Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reiki II - How I got here

Originally posted 11-29-07

I've recently started training in Reiki practice. Being a spritually skeptical person, I started with more the desire for Reiki to be real than the belief in its validity. I've really had a kind of epiphany.

My teacher is a friend and Reiki Master. She is very sensitive and amazing. Her hands become very hot with Reiki energy, and she can easily sense where physical or emotional trouble is. But I never believed that I would be able to channel Reiki energy and really feel something real. Until now.

Tami (that's her name) attuned me to the Level II Reiki symbols. Last year, when I was pregnant, she trained me in Reiki I, and attuned me to the energy. I practiced it, and felt that it probably did help me during labor, and my pregnancy. Plus, my baby is a very easygoing, happy and sweet little girl.

But since I've been attuned to Reiki II, I can do and feel so much more, and it's actually tangible. I have been able to send distance Reiki to my mother and strangers, each of whom have actually felt the energy I've sent them. I've even been able to sense where a person needs healing. It's amazing.

I am not a crunchy granola type. I am a cynic about spiritual matters, and have a tough time accepting those with religious confidence in God or other dieties. I get nothing out of structured religious services, and don't buy into the traditional religious views.

This has been amazing. Anyone wanting more information, or wanting a distance Reiki treatment, please contact me. Email, or leave a comment here. I will try to help you. The practice will be good for me, and it could help you too. You can even give me feedback about what you experienced. I won't charge anything.
Just have an open mind.


Cuca said...

Thank you dear Alice. Now I understood how did u start.

Todd Smith said...

Neat experience, Alice. It's amazing how subtle the mind and body are. We just don't pay attention very often!

DJ Baker said...

Hello Alice - I'm in here reading around. It's always interesting to hear how others found or think about

I'm interested in hearing more about your religious views and your spiritual experiences. So, I will keep looking around "in here".

Can't wait until the day we experiment with giving and receiving at the same time too.
I'm sure it will happen.

Off to more reading for this new year and I will find you and other forms of Reiki you talk about.