Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Realizing Release, Finding Balance

This week, my husband Evan was laid off from his job at MetroHealth Hospital. He has since had two interviews for other positions there, all which have many applicants. We have begun a large networking process, and he has some good leads and contacts. People are saying "oh no!" and "I'm so sorry!" but we are not upset right now. We are remaining positive, truly and determinedly. We are focusing on "what can be done now?" not "what are we going to do?" At times, this takes effort, but it's mostly working.

We are open to new opportunities. We don't know where they will come from.

This got me thinking. There is a fine line between letting go of control and making things happen. On the one hand, letting go of control could mean sitting and waiting for something to happen. But that would be foolish. All that would happen is the clock would tick and the opportunities that could have arisen from doing some good networking would just blow by. On the other hand, we could be all intense and anxious, and post desperate cries for help. But that doesn't feel right either, and seems detrimental actually. So we are staying confident that the right thing will come up, we are telling people about the situation and asking them to spread the word. Evan has a profile on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (Hey my wonderful, qualified, visionary, MBA-degreed husband is ready for a new and amazing position! Please spread the word!) and he is looking for applicable positions to apply for on his own as well. To me, this combination of action and trust is what balances the two.

In my life, I am working on this too. I'm open to messages and signals, while trying to figure out what is, and what isn't a message. It's another lesson in balance. For instance, I was at the grocery store, where they give you a number to take to your car that matches the number on your cart. You bring your car around and they load your groceries for you. I happened to get my favorite number that day. (99 if you wonder). Then when I got in the car, my favorite band was playing on the radio (The Indigo Girls if you wonder). Is this important? Who knows? I sometimes spend my day looking for some sign and wondering if everything is important. But that isn't being open, it's being crazy. So I try to stop that.

But there are also times that I'm online and I send a Twitter message or an email at exactly the same time as the same person is sending to me, and we have said nearly the same thing to each other. Or something a friend and I have discussed comes up for one of us later in an unrelated situation. This happens rather often actually! Maybe this is important. How do I know?

The only way I can tell what is and isn't important seems to be in retrospect. I look back and connect the dots, and then see the whole picture. I do believe there are messages and important things are coming. It is a matter of learning to recognize and respond to them when they do.

This requires walking that balance, the fine line between control and release, openness and hindsight.

Another point for this post: in healing work, one can be a more effective healer if one doesn't think of "fixing" the recipient of the healing, but rather sees that person as whole, healthy and vibrant, assisting this image by serving as a channel for the healing energy to assist them. My friend Fred shared this with me from a course he took last night:
Serving is different from fixing. In fixing, we see others as broken, and respond to this perception with our expertise. Fixers trust their own expertise but may not see the wholeness in another person or trust the integrity of the life in them. When we serve, we see and trust that wholeness. We respond to it and collaborate with it. And when we see the wholeness in another, we strengthen it. They may then be able to see it for themselves for the first time.
I feel that this idea is extremely important and another way to balance being a healer with being a channel. We set intent for the energy to heal, balance, attend the greatest good of the recipient, and then we get out of the way and allow the energy to flow. It's a matter of trust in the process, and the validation can be incredibly powerful. I think this brings the entire process of being a healer to a different level. Thank you, Fred.

Finally, in regards to taking opportunities when they present themselves, I would like to share an experience from teaching last night. I subbed for a friend's 8th grade class. He had given me some materials to teach from on positive body image and problems such as anorexia. It's not a health class but rather a class at the Temple where I teach, so it's related to the idea of our bodies and souls being Holy. It's certainly a good thing for 8th graders to internalize at this age. Turns out that there was about 15 minutes of actual teaching time due to a school program taking up some of the regular class time. When it was time for me to teach, here's what happened:

I introduced the subject of self image, connected it to the idea of being Holy (Jewish content), our bodies, minds, souls, and that we don't always feel that way because we tend to be our harshest critics.

I told them that it is a human, and not only teen experience.

And I talked about how we worry so much how others perceive us.

They nodded.

I talked about how this can lead to us compensating with self destructive behavior, and mentioned those things like anorexia, cutting, drinking, drugs.

And then I looked at each one of them.

And I felt all this love.
And I told them, slowly and sincerely, that they are all wonderful people. Truly and deeply wonderful human beings, and so important. They stared at me fixedly.

They didn't giggle.

They absorbed it.

