Monday, January 26, 2009

Higher Vibrations

Lots has happened in the last week or so. Progress is being made on the collaborative website that I'm creating with amazing people! We're getting articles together, working on format, planning out our roles, gathering affiliate links that make sense, and working together to plan combo offerings for healings, readings and attunements. Also, the group is getting to know each other by sharing information and energy with each other and it's a beautiful thing. Hopefully, there will be a launch soon, but it's a big process right now.

I recently purchased the domain and I'm excited about setting it up to be the place where my healing, attunement, tutorial, and channeled readings can be ordered, and this blog will be just what it is - my blog. So stay tuned. The change should be seamless when it happens.

I had a healing last week from one of the people I'm working on the new collaborative website with, Ken Stone. He is a natural ability healer - he has no formal healing training or attunements, but the session with Ken was amazing and powerful. Ken is also a most gracious and caring person besides an amazing healer. But the reason I'm mentioning this energy healing experience is that it changed me. Ken balanced my chakras, cleared my energy, and "tuned" everything. I felt fantastic - buzzing with energy, simply glowing. And then the buzzing became a kind of intense anxiety - a longing for something that I couldn't define. I was worried about it the next day and let Ken know. We talked again the day after that to try to sort it out. Ken noticed I was ungrounded. My energy was swirling up around my head. So we worked on grounding, pulling it back down to my feet, where it should be. But it kept happening, even a few minutes after repeating the grounding procedure.

We talked about the idea of surrendering to the flow of things and not getting anxious about the process. He walked me through a guided meditation. I imagined being in a pool, floating, a nice summer day, nowhere I had to be. It was good. Surrender is hard for me because I'm very directed and know what I want to happen, yet I'm impatient. Surrendering involves letting go of the when and trusting it will happen. In fact, you have to even be grateful for knowing that you will receive what you want, and that part takes lots of trust. So that was good for my meditation practice. But the anxiety continued.

The only time I haven't been feeling anxious is during any energy work or meditation. So I've been seeking energy experiences by offering free Reiki in the evening to people on Twitter, letting the energy flow to a dozen people in 30 minutes time. (They all felt it.) And I've been doing attunements as scheduled, really glad for each opportunity to connect with energy. Plus, I've been meditating. Anything I can do to stay connected at regular intervals with the flow of the energy. It's become a driving need, and rather alarming.

With the help of my intuitive friends Cher and Connie, we figured out what's happening with me. I'm going through an ascension. My guidance said (through Cher's channeled connection) that my true calling is to be a healer and a teacher. That's the pull I'm feeling. It's the recognition of myself as a light being and a longing to return to being connected to the spiritual energy source. My body feels anxiety when my soul is struggling to go upward. So that's why this is happening to me. (It's nothing I would have pictured two years ago ever happening to me, or even two weeks ago for that matter). I need to be doing more energy work. I am in a new process of awakening. Connie tells me to hang on for another week to get through it. My body needs to adjust to this new vibration in my energy and the anxiety will subside and I'll have a higher level of awareness, vision and strength in the energy work I'm doing. I'm excited, in awe, inspired, and on some level validated that the work I've been involved with has been for a reason. I've been spiritually guided. Like Reiki. But this time, it's been guiding me.

I'm putting a "donate" button on here for Reiki healings. Those who would like Reiki, whether to experience it for the first time, or for any of its many multi-dimensional benefits, please email me, and when it's over, stop back here to give something back. Whatever you decide is fine. I won't turn people away. I also accept trades. Please begin with an email requesting Reiki healing. I always respond quickly to requests.

Reiki Healing

Attunements are available for you to learn to channel Reiki energy and increase your own intuitive connection. I would consider it a blessing to help you find your own connection to Reiki or angels. The angel attunements really help you know you're not alone. They're powerful. Reiki attunements can give you instant access to the unlimited potential of Reiki energy. I'm here to guide you and assist in any way you need. Attunement information is in the right side column.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeling the Love

Today is Inauguration Day. The energy this morning and excitement was really palpable! I'm happy to be here feeling a new sense of hope in our country with the swearing in of Barak Obama. He's poised and intelligent with an integrity that's refreshing, and I believe he is committed to helping make our country better.

