Monday, December 31, 2007

Reiki All Day, Reiki All Night

Yesterday was interesting. I sent distance Reiki to my sister. It was her first time, and she wasn't really sure what she was feeling. We're going to try it again. My hands tingled the whole time, and I felt connected to her energy, but she wasn't sure if any of what she was feeling was the Reiki.

I also sent Reiki to a friend, her first time also, last night, and she is supposed to call me with feedback. I attempted to balance her chakras, and sent to her aura, with the intent focused on the energy reaching her greatest good. She is the one I set this up with in the restaurant (see Spreading the Word).

And, I sent distance Reiki in response to a request on a Reiki message board. I'm trying to send one of those every day now too, as long as the person Reiki is requested for has given permission.

A mild virus (fever, aching, a little coughing), has been making the rounds through my kids. My middle daughter had it two days ago, and last night it was the little guy's turn. He started with a headache, and said his foot hurt. He called me to give him Reiki at bedtime, and twice in the middle of the night. The second time I sent him distance from my bed. Then, he was in my bed at 5 a.m. with a fever and headache. I gave him Tylenol and Reiki for about an hour, and now he's feeling better. My middle daughter is still coughing, though, and I think I'll be giving them both Reiki during the day today.

I felt like I was sending Reiki in my dreams too, because I kept feeling my hands tingle during the night besides all of this!

And, yes, I'm still trying with my cell phone. I seriously tried last night, with even having an intention for the most powerful signal and the strongest battery life, the greatest good of the phone, and for all those who call me on my cell phone to feel Reiki healing energy! I felt some tingling and a little heat as I held that thing, but...the bars of power didn't increase. I plugged it in this morning. Am I laughable or determined? Maybe there's a fine line between them! I think I'm on the right track, though!

Wishing all of my readers Peace and a New Year filled with blessings, positive energy, and new discoveries!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spreading the Word

It's ironic, really. Some religious proselytizers came to my door today, and I politely but firmly turned them away. I'm not going to be one of their success stories. Not ever. So they shouldn't waste their time.

The ironic part (if one would choose to see it that way) is that I find myself trying to win people over to Reiki any time I have the chance now. For instance, we were at a family gathering at a restaurant tonight, with members of the family we seldom see. I started a conversation with the person next to me, (who I know a bit, but we're not close), about Reiki. She looked at me with a pretty vague expression, like I was talking about speaking Hindi or something out of the ordinary realm of conversation. I dropped it for a while.

A bit later, I tried again (why? I don't know). I explained that it's not a religion, and it's real and amazing, and helpful. I activated Reiki energy in my hands, and placed one hand on her shoulder. Immediately, she said, "Oh, wow. That feels really good!" I got happy and told her about my student with the headache (see earlier post Is it Better to be Helpful or Cautious? ).

Before you knew it, we had made a date - I'm sending her distance Reiki tomorrow night at 10. I'm going to call her at 9:55 to remind her, and she promised to email me feedback.

I'm also sending Reiki to my California sister tomorrow morning (8:30 her time - 11:30 mine).

I feel like it's part of my job to educate and initiate people to Reiki's reality and benefits. What would I have said two years ago if I met someone like myself, and that person tried to talk me into accepting a distance Reiki treatment? I'm not really sure - but I like to think I would have accepted, for the heck of it. That's kind of how I started learning about Reiki - like, "why not?" when it was offered to me. So am I like the people who came to my door this morning? I am not going door to door. But I think it could be in my path to continue to bring knowledge of Reiki to people as I continue along my journey.

Something to ponder.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Distance Reiki

Today, for the first time I sent distance Reiki in response to a request on a message board. The request was from a cousin of the person, who is in the hospital with a high fever and infection. I had the person's name, age, and state.

I did the distance symbol and intended that the energy go to the person, for his highest good. I scanned, and immediately upon visualizing his head, my palm got hot - as if I was feeling the head of a person with a high fever! I know that even if I hadn't known in advance that he had a fever, my hand would have told me! I sent energy to his head, heart, and back. My hands were very hot at his head and heart, and tingly at his back.