And I went on and said that I know there are times when they will feel bad about themselves. We all have them.

But if they can hold this message in their hearts, that is part of it.

And then I talked about breathing, taking slow breaths and trying to release some of the bad feelings. Just quieting themselves, and letting it go if they can, even just a little. I talked about yoga, exercise, and a good night sleep.

I encouraged them to share this with their friends. Especially if their friends are having a bad day or a hard time with their self image.

I asked them if they thought that what I was saying was simplistic or b.s.

They said no, it's dead on.

And I told them to go on youtube and watch a video called Validation.

I wrote it down for them.

I waked in pretty much having no idea what I was going to say.

I walked out feeling like I had shared something powerful and memorable.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Religion, Spirituality and Reiki

This week, I've been thinking about the ideas of faith, belief and spirituality. These thoughts usually come up for me when I'm at services. Rarely do formal worship services resonate with me, although I sometimes have to go and participate with the family. Friday night was one of those times. As I do when I'm at a service in the congregation, I found myself pondering religious ritual, formal worship, and means of making the connection to a Higher Source.

I'm Jewish. I should probably mention that I'm comfortable being Jewish. More than a religious practice, Judaism is a culture. This means it involves family, history, food, music, art, books, holidays, language, Bible, religious writings, education, and ties to a land (Israel). It's essentially a way of life. I also have a Master's Degree in Jewish Studies, and have worked as a Jewish educator either part time or full time for the last 13 years. Despite my education and teaching experience, the formal worship aspect has never made me feel spiritually connected.

Judaism is founded on monotheism, and many of our prayers are of the "God is One" variety, which works for me. But as I sat in services on Friday night, I realized an aspect of what's wrong with it for me. What's not working for me is that in the prayers, God is addressed as You. You this, You that, thank You, You are this, You are that... separate from "us."

This feels wrong to me because the way I've come to feel about spirituality is that WE are God - we all are, via our souls, essences, life force - and we are connected to each other through this same energy. Our energy - our soul essence -connects all life, and that is Spirit energy. We are all capable of learning to give more of this essence energy (Life Force Energy, Ki, Chi, whatever you might call it) to each other as needed, for healing, balance, etc. in whatever way we learn how (Reiki, Quantum Touch, and many other energy healing modalities), and there are many ways.

But it doesn't matter how we do this - just that we do. I think it could be one of the main reasons for existence, to feel this connectedness, elevate our vibrations, learn to help each other and the world (for all nature is connected by this energy - plants, animals, the Earth). Once you know how to do this, you see the world and life itself so differently. I don't need formal worship to feel connected because I feel connected through energy work.

The people who devalue life, who hate others and think they are better than others, who let the
ego interfere with the basic principle of connectedness are missing this essential point. That's why it usually seems that organized religion separates people into little groups of people who miss the point. Once a religion asserts that it is the "True" path to spirituality, it is missing the point of the connectedness, the Oneness of everyone and everything.

So why am I writing this? I often think about the ideas of faith, belief and spirituality. I don't reject religion in general or my religion. In fact, I feel connected to the belonging-ness and the aspects of Judaism that stress the importance of helping, caring for the planet, respecting others, and being a good person. Holiday themes of family and togetherness, the importance of everyone, and seeking a connection with God are parts that I especially like.

Reiki is not a religion. It is a spiritual practice however. That is its essence because it involves connecting with this spiritual energy. It is not a religion because it requires no beliefs, does not single out one group over another, and it does not require a formalized ritual of worship. There are no Reiki holidays. There is not Reiki food. No language needs to be learned. Symbols are optional but have no religious significance. There are precepts, ideas of how Reiki can benefit your life, but it's not considered Law or required faith, or something to accept or suffer any consequences if you don't.

So this week's blog entry is intended to share my thoughts on religion, spirituality, faith and Reiki with you. Please comment if you feel moved to do so.

Thank you. Peace.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gifts from the Universe

This week, I have been overwhelmed by people who came into my life at the exact time they were needed. Also, Evan, my husband had an experience worth sharing that he described as spiritual. That is rare for him, and my readers here probably know that already :)

First I want to say that I am a person who struggles to find patience. I get all of these ideas and want to make them happen now. I take the leap, and hope that I land where I'm going. Sometimes I feel frustrated that things don't happen exactly when I want, or feel I need, them to. It can be hard for me to shake it off and have faith that it's all exactly right.

So what happened this week?

