Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Aura of a Chair

I was kind of excited, thinking I was finally tuning in to seeing a little hint of an aura when looking at people. I've been practicing every day, relaxing my gaze, looking slightly above the head of people, and each time it looks about the same, no matter who I'm looking at. Like a little white or clear-ish outline of their head or whatever body part I'm staring at that way.

Today I tested myself. I failed.

What I mean is, I did the same kind of relaxed, slightly out of focus directed stare, but this time I was looking at a chair. Guess what. The chair has the same "aura" I've been seeing as the ones on the people. It's not an aura. It's an out of focus fuzzy outline.

I'm not seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Well, that was a disappointment.

On the brighter side (ha ha ha), last night before bed I did Reiki on my eyes and third eye chakra, and for the first time I saw colors swirling around, really vivid, pretty colors. Pink, yellow, purple, orange. It was very cool. I wasn't pressing or anything. It was real. I'm taking comfort in that for a while.

And, about my hands tingling all day RMT said it means that my energy is shifting. As in developing to a new level of awareness. Okay. I hope so. Someone on a message board said it meant that I needed to unblock myself somewhere, and the tingling was a signal. Could be, I don't know. In any case, they've stopped and they're now back to tingling at Reiki times.

I could use some advice on what I should do to tune in to seeing auras for real. I'm learning that it's more than being out of focus and trying to tune in to the energy. Maybe this isn't my ability to develop. But I don't think I'm ready to give up. I just want to try other things that might work better. And, I keep consoling myself that I will be taking level III on Feb. 29 and so maybe that will help. I know it will have an effect, and I'm excited to find out in what ways it will strenghten and tune my senses to energy work.

Good thoughts.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Tingled All Day Today

It's strange, but all day long my hands have been in a continuous state of tingle. I don't know why, can't explain it. I did send Reiki last night, and a little this morning, and my aunt came over, and I gave her a whole discourse on what Reiki is, and my experiences with it so far. She was weirded out for a while, and then agreed to let me give her a little hands-on treatment so she could experience the way Reiki feels.

She felt nothing. My hands tingled like mad, and she felt absolutely nothing, save the light pressure of my "slightly warm" (her description) hands. Ok.

Then my 8-year old daughter came home from school. She is the one attuned to Reiki II as I am. So we both gave my aunt Reiki at the same time - my daughter at her head, me at her feet. (My aunt was laying on the couch). My daughter and I talked about the tingles we felt. My aunt felt nothing. Ok.

So, some people are not so sensitive to energy. Good reminder. I have so many experiences with people feeling energy I send, and me feeling energy sent to me, that it's easy to forget that Reiki isn't real to everyone. Which isn't to say that it isn't REAL; I know it is. Just that it isn't real to them in the sense that they don't experience it the way that I do, and the way that others do. Everyone's different.

Tonight I was teaching, and there was a special all-school program. I sat with the students, while a man spoke to the students. I practiced trying to see his aura. I really think I could at times see a little shimmer around his head, sometimes taller, and sometimes closer to his head. It was mostly clear, maybe a little white, very translucent, and I thought a couple of times that I saw a glimpse of blue. He moved around a lot.

I don't know what the colors mean, and I know I need to do some reading on it. If I could see an entire aura clearly, with colors swirling all through it, I wouldn't know enough to get information from that vision. Unless there were obviously black or dark spots in it, which I would recognize as being areas that are negative or blocked. But red, gold, blue, green....I wouldn't know much about how to interpret that. I know the colors of the various chakras. But if the colors in the aura weren't lined up the same way, I wouldn't know what that means at this point. I suppose the ability to see the colors more could increase with my learning more about the meaning of the colors - that would make sense. My stepping forward, my sensitivity stepping forward at the right time. Guess I'll have to wait and see if it works that way for me. A new friend recommended a book ...What Color Is Your Aura? by Barbara Bower, Ph.D. I'll have to check it out.

And, I had a serendipitous experience today! I was suddenly thinking of a very good friend who I hadn't heard from in a long time - too long. I sent her a quick email to ask her how she is doing. My last two emails and last two phone calls went unreturned over the last 3-4 months. Less than 5 minutes from the time I sent her the email, she responded saying she had just been literally about to call me. It was very cool. One of my friends with Reiki said that the more she works with the energy, the more these kind of intuitive experiences happen to her. Maybe it's working for me now too! Well, anyway, I loved it.

