love to develop confidence in my ability to channel advice and messages from guides and angels. It would certainly be a wonderful dimension to my energy awareness, and I would be immensely grateful for being able to develop this. Any additional suggestions are always welcome.

I know I'm a person who has begun from scratch - from zero intuition or awareness to the point at which I am now - a Reiki Master and seeker. I've already come a long way. This is truly a journey and awakening.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Energetic Experiences of Late

I thought I'd post today about some interesting experiences I've had lately with Reiki and energy healing.

  • Last weekend, my husband and I went to my 20th High School reuinion (yes, folks, do the math, I'm getting old!). The food was...well not so great. My dear hubby ended up with a stomach ache that night. I offered him Reiki and he said ok. So I sent him some Reiki for his tummy troubles while he rested on our bed. As I channeled Reiki, with my eyes closed, I had a picture enter my head of black/grey smoke coming from his stomach. I kept sending the energy there and the smoke stopped coming out. Then he said he felt better.

  • I'm working with some students in my Distance Healing Tutorial and one of my students scanned and sent me Reiki. We exchanged feedback, and we both noted that she had sensed my head cold and some digestive issues I've been having, and sent extra Reiki to both places, leaving me more energized and breathing better. The experience was notable because it allowed my student to realize that 1) her senses are reporting accurate information, and 2) her recipient feels and benefits from the Reiki she channels. That's the point of the tutorial, to validate and strengthen energy healers' confidence in channeling Reiki to help others. Anyone interested in the Distance Healing Tutorial may click the link above or email me for more information.

  • I am finding the Tachyon energy to be beneficial when channeling Reiki. I just rub some Tachyon charged oil on my hands and when I call in the energy to channel it, the sensations seem stronger to me than before. Tachyon energy requires one attunement, and enables one to charge objects or liquids with Tachyon, which turns to life force energy to increase and intensify energy healing. It also can be very energizing in general. If anyone wants more information, please email me. I give Tachyon attunements for $25 or $18 if I have attuned you to Kundalini Reiki.

  • I am going to be teaching a High School course (supplemental education from 6-8 pm one night a week) called Seeking Connections. It's about finding alternative ways to feel a connection to spirituality - something outside oneself. By alternative, I mean something different from traditional worship services. This is a course in a Jewish educational program. I'm going to include Reiki, meditation, yoga, creative prayer, chanting, nature walks, and music in the curriculum. In planning my course, I've been thinking about the things I will say about Reiki and how to help students understand what I've come to realize. Reiki has really changed the way I understand life - it showed me that there really is more to life than what I had been experiencing before - something outside myself and a way to help others that I never knew was there. It's been a profound learning experience and I am eager to bring it to my students. I'm a very down-to-earth person, and so I expect my students to be able to relate to me, even as I am talking about something that may seem supernatural to most of them. I will be prepared with source materials and reference sources for them to find more information on each. I will also include guests who are experts in the community. I hope it goes well. I'll keep you posted.

  • Speaking of Tachyon energy, Ole Gabrielson (founder of Kundalini Reiki and the Tachyon energy attunement system) emailed me and said he has further updated the Tachyon energy and he will be offering the updated attunement to those he has attuned to Tachyon. I will, of course, be getting this updated attunement from him. When I do, I'll blog about it here and offer the most up-to-date version to anyone who wishes. The exchange ($25) will remain the same. I think it's fascinating, though, that he keeps updating his systems. I wonder how he does this, when he is guided to update and why, and just how one builds an attunement to something. I read that he was guided by Master Kuthumi in developing KR, so I wonder if he is still advised in that way. I could ask him, but I feel a little shy about it. Those experiences (channeling, hearing spiritual guidance strongly) are still far outside my own realm of experience. I trust that Ole knows what he is doing, and hope that one day I will be able to be more in tune with spirits/angels/guides. Through my blog and meeting people online I've met many people who naturally see and hear guides and the like, but I do not (yet?). So I'm working to develop this awareness and struggling with my impatience in the process. It's kind of like tasting something new and wanting to be able to make it myself but not knowing the exact recipe. KWIM?


