Monday, November 3, 2008

Colors of Angels Attunements

I'm now pleased to offer an attunement called Colors of Angels. This attunement helps to put you in energetic contact with the frequencies of Archangels and the colors associated with each. (I copied the following from my previous post.)

This is from the manual:

Archangel Michael Who serves in the first ray which is the Blue Ray and the Ray of Protection and Power

Archangel Jophiel which serves on the Second or Yellow Ray which is the Ray of Illumination and Wisdom

Archangel Chamuel who serves on the Third or Pink Ray which is the Ray of Love

Archangel Gabriel who serves on the Fourth or White Ray which is the Ray of Harmony and Purity

Archangel Raphael who serves on the Fifth or Green Ray which is the Ray of Healing and Truth

Archangel Uriel who serves on the Sixth or Gold Ray which is the Ray of Peace

Archangel Zadkiel who serves on the Seventh or Violet Ray which is the Way of Freedom.

The person with this attunement can call on different archangels for different needs such as confidence, strength, healing, clarity, peace and truth.

I was blessed to attune Connie Dohan, my Chios Healing teacher and inspiring friend, to this healing modality. Connie gave me permission to share this feedback from her attunement:

WOW-a full report is impossible ..what
follows is poor rendering

1. would really recommend the receiver be
sitting & not have any urgent tasks scheduled for just after the

2. just before 10 felt you were not really nervous but perhaps doing a mental dry run to make sure you had it all together.
3. started by being wafted to a very gentle plane - the world I used to live in was blurry & in slo mo. hubby looked at me & asked if I was ok
4. for what seemed like an hour but was only a minute or so in real time, Iwas surrounded by swirls of rainbow colors as I continued to ascend from the earthly plane.
5. then I was infused with a series of rays of color.
6. as each color reached my heart chakra, a door opened & I could see a face & instantly knew the attributes associated with that face
7. then I was surrounded by rainbow swirls again & descended back to the earth plane ...still a little ungrounded here

For those interested in the attunement, which I feel has begun to increase my own connection with these higher beings, the fee is $25, payable through paypal. I added a button in the sidebar to the right.

In any case, the attunement will include:

  • attunement (single which takes you to Master level and you can pass the attunement on afterward to others)
  • manual
  • certificate
  • complete email support

To order, please use the button on the right sidebar for convenience. Then I will email you with the manual and we'll schedule the attunement when you are ready.

I think this attunement is good for opening your connection to higher spirit frequencies and growing your awareness and communication ability. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Blessings and light,


Lynda Lippin said...

I am so glad you have been successful with this attunement Alice! I am not quite ready to add more, but when I am I will do it here with you.

Reiki Goddess

Alice Langholt said...

Sounds good Lynda! Please keep in touch!

Blessings in all you do,

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog!

Alice Langholt said...

Thank you Couture, and thanks for visiting!


Piper said...

This sounds really awesome. Attunements can knock your socks off, lol. God is awesome. Rock On,
Sat Nam, ~(-_-)~

pippa said...

Hi, I had my Reike Attunement Level 1 yesterday and had an interesting experience. During the attunement, I felt a wave of rainbow wrap around me, I could feel it and taste it... My Reike Master seemed surprised by this and suggested that I look deeper into it... are you able to tell me anything about this?
I have only recently discovered my spiritual path and all of this is so new to me, but I feel I have been here forever...
thank you

Alice Langholt said...

Dear Pippa,

Congrats on your first Reiki attunement! Seeing colors is a clairvoyant experience. You had an energetic experience related to your visual intuitive sense (clairvoyance). It could have been your way of perceiving energy, angelic assistance, or all of those. I would take it to mean that your intuition works well in visual ways, and encourage you to pay attention to the visual things you experience while working with the energy. My book, Practical Reiki (, includes a chapter on understanding the way your intuition works. I think it would be a help to you.

Love and light,