And, finally, another very cool experience to share: Yesterday morning, I was hanging with my girls while they got dressed for school. And literally in mid-sentence, my 8-year old said, "Why do I feel as if someone is sending me Reiki right now?" I paused and tuned in, and my hands were tingly, my stomach was warm. Yep. "Me too," I said. I remembered that one of my Reiki friends said that she sometimes sends Reiki to my family in the mornings. So I emailed and asked her if she had, and she replied with a very excited "YES!!" Loved that.

Super high energy today, I guess (re:constant tingling). Maybe this is where I'm headed. Maybe I'm moving to a higher level of awareness, a little bit at a time. I'm ready.

Peace & Gratitude.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Becoming More Aware?

I had an interesting experience (funny how I always seem to be having interesting experiences with Reiki!!) the last few nights. I sent energy to a nice person who has been here visiting my blog, and requested Reiki. His feedback afterward indicated that he had seen white light behind his eyes during the time I sent him the Reiki. So we tried it again a few nights later, and he had the same experience, and remarked that those two times were the only times he had ever had such an experience. It was also the first time for me that someone I had sent distance Reiki had ever "seen" the energy inside his or her awareness. I am so grateful to him for letting me know what he felt.

Before I sent him Reiki the second time, I felt that I needed some Reiki, so I spent a few minutes giving myself Reiki. As I was doing so, I had a strange sensation that was new. I felt as if my third eye chakra was opening up, like a window. My forehead tingled, and even more, felt like...gee, it's hard to describe, but it just felt like it was opening, like a lens from a camera that opens at the push of a button. It was different.

I've been concentrating on attempting to see energy. While I send Reiki, I look at my hands, slightly relaxed focus, looking above and beyond them. Often, I see some shimmer around them, whether translucent, or a little bluish, and it subsides when my focus changes or I blink. I've also been trying to see auras around people. I was told to relax focus and look slightly above the head of the person whose aura I'm trying to see. Today I did this while looking at the rabbi of my synagogue, because I was teaching Sunday School, and the students were all in the sanctuary for a morning service. We were supposed to be looking at the rabbi anyway, so I figured this was as good a time as any to practice. I really felt as if I saw a shimmer around her - not really a color - more see-thru, but it reminded me of looking above a grill when it's really hot. That kind of shimmer. I might've also caught a glimpse of orange, but it could've been the wood behind her shimmering through the aura (if that's what I was seeing).

I was holding my eyes slightly out of focus, (but was wearing my glasses), and so that could account for what looked like it might have been an aura. Or, maybe I'm starting to develop this awareness of energy.

I plan to keep trying.

Also, this afternoon I was very tired, so I rested for a short while. As I did, I felt a little tingly, as if someone was sending me Reiki. I know my Sunday Share group has me on their list, so it very well could've been from one of them. Also, for the first time, I saw a color behind my eyes, suddenly. It was hot pink. Don't know if that has meaning, but it was different for me.

I also have been thinking that I would like to communicate with a Reiki guide. Sometimes I ask questions inside my head when I'm sending distance Reiki, and I feel an answer. I don't ask big ones. I don't even remember what I asked last time. But I wonder, is a Reiki guide with you all the time, or only when sending Reiki? Is this a presence that's only able to communicate while doing Reiki, or anytime? Is this a guardian angel? Is this just my consciousness? I sometimes feel a little lonely about Reiki, because I'm alone when I channel energy, sitting in my living room. I don't have the opportunity to do much hands-on Reiki, so most of the time, I'm alone. It might be nice to feel like someone is with me as support when I'm doing this.

My RMT believes, and always has, in angels. I've never experienced one, so I reserve my judgement, as usual, for something to which I can personally relate. I don't have blind faith - I need to experience something to know it's real. I have said that many times in this blog - it's part of who I am.

It also is the reason I know Reiki is real. I feel tangible evidence, and the people I send Reiki to feel it and benefit from it. When I experience something, I know it's real, and I can talk about it with confidence to others. I know I still have lots to learn, and I enjoy reading what others write about their experiences with Reiki.

I love Reiki.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sending to a List

Last night and this morning, I sent Reiki to lists of people.

The first list was to the other Reiki practitioners in my DHN group. I had their first and last names. We were asked by our group leader to send Reiki to each other for strength and healing.

The second list was the Sunday Reiki Share list, also Reiki practitioners, that send each other healing each Sunday. I sent to that list this morning.