I spent a day feeling frustrated and worried about things. Business, money, and feeling impatient. Chatting with some friends about it, I had an idea that my beautiful new website could use something to make it better, but what, I didn't know. So I posted on Twitter asking for an expert in marketing and web design to help. And I received a gift.

Helena Jackson, (click her name for her website), my Group Leader in the Distance Healing Network, contacted me via Facebook. I didn't know she does this work, but she sure does, and she is the perfect person to help me. A fellow Reiki Master, and someone who really cares, she has already begun getting me thinking about many things that can help me improve my website. Look for great things to happen in the near future. Thank you Helena - you are a wonderful gift.

Then, a friend from Facebook, Fred Krazeise,(click his name) got in touch with me. We shared a series of emails and some distance energy healing. Fred is a coach, massage therapist, and energy healer. He is truly amazing, caring, and loving, and he gently took me under his wing to coach me on some ways to improve my outlook and find that necessary path to patience. I encourage everyone to check out Fred's webpage. Fred, you are a gift and I'm so grateful.

Now about Evan (my husband!). The other day, out of the blue entirely, Evan said to me "I had a spiritual experience." I admit I almost fell on the floor. But instead, I listened to him tell me all about it. I asked him if he would write it in his own words to share here. He agreed. The universe gave Evan a gift, and I share it with all of you here. So welcome Evan, and thank you for being a guest on my Reiki Awakening blog. Here is Evan's story in his own words:
I work for a large community hospital that is in the process of a massive restructuring on all levels. Many positions have been eliminated and persons let go with two weeks pay an health benefits for another month. My own position had been eliminated and I had to bid on a new job.

The process had been going on for months with little information coming from senior management. Essentially, my anxiety has increased exponentially during this time.

Last week I applied for two jobs and sat through two 20 minute interviews even though I had to endure five 60 min interviews to get my current position. Both ended with a vague acknowledgment that I would know the results within the middle of the following week.

Last Saturday I was driving my children to see a movie. All during the drive, I was obsessed with fears of losing my job, not being able to provide for my family, and feeling essentially worthless. I got a brief reprieve during the 90 minutes of watching the film, but during the drive back those feelings came back full force. I began to think that I would be out of a job, I would lose my home, and my family would lose their healthcare.

Then my thoughts shifted. I realized that I did not want to live in fear anymore and that this was a terrible thing for administration to put people through - this constant fear and anxiety. At that precise moment, I felt a wave of warm energy wash over me, and all my fear and anxiety vanished. I began smiling. As a test, I tried to focus on my fears again to try to bring them back, but it did not work - they were gone.

For the first time I'm approaching work with no fear and full acceptance. What the energy represents, I'm not sure. It could be giving me just what I needed at the time. It could be the universe finally allowing me to let go. It could be a process setting the stage for something greater. Whatever, brought it, I am truly thankful.

And there's more gifts. Last night, promtped by some friends on Twitter and a feeling of urgency I get sometimes when I feel my guides are pushing me in a direction, I decided to make a LOA (Law of Attraction) list. This list is a list of what I want to accomplish and see happen in my life. I wrote it with deadlines (in my typical impatient way - lol) and as if they were already there. There were 12 items on my list. I didn't know what to do then, so I went to bed. Today, two of the items have come to happen. I was offered to write paid posts for a new Life123.com blog which likely will include me being able to write on Reiki, and after making one phone call, I will be teaching a 4 session Reiki for Parents course at my local library. Wow. I'm awed and thankful. I'll keep you posted on the rest of the list. :)

And more gifts, although it's not my birthday...
Dan Doviddio wrote about his Reiki healing session from me on his blog, Seeking Good Vibrations. Check it out here. I am so glad to have received such positive media coverage lately (for more, check my previous post or links on the RA website).

An accomplishment: My first Reiki Awakening Newsletter is now published and emailed out. It includes an article, a special, and a featured attunement. If you'd like to be on the mailing list, please sign up via the ReikiAwakening.com website at the bottom.

Peace and may the Universe gift you all this week as well.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Knock, knock...Opportunity is here with a delivery.

This week has been exciting! I am continuing to be open to new opportunities, and they are flowing in, sometimes from unexpected places.

For example...