It was amazing. I emailed to say that I had sent Reiki. I am thrilled to know that I can be a help to people in this way. It feels great to channel healing energy to someone who needs it. I love Reiki!!


Shout-Outs to New Reiki Friends

The last few days I've met some really inspiring Reiki people over the internet! I've learned some new ways to try things, read about some amazing experiences with Reiki energy, and found caring, genuine, good-hearted people who are interested in extending support to one another, and anyone who asks. So I'm writing to express gratitude for them, and to give them a formal "Hello and Thanks!!"

Rockie - Editor of the DFW Reiki Healing Network -
-a down to earth Reiki person who I felt an immediate affinity for in our emails.

Carole WorldAngel - a spiritual healer who uses Reiki and other techniques daily and has amazing sensitivity and confidence! - and she's way down under in Austraila!

Stephen Buck - a very active poster over at - a very supportive community who post on various message boards about Reiki. He writes thorough, generously thought out comments that really come from a place of experience, and he's given me much to ponder and inspired me to try new ideas! Thanks, Steve!!

Thanks for the warm welcome, new Reiki friends!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Experimenting With Reiki...or Wow, That Was Weird!

I tried some new things tonight, based on some interesting suggestions I've read lately on Reiki message boards and in Rand's book The Reiki Touch.

  • I sent distance Reiki to my future self, and invited (me) to send Reiki back, in order to establish a connection to my more experienced self, who can be a guide for me. Maybe the me of the future has some way of helping to guide me along this energetic path I have undertaken. I felt tingles, and waves of energy, and I directed my hands outward first, and then toward each other, and toward my face, and then again toward each other and outward. When I first held them outward, I felt as if pressure from other hands were pushing against my hands, like standing hand-to-hand with another person! Very cool.
  • I also sent Reiki to an intention for my own healing of an annoying health issue I've been having. I sent Reiki to the intention to heal the CAUSE of the thing that's been bothering me, and to strengthen my immune system. I put my hands on my neck on both sides to send the energy to my blood, and then to my heart chakra, where there was a lot of heat for quite a while, and then to my solar plexus chakra too.
  • Finally, and for a very short time, I sent Reiki to the spirit of my great aunt, who died when I was 14, but was someone I was very close to. I miss her every day, and I sent healing to her, and love, and just in case she could know how much I always cared. I felt energy tingling my fingers, and held them still for about 5 minutes.

I know I have expressed that I have a hard time believing in some of these things, but I decided to "jump in" and give it a try with an open mind. I'll never know unless I try. So I'm trying.

I wonder though, I mean, every time I activiate Reiki energy with an intention, I feel heat and tingles. Is it really getting everywhere I send it? The people I send to always seem to feel it, and I know I felt it when my teacher sent energy to me. So, I should not doubt based on these facts I know. Still. It's a little weird. But I'm trying.

Thanks for reading. I always invite comments.


Gotta Wait

I received an email this morning from the Distance Healing Network. Apparently, they are full at this time, but the email said that in about two weeks I would be assigned a Group Leader, and be accepted as a volunteer.

Oh, okay.

Meanwhile, my oldest daughter has a fever and a bad cough. I gave her Reiki for an hour this morning, along with some Tylenol, and I am going to make sure she rests today! I'm planning to give her Reiki a couple more times during the day too. It stinks to be sick on vacation.

I sent distance Reiki last night, experiencing very tingly fingers the whole time. I'm waiting for feedback about it.

Also, the baby was up in the middle of the night again. She calmed down after a little Reiki and some sips of water.

I don't have anyone scheduled for Reiki tonight, so I'm taking requests! Anyone??

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Signed Up as a Volunteer for the Distance Healing Network

I just signed up to be a volunteer on the Distance Healing Network. I'm waiting for an email response, but being a part of this network means that I will be assigned a person who has requested healing, and I am responsible for sending that person distance Reiki once during that week. I think it's a great idea, gives me a wonderful opportunity to practice and channel Reiki energy in a beneficial and healing way, and it is the first step on fulfilling my wish of sending Reiki every day. I hope I can do a few people a week. I'll post when I receive a response. I'm really excited about this!!