I have been posting on Reiki message boards, asking for suggestions for sending Reiki to a list of people who have given permission or requested Reiki, even if all one has are screen names. I have found it harder to connect to the Sunday Share list of only screen names like "bethyboo" and no other information. My hands buzz a little, but I don't feel strongly connected like I do with first and last names, or even more information.

People have given me different responses. Some say you can't send to a list at once. Others say send in batches of smaller numbers at a time. Others suggest visualization of some sort, for instance, visualizing a wheel, with each person's name on one spoke, and sending to the wheel. (This felt too hard, even for my rather active imagination). Someone else suggested imagining the distance symbol as a bridge, and the people from the list across the bridge and sending the Reiki to them across the bridge. (Also a little challenging for me). The third suggestion I found on a message board, not written to me, but to someone else who asked the same kind of question about 6 months before I did. It sounds nice. I'm going to share it here:

Diane's method -
My routine is very simple, which I guess is why I do it every day. When Igo to sleep, I fold all who I am sending Reiki to into a space between myhands that are cupped lightly together (like praying but not totally flat). Size does not matter; I can hold the whole planet in my hands if that's whatI choose to do, or just crowds of tiny people--like the Reiki_On list. Unless there is someone I'm deliberately focusing on, I don't try to individualize them by saying names...I just let the awareness of them stay at the threshold of consciousness, where I know all their vibrations are even if I am not fully conscious of them. I just let myself resonate withthat, intending to make the connection.For the sending, I hold my hands over my heart chakra in this "prayerpose" and do a quick sequence of CKR/HSZSN/CKR/SHK/CKR (sometimes visualizing them shining inside my hands, sometimes floating over the surface), and then ask the Reiki energy to go to whoever opens to receive it, continuing as long as the energy is needed. Then I just let the energy burn there until I fall asleep, trusting the sending to "end" at the proper time for each person in the sending. I find it's a very simple, but very powerful, technique.

Okay. I didn't do that one yet either. But it sounds nice, and I probably will try it, because besides sounding nice, I think I could manage that kind of visualization.

Here's what I did: I wrote the power, mental/emotional, and distance symbols on the list, around the names. I drew the distance symbol in the air and the other two on my palms and third eye chakra (I like the feel of sending energy from there too). I read the names on the list three times - the whole list top to bottom three times. Then, I held my hands with palms facing the list, and held my gaze on each name for a few minutes at a time, intending the Reiki to go to each person on the list individually, for as long and where they each would have a need, for their greatest good. When I reached the bottom of the list (it had about 12 names), I read each name again, top to bottom, slowly. Then, I was done. One person from the list is supposed to email me feedback. I emailed her afterward, but she hasn't written back as of this posting. I will update when I have more news about how/if the energy was received. It felt effective from my end.

Peace, Light and Love.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tired Reiki?

I was very tired the other night, when sending Reiki, and I remember being so very relaxed as I was sending the energy to my friend. A few minutes later, I realized I had dozed off. I had to reactivate the energy in my hands and attempt to continue. I am too embarrassed to ask if she felt any different, though I did email and ask for feedback, as I always do afterward. So, the question of the day is...if the sender falls asleep while sending Reiki, will the Reiki continue per the original intent?

Aura update... the last two times I've been sending distance Reiki at night, I've taken a moment and opened my eyes when I felt my hands tingling a lot. I "softened my gaze" and looked toward my hands. I think I may have seen something of an aura around my hands - only when I wasn't looking directly, and only briefly. It wasn't brightly colored like I had thought it would be - in fact, the first time, it was rather dark blue. Last night, it was a translucent white, and when I moved my hands a little, it made a little "trail" after my hand, like when one moves a flashlight in the darkness really fast, and the light seems to move slower than the flashlight. Or, the aura around a flame of a candle. But, not that bright.

Gyoshi Ho update...yesterday after school, my daughters were watching television, and I asked my 8-year old if I could try sending her Reiki with my eyes while she watched, and if she would tell me if she felt anything. She agreed (she's the one with Reiki II attunement, who is very sensitive to energy). So I activated the Reiki, did the ckr on my forehead over my third eye chakra, and felt the energy there as I attempted to send her Reiki with from my eyes and third eye chakra. She said (rather excitedly) that she felt warm on the side of her head and on her cheek. That was cool. I told her I was going to try to send it somewhere else, and I focused on her heart chakra and stomach area. She wasn't watching me, just watching the tv. She didn't say anything, and when I asked, she said she still felt it on her head and cheek. Then, I focused on her leg, and she said, "Wait a minute, I feel warm on my leg!" So, maybe it's starting to work. I plan to keep trying, to see if I can develop this more. It's very interesting!

