Saturday, February 21, 2009

Announcing...Energy Healing Mentoring Program

Many times in my life I seem to have moved in a direction and only realized it in retrospect. One example is that in my early 20s I started teaching drama to kids just for a fun job. Then I picked up a youth group advisor job, and taught Sunday School. I was having a great time, but it wasn't my day job. My day job was not nearly as fun, and when it ended, my husband (boyfriend at the time) said to me, "Alice, you're a teacher. Look at yourself! Go get your Teaching Certification and teach." I realized that he was absolutely right. I've had other ah-ha moments along the way, and now another one is motivating my next offering here.

I'm formally beginning an Energy Healing Mentoring Program.
Here's why:
For the past six or eight months people who have been interested in attunements or growing their personal intuitive abilities and awareness have come to me for advice. We've worked on a series of healings, attunements, and I've suggested various meditations and distance healing techniques, and we've worked together on their goals. I've enjoyed getting to know each person and help him or her grow. Ah-ha.

Everyone is somewhere in their intuitive development. Most people have goals and may not know how to move to the next step. Maybe that goal means being more aware of the presence of angels and guides. Maybe it involves increasing your capacity for self healing. Perhaps you are interested in distance healing but have been worried that it wouldn't work, or don't feel confident in your methods. Maybe you have some past issues you would like to release but don't know the best way for you to do so. There could be these or many other reasons. Everyone has their own path and goals. I'm offering my help. Why? Because I've already been doing this for people and it's been helpful. I'm also (if you have been reading my blog at all over the past year) on my own discovery journey and hope that by sharing my experiences it can help others in some way as well.

Here's the program, structure and prices. All are heavily discounted because it's a whole curriculum and I want to make it affordable in its entirety.

Energy Healing Mentoring Program with Alice

We start by talking about what you want to learn, how you want to grow in your intuitive abilities as a healer and spiritual person. Then we craft a plan that helps you progress every step of the way. These are some of what would be included, depending on what you want.

Menu of Services

Healings, when needed, $10. (some free)

Kundalini Reiki Attunement Series - $45 (instead of $60) - empower you to channel this modality for yourself, others, via distance, and attune others when complete. (Teach a person to fish idea you know? Then you can be set up to teach others after a while.)

Attunements of choice (non Kundalini Reiki) - $18 each (instead of $25) (Includes Colors of Angels, Guardian Angel Reiki, Etheric Cord Flush, Tachyon Energy, Tachyon Source, and some others that I have that we could discuss that I don't offer publically yet.)

Mentoring guidance in regards to learning to meditate, contact guidance, connect with angels, learn distance healing, etc. whatever you feel drawn to learn....$15 per session (a session includes: 1) you asking about what you want to learn, 2) me giving you some detailed suggestions, resources, instruction, practice plan, and then 3) responding to your feedback/questions. Each "session" is a theme-based unit we'll explore together based on what you feel drawn to learn). Includes a copy of the Distance Healing Guidebook ebook I created. (Alternative to paying for this mentoring guidance per session is a flat rate $50 per month for unlimited sessions. This is a good option if you want to have 6 or more sessions per month.) Note: The guidance is part of the Energy Healing Mentoring Program and at least two individual sessions are necessary for the discounted attunements. Healings and attunements are priced as listed.

My friendship and caring about your experiences and development - hey you already have that, you know! Regardless, that's there for you. (Priceless - lol).

Pay as we go. You set the pace. I'll be here to discuss your progress, experiences, questions, timing, whatever is helpful. I am also open to partial trades or other financial arrangements. My main goal is to help you get where you want to be. Your potential is unlimited and I'd like to help you realize that and achieve it.

How to sign up? Email me. Tell me about your goals. Let's begin! I'm excited to work with you.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tachyon Energy Stones

I have purchased and received some assorted stones of different colors and types. I am charging them with Tachyon Energy. Tachyon Energy infuses the stones permanently as generators of Life Force Energy, the same energy that Reiki works with. Carrying one of these can help energize you, help you feel more balanced and positive. Putting one in the room can clear negative energy from the room.

I've been using Tachyon energy for a while to charge stones and water. I've noticed and enjoyed the difference.

For $7.50 I'll send you 3 Tachyon Energy-charged healing stones to try and find out how they work for you. Come back and comment here or email me to give some feedback. Postage and packing materials are free. Want to be included? Click the paypal button and be sure I have your mailing information. I'll send them right out to ya. Note: if you live outside the USA, please add $3.80 for postage. You can use the "donate" button under "Reiki Healing" so you can enter the adjusted amount, but indicate "Tachyon Stones" and your address in the memo section.

Tachyon Energy Stones

If you think it's wonderful, I can attune you to this energy as well. Tachyon energy attunements work to increase your effectiveness with energy healing as well. I feel energy flowing stronger when I rub Tachyon charged oil on my hands before giving Reiki healing. The attunements (there are two) make it possible for you to charge any object or liquid with Tachyon energy. Attunement information is on the right side column.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Healing and Grounding

This week has been good in many ways. I can feel the higher level of my energy vibrations and they've started to even out. I'm spending more time with energy work and meditation as I can. The down side is that when I'm doing the work that's my regular non-energy work, I feel impatient to be done with it and long for the feeling of connectedness and contentment that I get from giving Reiki healings, attunements, and helping people. I know this is the signal that I need to shift my life in this direction and I'm trying to find ways to make that happen. I feel guided by inspiration as I continue to manifest this dream into existence.