The Distance Healing Network web page is:

Check it out.

Wanting to Help

I find myself dearly wanting to be valuable -to channel Reiki healing to help people as much as I can. I spent a lot of time today and last night finding Reiki websites and Reiki Message Boards and writing posts introducing myself and inviting people here.

I'm going to send Reiki to the desire for being part of a community, and for finding people that I can give and send Reiki to.

Happily, I do have an appointment to send Reiki tonight. I have started feeling like something is missing if I am not sending Reiki every night, or using Reiki every day.

Today I explained about Reiki to my husband's cousin who is in from Utah. He seemed pretty weirded out by the idea, and like I had just joined a cult. As if.

A question: I noticed that people on message boards who put in requests for healing do not often give their real name. I thought in order to send distance (or absent) Reiki, the sender needs the person's name and his or her mother's name. That's what I've been using for the "energy address" when I send Reiki. Also, I send to one person at a time so I can focus exclusively on that person.


Wondering How Much is Real

I've been reading The Reiki Touch by William Lee Rand. It's been very interesting and informative for the most part. I know he's a well respected expert on the subject of Reiki.

And yet, I am the kind of person who finds it easier to believe in things that I personally experience. Reiki has been wonderful for me in that it's tangible, and consistent, and I've been able to experience real results from both sending and receiving Reiki.

There are some things in Rand's book that are hard for me to accept - probably because I haven't experienced them, and also because they seem imaginative. Granted, the idea of Reiki seemed unreal when I first heard of it too, and I've since become not only convinced 100% of Reiki's reality, but I've brought Reiki to others who had never experienced it.

So I'm asking anyone out there to help me with some of the concepts Rand writes on that are (still) or at least so far, way out there for me. Maybe I'm just not ready to experience these. Maybe I never will. But right now, these subjects are sitting over in the "too strange to believe" section of my brain. (I think the idea of using Reiki to charge a cell phone might be there too, but for that one I'm going to suspend my disbelief and keep trying!)

  • Enlightened (and unenlightened) spirit guides/angels that give advice when asked.
  • Healing power of World Peace Crystal Grids
  • Using Reiki to release spirits that are possessing a person or place

I know there are many people who practice Reiki, in various forms, levels, and with a wide range of spiritual beliefs. I've been reading lots of Reiki websites, from blogs to message boards.

I am a "down to earth person" - and I feel pretty different from a lot of the people whose writings I've read lately. I need some perspective from someone who also considers him or herself to be "down to earth," "a realist," or going about life with a fair dose of healthy skepticism. If you are out there, please respond. If this isn't you, that's okay - no disrespect intended. But today I'm looking for a little perspective from someone like me.

So thanks!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Distance Reiki, and Late Night Hands-On

Last night, I sent distance Reiki to my friend who has been experiencing some anxiety. I sent energy, as before, to her area of concern, and to her heart and crown chakras, and to her knees, which made my hands tingle when I mentally scanned there. Then, I did the distance symbol, and asked that healing energy go to her past life trauma involving pain. I felt tingling then, but less heat than the last time I sent energy there. I am hoping that it means that the issue is resolving for her, albeit gradually. I will most likely have an opportunity to do hands-on for her next week, and I'll keep you "posted" (ooh, a blogging pun!).

A little note: I remember thinking while I was sending distance Reiki last night, and my whole hands were tingling like mad, that I bet I could charge a cell phone battery if I felt that when I was holding it! Guess I'll have to keep trying for that one!

Meanwhile, later last night, my 15-month-old woke up crying inexplicably. I took her into my bed, and wondered if she was having some pain due to gas. She laid down face-up on my stomach, and I activated Reiki and put my hand on her stomach. Within minutes, she was passing gas, and then she felt better and went to bed peacefully.

Tomorrow night I am sending distance Reiki to my other friend who I send to weekly. She wants to learn Reiki I and may join a Reiki I class taught by my Reiki teacher. I am encouraging her to do this.