I'm a sponge...I just ordered a book on Theta Healing by Vanna Stibal. It sounds like a type of energy healing, similar to Reiki, and I only just heard of it today and visited a few websites and a Fox News segment on youtube about it. But it sounds very interesting, and so if anyone out there has some experience or knowledge about this to share, I'd welcome it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

See and Send?

Today, I am trying Gyoshi Ho - sending Reiki with the eyes. A few web sites I found recommended practicing on a plant. My plants could probably use some Reiki. In any case, "The Reiki Touch" book and DVD recommended practicing it on yourself using a mirror. (Watching the DVD, I was a little underwhelmed by watching Wm. Rand stare at his recipient, eyes slightly crossed, not moving, for a few minutes. Capturing this effectively on a DVD is probably very challenging.)

My experience watching the DVD notwithstanding, I gave it a try. I'm not really sure about the results of my experiment. Here's what happened:

First, I activiated the Reiki energy and drew power and mental/emotional symbols on my third eye chakra and on both eyes. (I read online that the Reiki really flows from all three during Gyoshi Ho). I sent some Reiki there for a few minutes with my hands covering my eyes and fingertips on my forehead.

Then, I looked into a mirror, which I had propped on my lap, with my knees bent so I could see into it. I let my eyes go out of focus as I stared at my reflection. My serious expression looked rather severe. I relaxed my face, but the seriousness of my neutral gaze did not seem warm or like I was sending loving life force energy anywhere. (When sending Reiki with the eyes, one is supposed to focus on using a "loving gaze" rather than a "glare" - for obvious reasons.)

As my focus relaxed, my face took on some strange patterns. It seemed kind of scary - my features kind of melted, then they looked all wrinkled and like a horror movie monster, then I seemed to look really haggard and tired (kind of how I feel). It was pretty unpleasant, really, and I didn't feel myself receiving any energy. I also tried it with my glasses on, in case seeing myself more clearly would help. (When I send Reiki I usually take my glasses off. They just feel like they are weighing on my nose.)

My eyes watered and burned a little, and I needed to blink. Then the in-and-out of focus thing started again. I don't think I looked any better with my glasses on, either.

Finally I decided this wasn't really working for me and I put down the mirror. I didn't want to give up though - I'm pretty determined. So, I thought I'd try to use the technique to scan my lower body, starting with my feet, and determine if I could sense a place that needs Reiki.

As my focus went from my feet up, I felt the energy moving up my leg. I decided that my knees felt like they could use some Reiki. Now, if I felt that because I was thinking of my knees, and so my knees felt the energy there, or if it had to do with my scanning them with my eyes, I can't be sure. I tried to send energy to my knees, but I had to do one at a time, because I could only look at one knee at a time. If I was doing this with my hands, I would simply place one hand on each knee, but that wouldn't work this way. My hands felt warmer when I was trying this, but I can't say that my knees (or either knee) really did.

My third eye chakra did feel energetically aware, at least, like it had energy in it, though if it was flowing FROM there, again I can't be sure.

All in all I felt like Superman trying to activate his x-ray vision. Hmmm.

When my 8-year old comes home from school, I may ask her to play recipient again. (I told you I'm determined.)

I posted a question about trying to see colors of energy on a message board, and one person who responded suggested that I not try so hard, but just be open to whatever way the Reiki is going to work for me. Very practical advice. But, I don't make progress if I don't try things, so I think I have to try to discover how the Reiki works for me. And, maybe I'll be successful at finding the way to do this.

I mean, when I started trying to sense energy with my hands (in preparation for doing my first hands-on Reiki treatment), my RMT showed me how to scan (Byosin scanning), and that's when I felt specific tingles in my fingers when scanning the area where she needed Reiki. It was specific, and consistent, and I felt that "a-ha!" moment when I recognized the feel of the energy. If I wouldn't have wanted to feel that, and tried to tune-in, I don't know if I ever would have. So, I'm making an effort here to see what will develop. I'm open to whatever happens, and I know it could be nothing. I'm ok with that too.

Comments always welcome. Sorry this post is rather stream of consciousness style.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Reiki is Strong Medicine, But is it a Cure?

