Thursday, September 11, 2008

White Sparkles and Earth Energy

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been reading Warren Grossman's To Be Healed by the Earth. In his book, he describes how the Earth's energy healed him from the brink of death to full health. He includes exercises for connecting with the Earth's energy, and I've been trying them lately.

I've been spending a little time in my back yard, with shoes off, sometimes laying down, and sometimes sitting in quiet meditation connecting with the Earth's energy. It feels like receiving Reiki - gentle and soothing.

Today, I went outside after doing a big chunk of work at my computer, and I decided that I had 20 minutes to do Earth meditation/healing. So I layed down and felt the ground against my spine, imagining my chakras extending down into the Earth, and connecting with the energy there. Then I sat up, connecting from a sitting position, and keeping my thoughts as clear as possible. When I opened my eyes, I saw white sparkles dancing in the air. I thought it was my glasses, so I took them off. I still saw them. I enjoyed watching them for a few minutes, and moved my hand through them. They looked like dust mites, but they were white light. It was fascinating, and I have never seen anything like that with my eyes open before. By the way, when I looked at my watch, 45 minutes had passed.

I asked Cher, my psychic friend, about it, and she said I saw the energy in the air. I've heard that energy looks like white light sparkles, but never seen it for myself until today.

Also, in other news, I started teaching my Seeking Connections class for teens tonight. I had two students, though at least two more will be joining the class next week. I have so much to share with them - this class is about finding alternative connections to a spiritual source outside of formal worship services. Reiki, yoga, chanting, meditation, creative prayer, and connecting with Earth's energy are all part of it. Plus studying Jewish scholars who were seekers, and what they found. I wish I could have taken this class years ago. I also hope that my students can be open minded enough to learn that there are ways to find a connection that they may not have considered before. It's a big undertaking. I wish I had twelve students, but I'll take what comes to me for this first time. Plus the students are interested in finding something and have a healthy skepticism that is challenging, but good too.



Beth the Reiki Artist said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with Earth Energy. Your white sparkles are very familiar to me, as I've been seeing them from time to time since I was a child. Sometimes they look like little globules of clear energy all mixing together. It's a pretty cool experience and one that I've cherished. When I took Pranic Healing I for the first time they said that is one way some people see Prana in the air.

It reminds me of the story of how Sensei Usui first gained the knowledge of Reiki as well. ;)

Anonymous said...

I know these lights you speak of, I've been seeing them my whole life, they fill the air like tiny particles, the kind they speak of in science class, the ones the human eye are not supposed to see. I believe they are tiny light beings and energy of some sort, and also there are cells floating around with them, like tiny molecules. Awesome, so cool you see them, lots of people don't or can't.

, said...

Yes, I have experienced this same phenomena.


The white sparkles is the energy of Light.

Do you experience the earth breathing or vibration.

It is all beautiful

, said...

speaking of the class you are teaching, have your read Ordinary Magic by Rabbi Gershom Winkler? If you have not, I bet you would enjoy it.

Alice Langholt said...

Thank you for the book recommendation; I'll check it out! I'm getting ready to read Anastasia - starting it this weekend on the Reiki Retreat (woo hoo!).

It's the first of the Ringing Cedars series, and I'll post what I think when I finish.

Thank you for being here, Swan.