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tachyon Energy

I heard from Ole Gabrielson, (founder of Kundalini Reiki), that he had updated the Tachyon energy attunement that he offers, and it's use is considered by him to be a partner energy for Kundalini Reiki, especially in terms of healing and attunements. I was curious about Tachyon and read about it on several websites. I also contacted Ole and asked him a few questions, which he graciously answered. (I confess that I feel like an Ole groupie - he's amazing to me in terms of having developed Kundalini Reiki, and I am deeply respectful of this wonderful healing modality).

Tachyon energy is an energy that can enter into another substance, whether it's jewlery, crystals, clothing, water, or oil, and embody that substance with Tachyon, which turns to life force energy. It sounds very sci fi. Since Ole recommends it so highly, I went for it and got the attunement from him. Great attunement -I felt it very strongly.

After being attuned to Tachyon, I charged a pendant I wear often with Tachyon (charged it as an all-around Tachyon antenna, so the energy comes out all sides), and wore it for a couple of days. I have to say that for those first two days, I was SO energized! I stayed up until 12:30 pm writing articles for my freelance work, and didn't feel drowsy. I felt great all day - like a real caffeine rush but without the letdown - great stuff! I also charged some massage oil, and rubbed some on my hands before sending energy and attunements. I have a good strong energetic connection when I do that. I've also experimented with charging my belt, and water.

I used the Tachyon charged oil and pendant when doing two Tachyon attunements for Kundalini Reiki attunees who requested them. All went exactly according to the manual Ole sent. I'm impressed yet again, and recommend Tachyon attunements for anyone who wishes to have access to additional life force energy for themselves, or to enhance distance or hands-on healing and attunements to any energy healing modality.

I am capable of doing Tachyon attunements now, and have decided to offer the one Tachyon attunement for $25. (Ole charges $61). This attunement will give you the full ability to attune objects and attune others to Tachyon as well. It's a master level attunement, and the newest form of the energy, Tachyon 2008, directly to me from the master of the system.

If you're interested in a Tachyon attunement, or would like more information, please email me. I'll add a paypal button soon, but for now, time is limited and work is plentiful. Gotta get that stuff done.

Peace, love & light,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Energy Development in Waves

I'm learning that energy intuition develops in a wave-like pattern. What I mean is that development increases - stronger energetic sensations when channeling Reiki, easier auric sight response, and feeling "connected" - seem to be followed by a pause of sorts, like when the wave subsides after the crest. There is a period of feeling not as connected as last week, sort of a quiet period, that follows, and then it will start again after this sort of resting.

I seem to be in the resting part now. Not being the patient type I'm having a hard time waiting for the next "intuitive wave of development" to happen. But what's my choice? I just keep on working with the energy and it'll get here. I'll be ready and waiting.

Since my last post (sorry for the lul), work has been very busy!! That's a happy problem, but it's kept me from devoting the time I'd like to keeping my blog updated. Sorry. I'll try to do better.

I'm also happy that I've met some wonderful people through this blog and I'd like to shout out an appreciative thanks to all of them. This includes my 11 attunees to Kundalini Reiki, and the way they've helped to increase my confidence level and understanding of Kundalini Reiki attunements and practice. I found that I have the ability to guide people through the process, and their growth and powerful experiences with the Kundalini Reiki energy have been both validating and a source of joy for me.

I was impressed with reading a book by Steven Murray called Reiki False Beliefs Exposed for All which I agreed with on every page. It is definately a must-read for Reiki practitioners of all modalities.

My dad is having surgery on Wednesday and I've been attuning my mom to KR in preparation for helping to care for him during his recovery. I hope his recovery is helped by some Reiki energy, and I feel confident that it will be. He isn't the type to take waiting to recover very patiently. (Hmm - doesn't that sound familiar?)

I'll write about the end of my energy resting period soon...I hope!

Meanwhile, I have two students beginning my Distance Reiki Tutorial on Thursday and I welcome more who are interested at any time! I think this is going to be a wonderful program and I am excited about its beginnings.

I'm also accepting orders for Kundalini Reiki attunements. I will be posting testimonials soon and really getting my Reiki website underway officially soon. For now, I'm doing it all here!

Questions and comments are always welcome.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Newest Version of Kundalini Reiki!!