Today I want to mention some really wonderful people who have mentioned me lately in their blogs. I'm touched by their comments - testimonials, really, and I wanted to share them here with you too.

The first is David's blog. He began the blog because he was inspired by his Kundalini Reiki attunements. He wants to share his experience with everyone and is simply bursting with energy. His blog link is here. He is very gracious and thankful, and I am touched by the many times he thanked me, although I just channeled the energy for his attunements. It comes from a higher source for sure. I really understand that feeling of being so inspired by discovering the power of Reiki! After all, that same feeling is the inspiration for my beginning this blog. So much has happened, and there's so much ahead for David too.

Then there's Candy and Ming who do intuitive healing for pets. Ming received the Guardian Angel Reiki and Colors of Angels attunements from me and we chat on Twitter. I sent her someone on Twitter who I noticed was posting about her sick cats. Ming was able to help the woman's cats - who are in Finland - and was inspired enough to write about it, including me in a most complimentary way. Click on their names above to see the blog entry.

Several days this week while on Twitter, I offered free Reiki healings for anyone who asked. I had the opportunity each time to send Reiki to about 5 people. I've been noticing that it has become easier to connect immediately with Reiki, and channel energy to the specific person immediately and effectively. All I've had is the name of the recipient, and the energy has flowed, been received, and the recipients have been impressed and grateful, as have I. I just decided to do that because I have felt guided more and more to introduce people to Reiki in any way possible. Twitter offers me many opportunities.

A new door may be opening for me to give hands-on Reiki treatments. My Chiropractor, who I saw during the week, told me he has an extra exam room available on Tuesdays, when I am also available. My 2 year old daughter, Arin, started preschool on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I am available. I told him and he said he can think of some patients of his who would probably be interested in Reiki treatments after he sees them. He asked me to make an informational flyer about Reiki and email it to him. I did and am now hopeful that this will develop further.

Several people have purchased my ebook on Distance Healing, and several have also graciously read and reviewed it for me. I'm grateful to those who offered me great feedback and suggestions. So I will be doing revisions in the coming weeks and offering a new and improved version then. I'll do a big unveiling and offer a discount for the first week for those who purchase it. All who buy the current version will also get the new version free.

I feel surrounded by love lately - appreciation and kindness directed my way from many who I've met and shared energy with. Sound feedback, nice compliments and excellent suggestions on my ebook. And doors are opening for new ways to bring Reiki and intuitive awareness to others.

I'm feeling the love. Thanks for joining me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Distance Healing E-Book Now Ready!

I'm most excited to offer my Distance Healing Guidebook! I wrote this 17 page ebook. It's in pdf format, and it contains information about distance healing, techniques, resources, and lots of information about channeling Reiki and other healing energy modalities across time, distance, and for many uses. I wrote about my experiences and I think it's very useful for anyone using or interested in learning about distance healing.

Here are the contents:

What distance healing is and isnt....p. 3

What a practitioner and recipient might feel during distance healing...p.4

Ways to strengthen distance healing practice...p.5

Important notes on distance healing...p.7

Techniques for distance healing...p.11

Volunteer organizations looking for distance healers...p.14

Other uses for distance healing...p.15

Recommended resources...p.16

The 17 page ebook is available now for $10. Just click on the paypal button below and I'll email it to you immediately upon ordering. Please let me know how you like it by posting a comment or send me an email!

Distance Healing Guidebook

pdf ebook

Peace, Love & Happiness.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


This week, a door unexpectedly closed on one of my writing jobs. The experience (rather unpleasant unfortunately) left me wondering what it all meant. I've decided to take it as a sign that I need to be concentrating more on building my energy work practice - getting the word out more, helping more people, teaching and promoting energy healing, and focusing my intention on these goals.

