Friday, May 30, 2014

Where the Lightworker Stands, and the Energy Flows

I'm on vacation this week, with my family, in beautiful Sandbridge, VA. We come here every year for a week, to slow down, get some beach time, and be together without a schedule. The weather has been gorgeous (up until yesterday and today, which are cool, just dipping below 70 degrees, and a bit rainy). Still, it's so great to be here.

One of the things that vacations like this do for me is give me time to contemplate. I love this opportunity. I always bring along a book or two to read, which I've been wanting time to dive into. This year, I brought Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. I have been enjoying it very much, and learning a lot too. I intend to continue learning about it when we get home.

This year, I've also been contemplating two very different driving philosophies of energy healing. I've learned a bit of both, and I'm pondering the ideas of how they might work together, if they need to work together, and the ultimate effects and usability of each.

Dr. Lawrence LeShan calls them, perhaps a bit clinically, "Type 1" and "Type 2" healings. These defined types aren't at all unique to his method of healing, but the designations describe two paths to working in this scope of the energy healing field.

The first one, (he calls this Type 2), is the one which is more widely practiced. This describes any approach in which the practitioner is the facilitator, and the recipient is the one receiving the healing. Reiki is in this category, as well as acupuncture, acupressure, Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Touch, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and most common energy healing modalities. There may or may not be manipulation of the physical body or energy field involved, either through intention or pressure, or both. I teach my students that the recipient is healing him or herself by receiving energy which helps him or her come into balance. The practitioner helps to create a "healing space" around the recipient by initiating and offering a connection to a flow of Life Force Energy. 

In this type of healing, the practitioner is able to observe the recipient's energy field, if he or she so desires, and may receive some intuitive information about the ways and places which may be off balance (and engaged in a process of self-correcting during the session). The practitioner becomes the observer of the process, after intending that the energy flow to the recipient. In this type, the practitioner and recipient are in separate roles, with the first offering and observing the latter, who is receiving.

The second type (LeShan's "Type 1") is different. Essentially, this type requires the practitioner to go into meditation, and then to intend to include the recipient of the healing in this meditative space with him or her. It is thought that when we are in this meditative state, we are connected fully with the All One energy field which is our true essence. In being connected with this true essence, we naturally will be able to experience a return to balance; a clearing, a healing, a wholeness. The practitioner intends to merge into this All One field with the person receiving the healing, so in this sense, the two are not separate, but together inside the All One energy field. There is no observing, because that implies separateness, as in, "I am over here observing you, who is separate from me." You can't observe because that makes you step out of the experience. You are just to BE in this state, and flow with it, and allow whatever happens, whatever you might experience, to occur. Then you're done. The LeShan Method is not the only method that follows this philosophy. There are others, with different names, that encourage doing the same thing. Some call it Non-Local Consciousness healing, or something of that nature that means entering into a deep meditative, altered state of consciousness.

I've read of a man who will sit in the room with someone who is ill, and go into deep meditation for hours. Then the ill person experiences healing. Also, people such as John of God and Braco seem to affect a healing process by looking at, being in the presence of, or touching the recipient. It's a presence - an energy of Beingness- that acts as a catalyst for the healing. I feel that these are also similar to the 'Type 1" LeShan Method that I learned in April.

Both philosophies are valid, and may offer beneficial, sometimes "miraculous" results. Yet, they are so different that they can't be combined together without doing one first, and then the other. I'm able to offer a healing session in which I do the meditative type first, and then switch to offering Reiki. This involves intentionally shifting from the All One state to that of the facilitator-observer. 

As a Reiki practitioner, It's often more comforting and validating for me to be in the place of the observer, because information comes in - I can intuitively tell which chakras are blocked, or where the recipient is experiencing physical or emotional pain. Then I can share these insights with the person, and get feedback from him or her on how my observations and the healing session resonate. It is satisfying on some level to have this interaction.

With the "Type 1" method, on my end, offering the meditative state healing brings me only the sort of deep, blissful feeling of being in a non-physical, flowing consciousness, and perhaps some dreamlike visions. I know that something happened, but can't really quantify it. The recipient may experience something, but I can't always be sure that what I experience correlates in any way with her or her experience, and I have no certainty or expectation of any specific results that may occur as a result of this type of healing method. My only intention is for the recipients Highest and Best to happen during the session. It takes a lot of surrender to do this. Still, I find it very intriguing, and the feedback I've received has been very meaningful when I've offered this sort of healing.

So, now I'm putting these questions out there to you: 

  • Have you experienced or do you practice either of these energy healing paths? 
  • Do you have some experience you can share about how either affected you?

I realize that learning more, and going deeper, into the understandings of energy healing, and the energy systems of the human experience (aura, meridians, and chakras), is important at this stage of my career and personal growth. I also know that doing so will help me be a better practitioner and teacher. 

So that's where I'm at, and I'm inviting those interested to follow my journey here, or to actively come with me by joining the Advanced Healing Pioneers, a new membership program, here.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Feedback is Back

In my previous post, I was interested in testing out the new psychic healing method I had learned. And, I received requests from many volunteers to help me try it out and receive feedback (for which I'm very grateful). 

The sessions were good for me. They made me mediate - sometimes three times a day! I found myself recognizing when I was in "the zone" -  because this really blissful sort of happy feeling would fill me, and I'd feel disconnected from my tendency to think about stuff - I was just present, without judgement or analysis. 