Dear friends,

I have been in touch with
Ole Gabrielson, the founder of Kundalini Reiki himself. (Yes, I do feel honored to have been emailing with him - he's amazing.) He has a new 2008 version of Kundalini Reiki that reduces the number of attunements from 9 to only 3, and also the energy is said to be of a stronger and finer frequency than before. I asked him what I would need to do to "upgrade" to the newest version. He said the third attunement would be all I would need. So I paid for it, and was attuned by Ole to the new version (It was a powerful attunement!!).

Here's what this means for my Kundalini Reiki attunements:

  1. I am now attuned to the newest version of Kundalini Reiki by Ole Gabrielson himself. Couldn't be better! I have direct lineage to the master of the system.

  2. I can give attunements to this newest, strongest Kundalini Reiki in 3 attunements rather than 9.

  3. I am going to charge for Kundalini Reiki attunements.

I have thought a lot about this, and I wish to thank those 10 people who I have now attuned to the 9-attunement version without charge. I gained experience and confidence in this system and my ability to send strong and effective attunements. I have given full email support, and will always do so for those I attune, as I believe that this is of utmost ethical importance, and I also care deeply about those whom I attune and wish to be a guide and support to them in receiving and using the Kundalini Reiki energy. (*For those of you who are still in the 9-attunement process, I will continue to send your attunements as scheduled.)

I believe that Kundalini Reiki is a strong and excellent Reiki, and that I am blessed to be able to share it with others, through giving treatments and attunements.

If you would like me to attune you to Kundalini Reiki, here's what you will receive:

  • Manuals explaining each level and how to call in and channel the energy, including how to send distance treatments and attune others.

  • Complete personal email support and guidance - I'm here to answer questions and I'll be happy to give you feedback if you'd like to practice distance sendings or attunements.

  • A certificate with your name and the date of your Master Level Attunement in pdf format

The exchange for all of the above - all 3 attunements are included - is $60 US. (That's less than what I paid for the level 3 attunement from Ole).

I've put the payment button for Kundalini Reiki Attunements in the sidebar to the right, for convenient one-click ordering, and when I receive payment I will email you right away and send the manuals and set up times with you to receive your attunements. I can't emphasize enough how much I am impressed with Kundalini Reiki and would love the opportunity to share it with you.

As always, comments and
emails are welcome.



Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kundalini Reiki Attunement Guidelines

Hello all,

(*please note: I am no longer doing free attunements to Kundalini Reiki, as I have been recently attuned to the newest version by Ole Gabrielson. Please click here for the new information).

I have come up with a few guidelines for those who want me to attune them to Kundalini Reiki. They're quite simple.

1. Read the manuals before requesting the attunements. I want to know that those who I'm attuning are informed about this Reiki modality, and understand how to call in and channel the energy, what to expect from the attunement process, and also how the attunements should be timed. When you request attunements, I will send you the manuals by email.

2. After you've read the manuals, email me a list of the dates and times (and what time zone you are in) when you would like to receive each attunement. Be sure to first send me your full name and location (city/state or city/country if outside the US). It could look like:
Joe Shmoe, Boise, Idaho
KR1 Monday, June 23, 10 a.m. CST
KR2 Wednesday, June 25, 10 a.m. CST
KR3 Wednesday, July 2, 10 a.m. CST
Be sure to give me 48 hours to get them on my schedule and send you a confirmation email.

3. I would like your feedback by email after each attunement, to let me know how you are feeling, how the attunement went, and if you have any questions about the energy. You may also ask me questions between attunements, or whenever they arise.

4. The "exchange": After all of your attunements through level 9 have been sent, you will send me an attunement to Kundalini Reiki 9 (booster 6) at a time we will arrange to confirm that your attunements were all received. Only someone who has been successfully attuned can send an attunement, so this would be a good way to finish. This verifying is for both of our benefit. While I have no doubt that the attunements will be received by you as I intend them, it's always good to have that kind of reassurance that you were ready to receive them on your end, and you did. I will confirm that I received the attunement from you. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes to send me the attunement once you've had the final attunement.

5. This one is optional: Any time after being attuned to level 2, plan a time with me for you to send me a distance Kundalini Reiki treatment, and I'll provide you feedback (see? win-win!).

The bottom line is that I care about each person I attune, and feel blessed by the opportunity to pass the attunements along. I want to be a support for each person who asks for the attunements from me.

Comments are always welcome. Please send attunement requests to my email address : here