Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kundalini Reiki Attunement Guidelines

Hello all,

(*please note: I am no longer doing free attunements to Kundalini Reiki, as I have been recently attuned to the newest version by Ole Gabrielson. Please click here for the new information).

I have come up with a few guidelines for those who want me to attune them to Kundalini Reiki. They're quite simple.

1. Read the manuals before requesting the attunements. I want to know that those who I'm attuning are informed about this Reiki modality, and understand how to call in and channel the energy, what to expect from the attunement process, and also how the attunements should be timed. When you request attunements, I will send you the manuals by email.

2. After you've read the manuals, email me a list of the dates and times (and what time zone you are in) when you would like to receive each attunement. Be sure to first send me your full name and location (city/state or city/country if outside the US). It could look like:
Joe Shmoe, Boise, Idaho
KR1 Monday, June 23, 10 a.m. CST
KR2 Wednesday, June 25, 10 a.m. CST
KR3 Wednesday, July 2, 10 a.m. CST
Be sure to give me 48 hours to get them on my schedule and send you a confirmation email.

3. I would like your feedback by email after each attunement, to let me know how you are feeling, how the attunement went, and if you have any questions about the energy. You may also ask me questions between attunements, or whenever they arise.

4. The "exchange": After all of your attunements through level 9 have been sent, you will send me an attunement to Kundalini Reiki 9 (booster 6) at a time we will arrange to confirm that your attunements were all received. Only someone who has been successfully attuned can send an attunement, so this would be a good way to finish. This verifying is for both of our benefit. While I have no doubt that the attunements will be received by you as I intend them, it's always good to have that kind of reassurance that you were ready to receive them on your end, and you did. I will confirm that I received the attunement from you. It will take you no longer than 5 minutes to send me the attunement once you've had the final attunement.

5. This one is optional: Any time after being attuned to level 2, plan a time with me for you to send me a distance Kundalini Reiki treatment, and I'll provide you feedback (see? win-win!).

The bottom line is that I care about each person I attune, and feel blessed by the opportunity to pass the attunements along. I want to be a support for each person who asks for the attunements from me.

Comments are always welcome. Please send attunement requests to my email address : here

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Kundalini Reiki Attunement Calendar...and more

I now have five people that I am attuning to Kundalini Reiki, and it's quite a process! Not because the attunments are difficult; on the contrary, they usually take me about 5-7 minutes to intend and send. It's that a complete Kundalini Reiki attunement has 9 attunements, scheduled weekly after the first two, and so I have to keep track of who gets attunements sent when! With five people, I needed to make a Kundalini Reiki Attunement calendar to keep track of everyone's scheduled times.

I have successfully sent attunements at a different time, intending for the attunement to be received at a later time, which I specify while setting my intention. So far, I've only post-dated the attunment time for the same day. But I'm sure that I may be experimenting with post-dating an attunement for a day or two ahead. Grateful thanks to one of my Reiki friends, Tasha, who lets me experiment with timing and gives me great feedback. So far, even if I send a few hours in advance, and intend the attunement be received at a future time that I specify, it is received when intended. The recipients all email me feedback, so I know they felt it when they expected it, and it also typically lasts 20 minutes or more on the receiving end. The manual says that you can send more than one attunement at one time, something else I have yet to try. Really fascinating.

Strange Energetic Experience

I had a strange energy experience two nights ago in the middle of the night. I half-woke up, and in my twilight zone state, I felt as if there were presences in the room with me. I was talking to them (not out loud -in my head) though I don't remember what it was about. I think I asked them if they were here as part of my Munay Ki development. (See paragraph below). I was calling them "Ancients" and they agreed with the name. I couldn't see them, just felt their presence. My palms and forearms were hot with energy pulsing through them, and I also felt energy in my heart and third eye chakras. It felt like an attunement.

When I was at my Chios teacher's house - (An amazing 24 hours!) she attuned me to the rites of Munay Ki - (click for an informative website), which is meant to plant seeds of spiritual growth in many areas, which should germinate within a few weeks. I felt, in my half-dreaming state the other night, as if this was part of the process. It was very intense.

My visit to my Chios teacher's house

My Chios teacher, Connie, generously invited me to her home to stay over night and get some special help in working on seeing auras. The 24 hours were a whirlwind from the moment I walked in the door and was treated to an ionic foot bath. Wow, the gunk that came out of my (clean!) feet was surprisingly gross! It was very energizing. During my time there, Connie attuned me to all 9 rites of Munay Ki (and her wonderful and gracious husband, Bill, took pictures which later revealed orbs around us), read runes and tarot cards on me, taught me to use a pendulum (and gave me one to take home), took pictures of my aura and gave me a full printout of my aura report (I saw the colors of my aura turn white around my crown and third eye chakra on her computer as I called in the energy!), channeled information about my children's futures and my marriage, drew a picture of my marriage angel, Daniel, and gave me a full set of crystals (and two each in nice bags for each of my 4 kids and one for my husband) to take home. It was amazing! She said she feels called at this time to help other healers, and I am so lucky to be one of them.

I'm happy to be attuning Connie to Kundalini Reiki in exchange for the ability she gave me to pass on the rites of Munay Ki. I'm truly blessed to have found Connie. Her website is listed on my blogroll. Check it out.

Thank you Connie. Thank you so very much.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Attuned My Grandma to Reiki!

My grandma is 87 years old, though she's really one of those "87 years-young" people. She drives a red sports car, and takes courses, volunteers daily at a Senior Center near her house - walks there - bakes cookies, makes dolls and beaded necklaces, and comes for dinner every Friday night. She's great.

I've given her Reiki a few times, and she's liked it and said it helped her. She has recently developed an infection in one leg, and she is taking antibiotics for it. I gave her Reiki a few times, which did help. Yesterday she came over and I attuned her to Reiki and taught her how to call in the energy, and some hand positions for giving herself Reiki treatments. I told her to practice and the sensations would get stronger.

I have to admit that my attunement was a little awkward because I had to refer to my manual several times; it's been a while since I've done any. I realized that I'd better brush up because I'm going to be teaching a Reiki class next month! I know it worked, though, because it's the intention that passes on the ability to channel the energy, even if the procedure isn't perfect.

I'm also having some mild detox symptoms, either from doing the attunement or from my most recent Kundalini Reiki attunement. Strange moments of overwhelming emotion, a little gastric discomfort, and some weird tingles in my legs. Not a problem because I recognize them for what they are, and they'll pass soon.

I thought for a second about attuning Grandma to Kundalini Reiki, because the attunement process is so absolutely simple, but at the same time, I do believe that it's best to start with the basic Usui Reiki Ryoho to get a feel for channeling the energy. I just want to do the most basic, pure original form for her because I think it will be best for Grandma at this point.

Wow - my grandma is 87 and now she can channel Reiki.
Go, Grandma.