Monday, November 24, 2008

Under Construction

The last couple of days I've been feeling rather out of touch. My senses seem dulled, and my sensations while channeling Reiki have not been as strong as usual. The Reiki's been working, but the way I've been sensing the "tingles and heat" is subdued.

I have learned that we go through these periods of
"spiritual upgrade" during which our senses shut down for a period, leaving us feeling sort of dense like I do right now. So I'm just taking a break of sorts, and not doing any big attunements, meditation, or channeling until the fog clears. It's like I'm "under construction."

It was a year ago when I had my Reiki 2 attunement that changed my life completely. Amazing how much has happened in a year.

I may be going on a
spiritual retreat Dec. 20-21 with Sarah Weiss. I've emailed her to ask if this is the kind of retreat that will help me learn more about intuitive healing the way she does it, or if it's not designed for that. If it isn't, I may not go, because I don't want to be frustrated wishing I could be learning what I'm interested in. I'll keep you posted. Dec. 20 is also my birthday (and the day I began this blog a year ago!) so it's a pretty significant weekend.

Wishing everyone a
Happy Thanksgiving and lots of good food, good family time, and a nice break.


Anonymous said...

Those moments of transition, when you feel energetically disconnected but you know something is incubating... they drive me crazy! & then I find my peace.

Thanks for finding me on Twitter. I look forward to connecting.

Many blessings,

Alice Langholt said...

Thank you Mahala.

I think I'm coming out of it now, and it's always good to know I'm in the company of many enlightened people!