Happy holiday wishes to those celebrating today.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Happy Monday.
I just noticed that several of my posts start with "Well,"... and that seems annoying. So this one doesn't start that way!

I have some updates, and a bit of silliness.
  • Update: my friend with the past life issue emailed me feedback about our session Friday night (see post below Sending Reiki to Heal a Past Life Trauma). She felt tingling and then fell asleep. Maybe this kind of work- deeply emotional and powerful - can be easier for a recipient who is asleep. I have no doubt that it reached her, and I hope it was helpful. I am sending her Reiki again tonight at 10 and will probably repeat the past life healing request after scanning and sending energy as usual.
  • Update: I did give my husband Reiki last night. My hands were especially warm at his crown and heart chakras - he commented on how warm they were there. In other places, I didn't feel much, and neither did he. He thanked me afterward, and I said to just ask if he would like me to give him Reiki again sometime.
  • New info: my oldest daughter, age 8, has been having bad dreams lately. Probably a result of reading some scary books from the Goosebumps series - I've put a stop to that. In any case, last night she didn't have a bad dream, but was awake worrying about a bad dream she had the other night. She kept yelling from her bed that she couldn't sleep. I went to her room, suggested that she give herself Reiki, suggested that she think of her dream house, and walk from room to room looking at everything that would be there, and try to sleep. Finally, at 4 a.m., she was still awake, and I brought her into my bed and gave her Reiki for a while. She feels tingles when I feel them, which I really love. Anyway, she finally went back to bed, but I am sure she will be needing a nap today!
  • Also: yesterday she had a headache, and (along with Tylenol), I gave her Reiki which seemed to help her recover quickly, probably more quickly than Tylenol alone, and be able to relax so she could take a nap. (I told you she hasn't been sleeping well, so the nap was very necessary.)
  • Strange observation: the palm of my left (and more energetically sensitive) hand was strangely hurting a little last night. Could it have to do with all of the Reiki that's been going through it?
  • Silliness: I read in William Lee Rand's book The Reiki Touch that one can use Reiki to charge a cell phone battery. I've been trying it --without success, but I will keep trying. I'd love to hear from anyone who has been able to do this!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hands-On Reiki Tonight!

Well, slightly skeptical or not, my husband has agreed to a full hands-on Reiki treatment from me tonight after the kids are in bed. I think...(okay I hope) will be beneficial to him, and maybe help release negative energy in chakras that may be blocked. In any case, I mostly hope that he feels the energy, likes it, and even might ask to receive Reiki from me again.

I imagine that he will go into this with a slightly open mind, and so he will probably feel less energy than one who completely accepts the validity of Reiki would. I'm not out to prove anything, but I want to help him benefit from Reiki, and also I do think that each time he experiences Reiki, he opens his mind about it a little more, and thus could benefit from the energy a little more.

I'm sensitive enough at this point to feel tingling in my fingers when I scan areas that need Reiki. This happens when I do hands-on or distance Reiki. I am sure that the more I work with Reiki energy, the more sensitive I will become to energy, and I'll be able to give stronger treatments as a result. For now, this is a great opportunity for me to practice and use Reiki, and I hope it will be a positive experience for us both.

Two of the people to whom I have been sending distance Reiki weekly or more have requested hands-on Reiki from me. That will probably take place in the next two weeks. So, getting this practice can only help me feel more confident that I will be able to channel energy in person that can help them. I'll be sure to post about those experiences when they happen!

Another note: two nights ago, I scanned my oldest daughter, who has been attuned to Reiki II and learned how to use the power symbol. As I scanned her third-eye chakra, my fingers tingled, and before I could say anything, she exclaimed, "I feel tingles!" I said, "Me too!" and I gave her Reiki there for about 10 minutes. That was cool. I like how she is sensitive to energy.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Sending Distance Reiki to Heal a Past Life Trauma

Well, tonight was another first for me. I've always been skeptical of the idea of reincarnation. And, I'm not completely convinced of its truth now, but...I'm determined to be open-minded and extend the possibility of truth to the equation.