My mom woke up not feeling well this morning, and I sent her Reiki, which she felt very strongly, and then she felt much better - almost completely better. I cautioned her though, from personal experience last week, that when I received a strong distance Reiki session and I was sick, that my "recovery" was temporary. It was like I had taken a wonderful medicine, but after a certain amount of time, it wore off and I felt terrible again until I had another "dose."
Anyone have an opinion as to whether Reiki is a "cure" or a "medicine"? I know it encourages healing, and relieves symptoms, but I think that I experienced it being a temporary kind of relief.

Also, I'm learning about Gyoshi Ho - Reiki with the eyes - from reading Wm. Rand's "The Reiki Touch" and watching his DVD. I think the staring is interesting, and he claims that practicing this technique will help one to develop the ability to see the energetic colors in an aura, and even see past lives. I'm intrigued, but wonder if anyone can advise me more about this. Has anyone tried it with success? My daughter is willing to let me try it on her, but before I just go into the staring bit, I think I need a little more advice from someone more experienced in this.

And, I sent Reiki last night to my DHN client. I only have a first name and location for this person. I hope the energy gets to her. I feel like the more information I have, the easier it is for the energy to flow strongly, but this could be my own misheggas.

Love & Light.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Colors of Energy

Now that I'm starting to feel a little better each day, I'm back to working with Reiki. I have been feeling like the cold is moving to my eyes, so last night I activated the Reiki in my hands and put them over my eyes, and it felt like I was sitting outside in the sunshine on a warm summer day. The warmth spread over my face, and was very soothing and welcome.

I would like to be able to "see" the colors of energy, and am planning to try to be as open to this as possible. I asked the question in my mind of the Reiki when I was sending Reiki a few nights ago, and thought I received an answer to draw the power symbol over each eye and the third eye chakra, and to give my eyes Reiki. I've done that, and will continue to try. I was encouraged by the summer sunshine feeling I had last night, and so maybe little by little I will develop this awareness. I read that it's about "attuning" your eyes to a different vibration. Also, I wonder if after being attuned to Reiki III, I will start to have an increased sensitivity to the energy, that will help me develop this visual awareness. I really hope so.

And, I have "The Reiki Touch" by Rand, which includes a DVD and CD for different meditations. I think that one of the tracks on each may deal with this, so I plan on exploring that when I have some alone time, maybe on Monday. I have read the book, but haven't explored the DVD or CD yet.

If anyone has trained or developed the ability to be able to see auras, or energy colors, I'd like to hear from you.

Love & Light.

Also wanted to add some updates with this post today...

  • I received my first DHN assignment client, and will be sending to that person this week. For my first three weeks, I am paired with another DHN "veteran" who will also send the same person healing.

  • I had an interesting experience sending Reiki the other night. When I was sending the Reiki, it would flow, tingle my fingers, for about 1-2 minutes, and then suddenly stop. So, I would renew the power symbol, and send to a different place, and the same thing would happen. Finally, I directed the flow to the person's entire aura, intended toward her greatest good, and it flowed consistently. I emailed feedback to her afterward, and she replied that she felt the energy, and kept "grounding" herself. I think that she was stopping the flow by whatever she was doing, and I felt that! I'm glad I found a way for the energy to flow to her that was easier for her to accept, and also grateful that I was sensitive enough to feel her reaction to the energy. It's said we all learn from the energy. It was a learning experience.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finally Energy Returns!!

Hooray! I'm feeling better! I've definately turned the corner, and am feeling much more like myself. I sent a little Reiki this morning to my RMT, to help her with her writing, and I felt the familiar and welcome tickle of the energy leaving my palms and fingertips. She varified that she felt the energy (she said her nose was tingling - I did send to her head!) and it's great to be back!
I want to thank Bridget, my RMT, and Helena from the DHL for their generous gifts of Reiki that they sent my way yesterday!

Tonight I am sending distance Reiki in response to a request, and I'm looking forward to sending good strong Reiki healing her way.

I will be getting my first DHN client this weekend, and I'm looking forward to that too - yay!

Meanwhile, its my middle daughter's 6th birthday. She is so cute. I'm working on a new youtube video for her, look for it on my youtube page (see links on the right). When it's done and uploaded, it'll be called "The Sari Show." She's a real star!

I also have much more Reiki reading to do - I'll be sure to post the information that seems interesting.