My Herkimer Diamond healing crystal came, and I got the same swirly buzz from this one as I had from the one at Sarah Weiss' house. So I sat down and meditated for 30 minutes, focusing exclusively on envisioning my ideal day, and was surrounded by a joyful feeling inspired by the image. I felt happiness and gratitude, and there was no worry or stress. It was nice. I will do this more.

I'm grateful, too, for several recent requests for channeled readings and healing that have led to lovely exchanges - crystals, artwork, and one person who is knitting me a gorgeous shawl! I cherish all opportunities to help people, and the obvious value that they place on my teaching is validating and fulfilling.

I have received the Lightarian AngelLinks attunements, and am feeling a stronger connection with the Archangels in this set of attunements. The connection I have now is helping to validate my feelings about the direction I want to go with my endeavors. I would love to pass the attunements on to anyone who wishes to receive them. Because this energy is an official licensed system, if you want the attunements I will need to order the manual (which comes via snail mail!) for you from the Lightarian Institute. The price of the manual is $34, and there are 5 attunements. I will do each attunement for $13 each. That makes the entire package $99. This is less than what I paid for them, and much less than the going rate. I just want to be able to pass along attunements at a rate which is affordable. I'll set up a link on the right, but until I do, please email me if you're interested or have questions. Anyone who receives these attunements from me will be able to: pass the attunements to others as a licensed facilitator, and have his or her name listed on the Lightarian Institute's website.

When one door closes, another opens. And I'm interested in making this door the one I proceed through.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going with it...Worry-free

Things went differently than I expected at my session with Sarah Weiss. It was a powerful healing session with lots of clearing. I held a very powerful healing crystal called a Herkimer Diamond (not really a diamond-diamond but that's what it's called). For the first time I actually felt healing from holding a crystal so this was a new development for me. I really felt swirling energy sweeping through each chakra from the top down while I held it. I'm getting one of those! I bid on one on Ebay today!

In any case, I learned that my first and second chakras were rather blocked. This is due to worrying about money, work and time. Basically - worry in general. I do tend to worry and have trouble staying in the moment, always thinking about what I need to do next. Sarah worked with me on getting into my "place of abundance" (think "Happy Place" :D ) and there being worry-free. In fact, I noticed that when I'm feeling surrounded by energy, as when I call in energy for healing work, there is no room for worry - the thoughts of worry just won't come in. Nice. So I'll be working on that, and working with more crystals as well.

But as far as the Light Journey Training goes, because I can't make the sessions due to prior teaching committments through the school year, I can't take this training. So we're going to work on one-on-one monthly sessions for self healing and intuitive development. Probably similar stuff will be learned. At some point when the time fits right I will probably take a class with her. For now, I do have work to do and things will continue to develop. I'm also in a transition again, which I can feel - kind of muted energy sensations rather than strong when I channel Reiki.

I spent today all day giving Reiki to my son Eli, who has a bronchial cough and fever. He has been feeling pretty awful. Finally got the Tylenol to catch up to him so he's just now feeling a little better. Plus,we're grateful to friends on Twitter and Facebook who sent him additional healing energy throughout the day. Evan and Rayna also gave him Reiki. When a mom feels helpless that her child is sick and suffering, it's nice that something else can be done to help. That's why I love Reiki.

I had my first Lightarian AngelLinks attunement, and will be scheduling the next one tomorrow and continuing. There are 5 total. I look forward to offering them here, and will be doing so soon.

I'm grateful for the new requests for channeled readings and attunements that have come in the last week. Bringing new healing modalities to people is such a blessing. I love the idea that people I attune go and attune others, and they attune people, and everyone is channeling healing energy, increasing the amount of healing energy throughout the world. It's a beautiful thought.

So I continue to develop new and stronger links to light, angels and guidance. May that happen for you too. Peace.