Monday, April 28, 2008

Integrating Energy

Today I sent distance Reiki, and while I was sending, I used some Chios techniques for charging a couple of chakras with color, sealing some small tears, and during scanning. At times, I had one hand doing chios while the other channeled Reiki to the area. I also used Chios at the end to channel light through the aura to charge it with energy and remove lingering impurities. I found it very effective. I also noticed that when I scanned, I could see colors behind my eyes, and understood that these were dominant colors of the recipient's aura. I am happy to be learning ways to integrate the Chios I'm studying with the Reiki during a sending to make the sending that much more effective.

By the way, the feedback I received indicated that the recipient received the energy, and also had visions of light and color too.

I continue to work with seeing auras and experimenting with channeling the energy in different ways, such as assigning one modality to one hand and the other to the opposite hand.

And, there was a new kind of tingle in my hand today during the sending. It felt like a sprinkle of cold water. I wasn't totally sure what the information meant, but I think I'll come to understand it the more I send energy.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's the Thought that Counts

I have a friend who is also taking the Chios course with my teacher. To strengthen our practice with the Chios energy, we have arranged to send each other Chios healing weekly, and provide recipient and sender feedback after each sending. It's been very helpful.

My friend is more intuitive than I at this point, and since she is already sensitive to visual energy, Chios fits her well. For me, it's a slow growth process. I still feel the energy with my hands, which are very sensitive. But I've found that I can still channel color and light by intending that color to come through the energy I'm sending. My friend's feedback indicates that she received the energy in the colors I intended as I sent them. Pretty cool.

Last night I tried a couple of new things. First, I did not use the Reiki distance symbol that I have used to intitiate all of my distance sendings before. I just mentally expressed the intent to send the Chios to her, called in the energy and started. It worked. I did not doubt that it would work, but it's the first time I've ever done a distance sending, whether Reiki or Chios, without first drawing the Reiki distance symbol.

The other thing I tried is at the end of the sending, I did a violet flame visualization, imagining a violet flame moving from crown to root, sending pure energy through her aura, and cleaning out any leftover impurities or blockages. My friend sent feedback before I had completed typing mine to her, and she said she felt a "cool breeze" wash over her aura and sensed that I was finishing.

So this experience really brought home to me the strength of intent in energy healing. Through intention, I sent the energy to the person I intended, and to each body part that I sent it, in the color that was most beneficial, and the violet flame clearing technique also worked as a result of my intent.

Just think what else intent can do.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Since my attunement for Chios level 3, I've found two things to be different: 1) I've been very tired, especially in the morning - more tired than usual, and 2) I find it easier to tune in to the color of a person's aura (provided the person is standing or sitting before a white background with plenty of light - it's not perfect!).

I was at a party last night, and a guy was making a short speech. I tuned in and tried to see the color of his aura, and was surprised to see a combination of dark green and dark purple. It was much different from others I've seen, and I was left perplexed as to its meaning.

I'm in a Reiki share group, whose members send each other Reiki on Sundays. We are scattered all over the world, and for some of us, Sunday starts in the wee hours of other's Sundays. As I was settling into bed last night, I felt some energy coming to me, with deep warmth in my stomach, and a swirling mix of colors behind my right eye. It was interesting.

I also did a chios meditation today, and was able to "summon" individual colors, and visualize them filling my consciousness. It's supposed to strengthen my connection to energetic colors.

And, my daughter Rayna, age 8, is able to see auras too. I found out yesterday that she can do this. A few times today we checked in with each other and compared notes about a person's aura. We agreed most of the time. It is pretty cool. She hasn't had training in aura vision, but it's said that children have more natural ability to see auras than adults.

Hopefully, my exhaustion will fade and my attunement will take root soon.

Meanwhile, please feel free to comment, or sign up for my distance healing tutorial and mentoring.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Chios Level 3

Last night I was attuned to Chios Healing level 3. I have a new manual and workbook with exercises to learn, and this attunement is supposed to greatly strengthen my ability to "see" the energy and energetic issues. I am feeling very positive about working to develop this part of my senses.