So tonight when I sent distance Reiki to my friend who is having some deep and troubling anxiety, I did as my Reiki teacher suggested, and incorporated a new instance of the distance symbol and a specific request that the energy go to heal the past life trauma of the person involving (the thing she is anxious about).**

I felt a lot of energy during the whole session, and especially when I made this request, I felt my hands get very hot and tingle, and they stayed that way for about 15 minutes. Also, I started to sense a lot of emotional energy, which was a little scary in a way, but I tried to direct comforting feelings back, and that seemed to help somehow. This exercise increased my desire to stay open-minded and let the Reiki experience take me where it will.

**In the interest of being fair and ethical to those to whom I send Reiki, I am going to be deliberately vague in places in this blog where I describe specific sessions. That way, no embarrassment or discomfort will be caused by my posting, and I can still talk about my experiences. Thanks for readers' understanding.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Distance Reiki - As a Recipient!

Well I finally experienced distance Reiki for the first time! My Reiki teacher was generous enough to send me a short session of distance Reiki tonight, even though she was tired. I was really anxious to feel what it is like to experience a distance Reiki treatment, because I have been sending distance Reiki on a daily basis for almost a month now. I want to be familiar with what people on the receiving end might feel when I'm sending them the energy. was really great! I felt heat and tingling, just like I tell people they might. I could tell where the energy was going, and my hands tingled the whole time, and then were very warm for a long time afterward. I am so glad to be sensitive to energy. I never knew I would be.

Reiki has been such a learning experience for me that I'm still finding myself surprised. I never would have gotten involved with Reiki had I not met my Reiki teacher, and I am deeply and profoundly grateful to her.

I am looking forward to continuing with my Reiki journey, and studying and practicing for my ART at the end of next month.

I've been thinking lately that I'm already a teacher by profession. Maybe it is in my path to eventually teach Reiki to people. Time will tell, but I know the path is out there if I find myself headed that way.

Tingly Fingers

Last night I went to my Reiki teacher's house. I was there to give her hands-on Reiki, of which I have seriously less experience now than distance, and to get her feedback. I was hoping to get more comfortable with the hands-on method, and get some guidance about what sensations I am looking for when scanning someone in person.

It was awesome. She reviewed hand positions with me, which was helpful. Then I started at her head - crown and 3rd eye chakra. There was such heat, that I felt like she was giving ME Reiki! Afterward, she said she felt as if I was moving my hands up and down through her aura, which I wasn't. I think our energies were mingling and flowing back and forth between us, which could explain her feeling that - that's really what it felt like to me!

The best thing she taught me is that the tingling I experience in my fingers is me actually sensing energy. When I scanned specific areas on her body, the tingle would turn "on" and "off" and it was very consistent with information she was giving me! I was thrilled and energized (ok, pun intended) - when I left. And, as always, immensely grateful for the experience and ability to channel Reiki.

I don't know where this is going - I only know that I am going along wherever it takes me.

I'm dying to be part of a Reiki community to share experiences, common goals and thoughts, and to have more opportunities to send and receive Reiki.

Today is my birthday.
My Reiki teacher is going to send me distance Reiki tonight so I can experience it from the receiving end. I've only had hands-on Reiki from her, so I am very interested to feel the difference!!

The good thing is that everyone I've sent Reiki to so far, either distance or in person, has felt it in some way. I think that, over all, has been the most validating experience of all.

I do have one person who has paid me for distance Reiki sessions. I am probably moving in that direction.

However, I want to say here that I wouldn't charge anyone for the first time at this point. If someone wants me to send distance Reiki, I will gladly do so for free. If the recipient finds it to be a beneficial and positive experience, and would like to continue to receive Reiki from me, we can talk about setting up some times. I am going to charge a minimal fee for repeated sessions.

When I send distance Reiki, I focus exclusively on the person to whom I am sending it. I scan that person, attempt to intuit the places where he or she needs the energy, and ask the spirit guides to help me channel it there. I do send energy to each place I feel a need, and the aura in general, asking again that the energy go where it can be most beneficial. The person receiving the Reiki gets my undivided attention and focus for this intention for about 30 minutes.