That's it for now!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Receiving Reiki

Gevalt!! Am I ever sick! I have a terrible chest cold and a low grade fever, and I feel like I can't move. (Yet I can type - guess my fingers can move).

But I wanted to share something. My gracious Reiki friend Bridget sent me Reiki two nights ago, and afterward I felt GREAT for 11 hours! I thought I was all better! Then, the thing came back with a vengeance. Okay, Reiki has its limitations, but that was very interesting.

Then, my RMT sent me Reiki for 15 minutes last evening, and her Reiki literally got me through my two hour teaching commitment. When I got home, I collapsed into bed.

Another friend, who is studying for his RMT level and offered to send me Reiki so he could practice, sent me Reiki last night. I think it helped me relax into sleep.

Now I feel horrible again, but I have felt again the power of Reiki and positive thoughts and intentions. I don't really have the strength to give myself Reiki right now - all I can do is rest. I'm going to try to drink some hot water with lemon. (cue:awwww! poor puddy! thanks.)

If anyone who reads this and feels generous and sympathetic for a few minutes could send some Reiki healing my way, it would be much appreciated!!!!! I don't feel right posting to a Reiki request message board along with those who had operations and are suffering from cancer and the like. I don't want to take practitioners' attention away from those who need it more than I do. But if you're reading this, I thought I could ask you! It's like you already know me, after all!

Thanks and blessings.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sick Reiki, and some questions

Yes I'm sick with a stupid chest cold. I spent a miserable night with a sore throat and lots of congestion (cue the sound effect: awwww!). This morning, while the baby took a nap, I rested a while and then did some Reiki on myself. I felt heat, and still pain. Then I decided to try to energetically "pull the pain out" of my throat. I tried to envision that happening - the pain attached to a long cord of white light, and I pulled and pulled from my throat. I followed it up with sending some healing energy to the same place. I think it helped a bit, though I'm still bogged down by this thing (time for another awwww!).

Anyway, I have a couple of questions -
Regarding sending Reiki to a list of people, whether it is a Sunday Share list of Reiki practitioners, or a list of people who have just requested it for various troubles, does it "dilute" the Reiki if one is sending to the list, with the intent that the energy go to help each person as they need it most?

And how much leeway does one have when sending Reiki? Can one send Reiki intending that it continue past the actual treatment length? I know some do this with a crystal grid, but what about just sending a treatment via distance?

I know someone who needs much more Reiki than I can send alone - she could use a dose every hour, no joke. Could one send with an intention like that - that the recipient receive a continuing dose of Reiki energy throughout the day, on the hour?

And, finally, since I'm low energy on the health side, will Reiki I send be less strong? I have an appointment to send distance Reiki tonight, and would like to be able to do a good job - any suggestions?


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Update

I said I'd post tonight, and here I am.

I did the two hands-on sessions as planned today. I found that when doing hands-on Reiki, (for me) the sensations in my hands that I feel with distance Reiki are not as pronounced, if at all. I felt very little tingling, some heat at times, but sometimes nothing at all. I asked the person if she felt energy, and sometimes she did. Also, sometimes my hands seemed to take a long time to "warm up" - I mean that I put them in a spot and they didn't feel like anything, but after a few minutes, they began to heat up a little, and I could feel energy going through them.

Both people thanked me and said they felt helped by the Reiki. So that's good. I hope it's enough. I probably need more practice with the hands-on version, to increase my feel for the energy in that situation.

Regarding the Sunday Reiki Share group, I did send Reiki as I had committed myself to, to the list this morning. I did my best, though I hope I connected with all the people on the list. The names on the list were mostly just screen names without any more details. But my hands got tingly, so I hope it went where it was supposed to. I didn't feel anything specific in terms of Reiki being sent to me, but I went about my day. Perhaps I had a bit more energy today - I am in a pretty good mood, and got my work done today too, which is good. So, what could be bad? I think I was hoping for a little more fanfare, so to speak, but I'll keep on the list for a while and see if I notice anything over the next few weeks.

I have a mounting list of requests hitting my inbox from that listserv of distance Reiki requests. The emails go to the whole list of practitioners who signed up, but there are just so many people that are in such need. I am going to try to get in a few every day. I didn't today. :(

I'm coming down with some version of the virus my son had all last week. Ugh. I'm going to take some Tylenol and give myself Reiki as I'm going to sleep - in about 10 minutes. I have a sore throat, and was achy earlier. Maybe the reason I'm not as achy now is the Reiki...(Hey, achy and Reiki rhyme! No more achy, I got my Reiki! ...I must be tired. sorry about that.)