They also helped me to try something totally different in practice and philosophy from Reiki. Differences included:

  • I wasn't trying to "do anything" - I was simply engaging in a sort of universal merging with the other person, asking for the person's highest and best to happen.
  • I wasn't scanning, looking for intuitive information, or trying to "sense" anything about the other person's state of balance.
  • I couldn't even try to send Reiki because in order to do that, I need to be separate from the other person. In this method, we are one and the same. So I can't be the sender, the observer, or anything that's not simply as one with the recipient and the Universal Energy (however you want to call it).
So, I was extremely curious about how these psychic healings would be on the receiving end. Here are some snippets of the feedback I received. The least remarkable experience was when the recipient fell asleep for a restful 30 minute nap. The rest of the feedback was like this (different colors and the line of asterisks indicate different people's responses):

With the healing, I saw a huge bluish light on my right side. Oval. I felt energy in different places and saw people coming in and out during the latter process.
It was very relaxing and soothing, like a Reiki treatment. I felt a lot of warmth over my face, almost like a very gentle massage, around my sinuses and eyes, and a slight tingling at my temples. I did go into a deeper meditative state, where I don't remember much, but I was alert at the 9:30 mark, like the session was over, feeling refreshed. 
My finger tips and palms began to "buzz" as they do during a Reiki session, and later I felt a bit of the same on the soles of my feet. Shortly after the hand buzzing began, I did notice my breath had slowed and I felt more relaxed; calm. This lasted for about 10 more minutes before I felt the "buzzing" fade away.  
My experience was very different from Reiki.  I felt a strong energy connection immediately as I set my intent to receive a psychic healing from Alice.  For me it was a strong hand tingling much like an attunement. Stronger than I feel in a self Reiki session.  This connection was solid and strong within the first five minutes.  Then I felt very clear in my 3rd eye, and was able to sit with memories I was seeking, much like meditation but without any effort to focus on breath or quiet mind.  These memories I sat with for a full 10 minutes, and then I felt a body warmth, and I felt a nice healing and understanding which was very gentle and loving. Then I felt very relaxed and knew the energy was wane.  This happened about 22 minutes into the session.  I knew at 25 minutes the connection was closed, and I just felt good, clear, and relaxed.

Your psychic healing session last night brought me a sense of calm and peace. I felt like I was floating outside of time. Amazing and blissful. Just what I needed at this time!
Right away I noticed some pulsing almost twitching but I don't think there was actually physical movement..but it felt like the pulsing in my feet and legs could be seen if someone looked. My feet and hands felt warm and tingling but not like the reiki sending was like a tingle of electricity subtle but noticeable. I started to notice pulsing or the bubbling sensation in various parts of my body. Arms and legs were the most noticeable.
I remember thinking I had an alert awareness of my whole body..the tiredness was gone. It was peaceful but definitely a beautiful awareness of my body like an energy field.
The pulsing inner switching or bubbling kept occurring throughout the time in various areas but mostly my feet legs and arms.
I felt a sense of peace ...relaxation but at the same time this rare sense of awareness. I felt a sense of great well being and still feel that along with a lightness in spirit. 
Honestly this to me has been a profound stretch of time. Thank you so much for this experience. This was honestly unforgettable healing.. I have no awareness that there was a specific healing yet I know something important happened within me.!
I just feel wonderful, lighter, calm, and filled with inner peace right now.
I was getting dinner on the table and realized that I only had two minutes until the healing was going to begin. I lost track of time briefly and all of a sudden I said to my husband "I've got to go - I can feel the energy flowing already."  I was feeling warm and a sense of lightheadedness because the energy was flowing so strongly. I laid down upstairs in our room and immediately felt the loving and caring energy. It felt like I was being melded into the bed like clay, especially in my heart chakra.  Then I felt the healing energy move into my head which is where most of my troubles of been lately. I have felt like such a cloud has been in my head these past few days and it's as if I could feel it being physically moved up and swirling out if my head to be released.  I was feeling immediate relief. Then I felt the energy shift and start moving downwards in my body.  The next place I felt an immense amount of energy was in my sacral chakra. I also felt the release of bubbles in my stomach :-) then I felt the energy going into my legs down to my feet. Eventually I could feel it moving again into my sacral chakra and heart and finally into my head again (the pressure had completely dissipated). I could sense the healing was coming to an end. 
This is the first distance healing I have ever received and it felt so powerful. I am reminded again and again that Spirit is real and that the power to heal is real! It was a beautiful experience.

I'm grateful for this feedback, because it really taught me a lot about energy work! I've also been thinking about how I can incorporate this method into making the distance healing sessions I offer even more powerful, and still offering the observational reports that I include with a distance Reiki session. You see, when I give a distance Reiki session, I spend time observing the energy flowing to the recipient, and in which chakras and body areas the energy flows differently (blockages, pain, or depletion, for example). I prepare a report of these observations for my recipient, and include it in the email I send after I do the healing session. I still want to offer this, because my recipients find the observations to be very useful, along with the energy of course.

I also am aware that giving a psychic healing with this method requires a different sort of work on my part. I need to be in a totally quiet place, and can't be distracted or disturbed by any of my family members. I need to be completely immersed for this part of the session. 

So, I am going to offer an option of having both the psychic healing session at the beginning, and the Reiki session with report next, as part of the same healing session. That way, the recipient can have the benefit of both methods. They can also still receive a more personalized report and accounting of my observations about their energy flow as it was being received. I feel good about this decision. 

I've also decided to charge a little more, but not double, for the combination of psychic healing and Reiki. 
It's an option to make my services more valuable overall, but still give the person receiving a choice.

I look forward to the new experiences this will bring for those receiving healing sessions from me, and for my own growth as a lightworker.

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