On Friday, I was online and saw my Chios teacher/ mentor/ friend / fellow healer Connie come on gmail. I shot her a quick hello and asked a question. She told me she would be in town (she lives 2.5 hours south of me) over the weekend. The conversation ended with her and her husband planning to come for dinner on Saturday night at my house! They did join us, and we had a fantastic time. Connie and Bill brought their aura camera, which is very cool. They took pics and did full analytical reports for my oldest 3 kids, hubby and myself, and also our two friends who were also there for dinner. My kids adored Connie and everything she told them about their angels, special healing abilities, and their paths in life.
Here's my aura picture! (Like my haircut? I think it looks better in person, actually!)

Also, on Friday, I was at the jewelery store because I needed to get my ring repaired. The jeweler gave me his business card, and I offered mine. He asked me what I do, and I said I am a Reiki Master. He got all excited and asked if I would give Reiki to his mother, who, it turns out, lives about two blocks from my house. Of course! I love opportunities to do local Reiki.

Today I received an offer to be a Group Leader for the Distance Healing Network. I have been involved with the DHN as a healer for almost a year and a half. Here is my first post about it on this blog. I am very honored and I accepted the position. The DHN is a network of volunteer healers who are matched with people all over the world who have requested energy healing each week. There are Group Leaders who distribute assignments to their team of energy healers. This is what I have been offered. I'm waiting to hear more about how to get started in this new role with a wonderful organization of lightworkers.

It's Monday, and that means Energy Day for me. I have really made an effort to continue dedicating Mondays to energy work in all forms. This includes meditation, blogging, attunements, and learning more about energy healing so I can be a better, clearer resource for my students and stronger healer as well. It's become my favorite day of the week!

I am compiling my mailing list for the ReikiAwakening.com newsletter. If you would like to be included, please click over and enter your email in the form at the bottom. I am going to be sending out periodic specials on attunements and classes, plus information and resources to those on the list.

Peace and opportunity to all!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big Developments

I'm excited to announce the launch of ReikiAwakening.com ! This is a very good thing for both the blog and the website of Reiki Awakening. Here's why:
  • the blog was getting to be too many things, with all of the attunements and products along the right column and integrated in posts, and the blog posts over here.

  • It was disorganized, and it was obvious that I needed to be able to provide more information on what Reiki is, what attunements are, and the different things I offer in an easily navigational way.

  • the blog is designed to be a journal and doesn't flow as well as a website.
So it is better now! This blog can be my journal of my experiences with Reiki, and will continue to do so, and the website will be where users can find more information about Reiki, learn about and order different attunements, programs, and products such as tachyon stones and the e-book. I even have Reiki Awakening t-shirts and an awesome tote bag! Come check it out! I invite you to come back here and leave a comment letting me know how you like it.

You, readers, have been integral in the process, and it's wonderful to have the connections and feedback from you as I've been working with Reiki and developing my Reiki practice.

Other great announcements!
  • I have two new attunements to offer! Light of Forgiveness and Intuition Reiki. Both available now on the website.
Light of Forgiveness is a beautiful energy that helps you forgive and let go of anything you have been holding in your energy, from annoyances to serious anger.

Intuition Reiki helps you tune in to your intuition through your third eye chakra and teaches you ways to increase your connection with your guidance and Higher Self.

  • I launched the Reiki for Parents Course, which I've been wanting to offer. This is a mentoring program designed especially for parents, including Reiki attunements and exercises and close guidance on using Reiki for empowering parents. As parents, Reiki provides great techniques for soothing, calming and healing our children and also for de-stressing ourselves from the hard work of being a parent! Sound good? Check it out at the ReikiAwakening.com website!

  • I will be sending out a newsletter periodically with exclusive specials on attunements, new information, and more. I would love to do something to reward people for being with me and being a part of the new ReikiAwakening.com. The newsletter gives me that opportunity! Sign up at the bottom of the ReikiAwakening.com home page. Your email will only be used for the newsletter if you want to receive it. I would never, ever share your information.

  • I have been asked to be a guest on an Internet radio show with ReclaimU.com Radio! What an honor! More to follow on when exactly, although I believe it will air at the end of May. I'll have a copy to post on the website!

  • I was featured this week in Nutrabeautiful.com! Click here to see the interview! (March 28 issue).

  • My new website has already had over 200 hits since yesterday afternoon and it's getting nice attention and praise! I feel supported by the Universe, blessed, and so very positive and excited about all of this.
Thank you for being a part of my journey! I would love to hear your comments on the new website, and suggestions about things you might like to see there!