Peace and gratitude!

Good Stuff is Coming Soon!

Just a short post because I really should get to bed.

Today I heard from the DHN (Distance Healing Network - where I applied to be a volunteer to send Distance Reiki and they replied that they were full but may have a vacancy in two weeks - see Gotta Wait)- a week earlier than I expected - woo-hoo! They said there is now a vacancy and am I still interested? I replied with a solid YES, and now I'm waiting to be contacted by a Group Leader.

And, I am signing up for my ART (Reiki Level III Practitioner) class, which will be on Friday, February 29th. They offer the full training through Reiki Master the same weekend, but not only do I not feel ready to be a Reiki Master Teacher, the whole shebang is $400 more than the ART, so I'm going to start with the ART level, and when the time comes, I'll look into taking the next step.

I'll be sending to the Sunday Reiki Share group in the morning, and keeping my senses "listening" for Reiki energy coming to me from the group during the day.

I'll post Sunday night, on how the hands-on treatments went, if I felt energized by Reiki coming at me, and whatever else comes up!

Peace and happy vibes!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hands-On and Sunday Share

Sunday is going to be a busy Reiki day for me - the kind of day I'm starting to look forward to very much!!

I'm going to give my first (non-family) full hands-on Reiki treatments - to two people - one in the morning, and one in the afternoon! I know both recipients, and have been sending each of them distance Reiki weekly or more for about six weeks. So I feel aquainted with their energy, and comfortable with them as friends. It's a good way to start branching out.

And, I've taken the plunge and joined a Sunday Reiki Share group. That is a list, from a message board, (in this case, of Reiki practitioners who agree to send Reiki every Sunday (at the time of each person's choice) to everyone on the Sunday Reiki Share list, with the energy to be simply sent for the greatest good of the members on the list. Each member is supposed to post afterward to say Reiki was sent to the list, and is responsible for taking his or her name off the list if he/she is not going to participate. I'm looking forward to sending Reiki, and feeling the energy that is sent my way. I can use the boost on Sundays, and especially this Sunday, when I'm doing my first hands-on treatments, this could be very empowering for me!

I'll be sure to post when it's done, and tell you what I felt, and how it all went.

I really have the feeling that Reiki is taking me somewhere, and I like the new opportunities that seem to be opening up for me.

Another note------------
I sent Reiki this morning, with the distance symbol, to an intention/wish for jobs to be offered to me, today and in the coming week. Today, I did get a new freelance assignment, was told that another game company has projects for me, and the greeting card company I've been writing for told me that she'll be contacting me for more writing in two weeks. A very good start!! Yes, I've been working for this, but the Reiki at least put me into the mindset for good things to happen. Yay!

Peace and gratitude.

Reiki in a Batch

I have joined a distance healing request list as a Reiki practitioner, and now receive many emails a day from people who have posted requests to the list. They are all requests for distance Reiki, and include details about what they are requesting healing for. Almost every one tugs at me in some way, and it feels a bit overwhelming to try to sort through which ones I can get to in a day.

Last night I was thinking about how some Reiki practitioners send healing to an entire request list at a time, intended for the greatest good of all the recipients on the list. I decided to start a little smaller than that, but see if I could send to four people who wrote to the list at the same time.

I took a piece of paper, and wrote each person's name on it, along with their home town, and a few words about their specific need. I added power and mental/emotional symbols, and the distance symbol to the paper. Then I did the power symbol, activated Reiki in my hands, and read each person's name and place, intending that the Reiki healing please go to each person according to his or her need, and for their greatest good, physically and emotionally. I held my hands still, facing away from my body, and felt my fingers, palms, and the top of my head tingling for about 10-15 minutes. I reactivated the power symbol, renewed my intention, and sent for a few minutes more. I was surprised that the session didn't last longer. I hope it worked. I would like to send to each person individually, but I'm afraid that I won't have time, and so I hope this was a good option.

If anyone has suggestions about sending Reiki this way, I would welcome them. I know people belong to Reiki shares, and some practitioners send to a list of requesters at a time, so if I could also learn to do this effectively, I would be so glad.

Thanks for any guidance and input.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reiki Reading

I've decided, following my RMT's very intuitive suggestion, that it's time to try to get my learning caught up with my experience. Yes, I've put one on reserve, and taken two Reiki books out of the library! Woo-hoo!