What I've been doing:

  • I started offering distance Etheric Cord Flush and Reiki healings during a one-hour time slot in the evenings. I ask for donations in exchange and remain flexible about amount and type. I'm blessed that people have been benefitting from this and want to keep it up on a nightly basis. It feels so great for me to be helpful in this way, and the appreciation and love people have given back have been deeply moving. Look for me on Twitter starting around 6pm (EST) as I accept about a dozen requests for the hour session for the healings between 9-10pm.

  • I am pursuing opportunities to offer Reiki classes. I have offered two Reiki for Parents information sessions and hope to set dates soon, and spoke with a yoga teacher about doing a combined Kundalini Yoga- Kundalini Reiki workshop. Wheels are in motion. More is coming.

  • I have ordered a large assortment of healing stones and will be charging them with Tachyon Source energy, and adding intentions for healing, abundance, clarity, grounding and enlightenment. I will soon offer these energy-charged stones to people via USPS. The first batch will be a trial offer, and I will post soon with an order button. The trial offer will be very inexpensive with the hopes that those who try them will offer feedback as well.

  • I am working on channeling my guidance more regularly to increase my connection to my Higher Self and gain inspiration and insight. Meditation daily is a part of this.

  • I am not forgetting about receiving healing as well as giving it and am deeply thankful to my support system of friends who exchange energy with me and/or offer guidance regularly. On this list: Ken Stone, Connie Dohan, Cher Monroe, Tamu, Amy, and Marcel (his page is in Dutch but he speaks English).

I've titled this post Healing and Grounding because I've been made aware of the importance of grounding my energy to stay balanced. I spent most of the last week living in my higher chakras, feeling pretty floaty and reaching for energy all the time as I rode transition-based waves of anxiety. In a healing session I had last night thanks to Ken, the message came through that it's important to ground my energy regularly to keep energy flowing through the lower chakras.

Speaking of lower chakras, I found this handy-dandy chakra guide widget on my friend Fred's website and thought I'd post it here. It's very informational. It's a quick guide to chakras and their related functions.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week filled with light, love and inspiration. Please contact me if I can be of assistance with healing, attunements, channeled readings or energy work advice.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

In the Flow

This week, I've been continuing to work through this ascension and all its related sensations - the regular wooshes of anxiety especially, and a bit of insomnia. But some good things are happening too, probably as a part of the whole experience.

  • My Reiki and energy healing is stronger and more responsive. I can think of energy and it starts immediately. Feedback from others has validated this for me, as recipients of energy healing and attunements have been very positive about the strength of the healing they felt they received.

  • I've realized the need to connect with energy every couple of hours at least to keep the anxiety at bay. I've done this by offering free Reiki healings on Twitter (always resulting in at least a dozen happy recipients) and keeping up with meditating and self healings. I also have some gracious friends who offer to send me energy healing, and I have been accepting whenever possible.

  • I have a new attunement - Etheric Cord Flush. Receiving this attunement and doing the self healing really helped me clear away negative energy influences in my field and made me feel energized, clearer, and more relaxed and balanced overall. The feeling lasted well into the night (also making it hard to sleep so that was a learning experience as well). (Now I do the self healing during the day instead!) I sent out 15 Etheric Cord Flush healings to folks on Twitter yesterday and got some excellent feedback from grateful people. I am happy to offer this attunement here starting now. A bit of the description from the manual:
    The Etheric Cord Flush will work in the following manner. First, it will clear away negative cords that should not be attached and are ready to be let go. Second, it will heal the energy of any cords that remain attached. This will heal you as well as offer some healing energy to the person on the other end of the cord. Most negative cords will fall away with the Etheric Cord Flush; those that do not may need multiple healings. Usually, negative cords stay attached because the individual is not willing to let go. When they are willing to let go, the cords will fall away much more easily.
The attunement will be $25 and includes manual, and the ability to channel this energy healing for self, others, and pass on the attunement. It's a wonderful ongoing benefit and I think everyone should have this in their energy toolbox. If you would like to try the healing first before ordering the attunement, please let me know. The healing is a freebie. Consider it a "try before you buy" offer. I'm adding a button on the right so just look over there until you find the order link. To try the healing first, please email me.

  • Because I have been posting about my experiences here, Sarah Weiss, the medical intuitive who I've been working with a bit, has received some inquiries from potential clients. She has graciously offered me a complimentary session, and it couldn't come at a better time. I'm looking forward to making a time with her and believe that this is going to help me move through this phase into a higher and more comfortable energy level. I'll let you know how that goes in my next post, I'm sure!
I am continuously grateful to all who read and comment on my blog and join me as I grow and learn. My blog hits jumped to well over 6,000 this week. That's abundance, friends, and you're a part of it. Thank you.