I also have been able, since my last post, to tune in to see my daughters Sari and Rayna's auras. Rayna's is yellow-green, and Sari's is pure yellow. I'm not surprised in either case, as the colors really match their personalities well. Both are highly creative, passionate, and Rayna has a compassionate nature as well. I'm going to try to see my son, Eli's aura later today or over the weekend.

I had a interesting job interview yesterday for a very different sort of opportunity that could stretch me in a new direction, but also allow me to work at home, be creative, and do a little bit of travel too. I'll know in the next two weeks if the job will be offered to me, but it seems likely. The job would start in May. I'll post more specifics when I have an actual offer. Regardless, I will keep up this blog, which has become an important part of my learning and growth process, and of course, keep working on energy healing as well.

Peace, Love & Light

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blue Arin

Yesterday I was sending distance Reiki while my 18 month old daughter, Arin, was watching a video of our family vacation on the computer nearby. The wall behind the computer is painted white. While the energy was flowing, I was gazing at her. She was engrossed in the video, naming everyone as their picture scrolled across the screen. I watched her profile with the white wall behind her.

My eyes were soft-focused and relaxed, and then I saw Arin's aura - in color! I only saw the first layer, but a fuzzy cloud of royal blue encircled her profile, and there was no doubt about it! It wasn't faint, or doubtable - it was there, and I saw it! When she turned to look at me, it disappeared as I focused on her face. But when she turned and looked back at the computer, I could see it again. It's the first time I've really seen an auric layer in color. Blue makes sense too, as she is very expressive and verbal.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to see my middle daughter and son's auras as they sat in the same spot at the computer, but I couldn't get the same results. I tried again last night after the kids were in bed, this time trying to see my husband, Evan's aura as he did yoga while I was sending Reiki. I could get the first etheric layer, but it was colorless or a very light shade of yellow...nothing like the brightness I saw around Arin.

I was hoping that once I saw Arin's aura it meant I now have the ability to tune in whenever I try. But it seems as if it's the beginning of the process, and I have to keep up with the practice to have any consistency with it.'s nice progress and I'm grateful for the new discoveries in my intuitive development.


Friday, April 4, 2008

A Distance Reiki Tutorial Program

In thinking of how I can help bring Reiki to others, and share my wonderful experiences with Reiki, I've found a way - a great way - to do this.

I know that I'm strong and comfortable with distance energy healing (Reiki and Chios, currently). I have lots of experience, am a volunteer with the Distance Healing Network, (DHN) and get extremely positive feedback from those to whom I send energy. I do this nightly, and several times a day as well. I am going to offer a tutorial,with mentoring, in an online workshop, and detailed, personal feedback to anyone who would like to learn or strengthen their own distance healing abilities. I will charge a fee for this service, but I am confident that I could help increase one's confidence, awareness, intuition, and give excellent support.

The distance healing tutorial will be structured in three sessions. It will be done via email, and I will have a practice plan and how-to guide, personal mentoring and feedback. One distance session from me with feedback, and feedback on a distance session from the student will be included.

The only prerequisite would be that a person is Reiki 2 or above. (A person who is not Reiki 2 but wishes to send distance healing could also learn to do this, but an attunement would make it SO much easier.) If you are Reiki 1 and want an Reiki 2 attunement, I could do a distance Reiki 2 attunement and course for you as well, but that would be separate from this---but still good!! I would be happy to include the distance tutorial with the Reiki 2 course. If you're interested in this option, please email me.

I think of Reiki 2 and distance healing like this: a person who wants to pound a nail into a board could use a spoon to do it. But Reiki 2 gives you a hammer - the right tool for the job. The distance symbol=the hammer in my analogy here. See what I mean?

The cost will be $75 for the 3-session tutorial, with a guidebook, practice exercises, mentoring and feedback on two distance healings (one from me, one from the student). I will also be available by email afterward indefinately for any reason.

The course will be offered starting April 13, when I have the guide finished and curriculum ready. The program, due to its one-on-one setup, will be specifically adjusted for the particular level and what the student wants to work on.

Please email me with questions, or to enroll in the program and strengthen your distance Reiki skills, comfort level, and experience in a supportive environment.