The first is Reiki Healing, by Carmen Fernandez, which I learned about on Reiki Artist's blog. It is full of big, beautiful photographs, and I am psyched to dive in.

The other is Dean Kraft's A Touch of Hope which jumped out to me from the shelf. It's an autobiography of a laying-on-of-hands healer, and I've been riveted from the first page! His experiences are amazing, and his description of how he feels when he channels Reiki is very familiar to me, and makes me feel like I know him. He has had many more high-level psychic experiences, though, from door locks mysteriously clicking out messages, to receiving visions, bringing a child out of a coma, and helping a paralyzed person walk again. (All that, and he's Jewish too.) I'm fascinated.

There will be lots more learning to come for me, but I'm thrilled to be on this quest to learn all I can about Reiki.

My husband says I'm weirdly obsessed with it lately. I think he's right, but I don't see it as a problem. I'm just excited about Reiki, probably because I've found something that satisfies my desire for something simultaneously spiritual and utterly real. I think he will come around eventually. I'll keep giving him Reiki from time to time, until it stops seeming so weird. My kids already feel its benefits, and it's become normal for them to ask for Reiki for everything from a nightmare to a scrape or headache.

I'm going to start giving hands-on Reiki treatments, beginning in a few days. Well, it will be my first full hands-on Reiki channeling to someone outside my immediate family. I'm excited about getting more experience in this as well.

Peace and Hope.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Where are the Boundaries?

As I've been venturing around the Internet, exploring different websites, message boards, and blogs relating to Reiki (note my growing Blogroll!), I've come upon many different types of people, and different views about what Reiki is and how it works.

And, I've received some interesting responses to some of my posts, as well as a very strange email. I'm going to share this email with you here. Please note, it's not an endorsement.

I'm pasting the contents here:

Dear Friend: Thank you very much for having such monumental faith in God's Love and Healing. Please, look up my website: In the upper left hand corner you'll find my picture. Lock your eyes with mine for 3 to 4 minutes in order to receive a truly powerful Distant God's Love Healing. I would also strongly recommend our new service: "The Healing Shield" program, which you can subscribe to. Please, spread the God's Love Power through-out the world, tell at least 10 more people about my website and The God's Love Healing will come back to you tenfold.Please, reply with your positive results. Thank you, Yours truly in God's Love and light, Master and Healer, Walter Michael Wolf

I knew that I had not written to him first, and still, I was curious enough to click his link. Now, I'm asking you, friends, can healing and/or Reiki come through a website to whoever clicks on it and stares at it for a while? I decided to try for myself and see if I felt something.

I clicked, and stared. And, yes, I did feel something. Am I crazy? I was surprised to feel warmth, as in receiving Reiki, spread over my stomach, chest and head. My hands got warm. The music was kind of soothing. As I stared at the guy (he's strangely looking over his shoulder, holding a hand on his chin as if contemplating something), his picture seemed to fuzz in and out of my focus. It was me - I coudn't keep him in focus as I stared.

I had my 8 year-old daughter look at him. She said she felt tingles. She squirmed and giggled, and called him the Reiki guy. I had my nearly-4-year-old stare at him. I asked him how he felt. He said, "the guy is sending me Reiki." I asked, "Where do you feel the Reiki?" He replied, "All over my body!" I'm shaking my head back and forth.

I keep asking myself, "Where are the boundaries between what is real and what is fanciful about Reiki and the various ways people are using it on the internet? Can Reiki really be received by looking at a picture on a web page, or a person sending Reiki watched on a DVD? In either case, the sender has no idea who the recipient is, or even when he/she is going to be watching. And, if one can receive Reiki by looking at a website, what need is there for Reiki practitioners to give distance treatments?"

See, Reiki has shaken up my belief systems in a very serious way. In the last 8 weeks, I've come to believe in energy I can't see, because I've felt and experienced it working. I've had repeated testimonials from people I've sent Reiki to that they've felt it, been helped by it, would like to receive more, and learn more about it. I've even been able to send Reiki to someone without knowing the person's full name. So now I'm wondering where the boundaries are. How much more is there, and what can I believe/ experience, (or experience and then believe - much more my style)?

I know I have lots more to learn, and I've ordered a Reiki book my RMT recommended, so I can try to get more educated. There will be more reading to follow, too, of course. This is ongoing.

I welcome comments. If you try the Reiki guy's page, please tell me if you felt it too.

Peace & Happy New Year 2008.