Here's what I experience (after doing the distance and power symbols and intending the energy to go to the specific person):
  • Scanning: I imagine the person lying before me and slowly move my hand over him/her, starting at the crown chakra and moving downward. When my hand feels "held" in place at a certain spot, I begin to direct energy to that place. After directing energy to that place for as long as it feels like it's flowing, I continue to scan downward, and then on the person's back, stopping at any point to send energy.
  • Sending energy: My fingers get tingly, like when they're "asleep" - pins and needles feeling. They also sometimes get much hotter, like I'm wearing hot gloves. For as long as the tingling and/or heat lasts, I keep my hands there in that spot, directing energy to that place. Sometimes I also feel tingling in my arms, nose and lips! My teacher says that this is the energy flowing from my crown chakra down through to my fingers.
  • After: Towards the end, I send energy to the aura in general, asking the Reiki guides to please send it where it can most benefit the person to whom I am sending distance Reiki. (I say the person's name, of course). Then I close with the ckr, and take a moment to send thanks to the Reiki guides and Reiki energy.

I hope that is helpful. Please share comments and questions freely!

Is it Better to be Helpful or Cautious?

Original post: 12-18-07

So I was teaching Sunday School on Sunday, and we had some low attendance. My second period 6th grade class had all of 4 students present. Kind of nice, really. Anyway, I taught my lesson as planned, and was close to the end. In the last 10 minutes, one of the students, J., said he had a headache. I hesitated for a fraction of a second, asked him to point out where it hurt, and then quietly suggested that I might be able to help if he wanted to let me try.

He asked me what I meant, and the other kids were very curious. I said that I've been studying Reiki, a form of energy healing, and I could channel some energy to his head by simply laying my hands there for a few minutes, and it might help his headache. He said ok, and I placed my hands on his head, and I felt them get warm with Reiki. He said "Wow, that feels really good!" I said, "Good" and kept talking about the lesson as I stood there with my hands on his head.
A few minutes later, I removed my hands and asked him how he felt. He said, "That felt great - really relaxing and warm!" I asked him how his headache was, and he said it was totally gone! Then he asked me to write down the name of that technique, and so did another student. They took the papers with the word "Reiki" with them when they left. I felt great.

But my Reiki teacher said I have to be more cautious. That giving Reiki to a child without his parent's permission is a bad idea, and they might not understand. Plus, if he had a headache because he is getting a virus, and the symptoms return in the middle of the night, his parents might think the Reiki caused him to be sick. They might not understand what Reiki is, and they might be furious with me and the school where I teach.

She had a point, though I only had the best intentions at the time, and felt like I did something good, caring and helpful. And the facts of the matter are that I put my hands on a kid's head gently for 5 minutes, and he felt better. Is that something to get upset over?

The good news is that it's Tuesday and as far as I know, there have been no phone calls. The kids are on winter break until mid-January. And I've been cautioned.

Do you think I'm naive? I sometimes seem to get myself into trouble by having the best of intentions towards people.

A Little Freaky ---But in a Good Way

Original post Wed, 12/12/2007 - 16:40.

I've been working hard on my distance Reiki practicing, and doing hands-on Reiki for my family. My 3 year-old son asks for Reiki if he bumps his head or has a bad dream, my 8 year-old daughter had a bad dream last night, and I sent her distance Reiki from my bed to hers at 3 a.m. My husband had a virus, and I gave him hands-on Reiki every night for the last 3 nights, and it helped with his aching and may have sped up his recovery and brought his fever down.
I've been sending distance Reiki every night for the last 3 weeks, with maybe one evening off. That's how long I've had Reiki II. Nearly every single time, it seems as if the person I've sent to has felt exactly where I sent the energy - to which body part, and for how long. (One exception was my mom, the second time I sent her Reiki. She forgot, and was not receptive.)

The reality of this became especially apparent to me last night. I sent distance Reiki to a dear friend (her second time from me) who has some anxiety over some upcoming medical procedure for a problem in her lower abdomen. I sent her Reiki, beginning with scanning, and I stopped at each place where I sensed she needed Reiki energy. I sent Reiki to her head, and spent a long time focusing on her entire belly area, from chest to legs. I journaled my experience and emailed it to my Reiki teacher. I asked my friend to email me feedback on her experience, but I didn't share mine with her.

Today she emailed me, and it was extremely specific - exactly where and in what order I sent her the energy. I mean it corresponded EXACTLY to what I was doing here at my house. I'm blown away.

I think Reiki is taking me somewhere, and I am going to continue on this incredible journey.

If anyone would like to help me practice, and receive distance Reiki, please email me here .
Otherwise, all comments are welcome.Peace.

Reiki Experiences - The Journey Continues

Original post submitted Thu, 12/06/2007 - 21:58.

I sent Reiki last night to a friend who has been going through a hard time. After the experience with my mom, who didn't feel a second of the intense Reiki I sent her (though she felt it all the first time), I was feeling a little nervous, hoping that my ability is the "real deal." I really wanted to help my friend, who is a very kind person who has been having a tough emotional time.
I waited all day to hear back from her, after sending her Reiki last night. Around dinner time, I left her a voice mail asking her to read her email and please call or email me feedback on her experience. I had emailed her my end of things last night. This was her first experience with Reiki, and it was distance Reiki at that, so she could've felt anything or nothing at all, and I was bound to take anything as a reflection on my ability, whether that's logical or not. (She didn't know that last part- and didn't know about my mom). I did tell her that she could feel something (warmth, tingling), or nothing at all, and that the Reiki would be beneficial regardless, but I was interested in her experience afterward.

Here is what she wrote a few minutes ago: Thank you so much!!!! I felt a lot better today! Last night at 10:00, I laid down and relaxed. I tried to picture you in my mind. A short time later, I felt a little bit of pressure on my chest area, that lasted for a little while. There was this unique feeling that is hard to describe. I felt like turning and laying on my side, but didn't, I was just kind of motionless. It was very relaxing. I don't know if this is part of the Reiki also, but with my eyes closed I could see purple and black streaks. After about 20 minutes, I did fall asleep though, I think because I was so relaxed. I want to tell you that today when I woke up, I felt really good. My back has been hurting a lot lately and when I got up, there was no pain in my upper back. I also had a more positive feeling today! Thank you very,very much. I also began reading more about Reiki today. It would be great if we could do this again. Thank you so much again!

There were tears of relief and gratitude in my eyes as I read her email. I'm going to send her Reiki again next week, at her request.

If anyone would like to recieve distance Reiki and help me with my practice, please email me here and we will set a time. There is no charge, it could help, and all I ask is that you email me honest and sincere feedback afterward.

Reiki Setback?

Original post on Wed, 12/05/2007

I talked to my mom last night while I was preparing dinner (frying latkes takes FOREVER!!)...anyway, she had a colonoscopy yesterday and I offered to send her distance Reiki at 10 p.m. and she accepted.

So at 10 p.m. I did my thing, dim lights, music, symbols, concentration, intent, scanning, sending, focusing, the whole deal. I felt confident that it would be a powerful experience for her, because it was for me. I really focused on sending her love with the energy, and wishes for healing and good health. At 10:25, I gave her a call.

She forgot that I was sending the Reiki, had been in bed reading, and didn't feel a thing. I told her it was ok, and that the energy would still be beneficial for her.

For me, though, it felt disappointing. All of my other experiences so far, including with her, have been extremely powerful and validating. This felt like I was just sending to an imaginary friend. Ok, I know that the recipient doesn't need to feel it. But it really helps me feel like I'm doing something helpful and important when they do.

Tonight I am scheduled to send Reiki to a friend who really needs it emotionally. She has been going through a painful divorce for about a year, and she lost a terrible amount of weight and developed some digestive difficulties. I really want to help her, and I hope she can feel what I'm sending her. I think she will benefit more if she is cognizant of the energy coming to her. I don't know.

Follow up comment to the original post:

My Reiki teacher says...
Submitted by notarabbi on Wed, 12/05/2007 - 11:13.
(when she called me a few minutes ago), that I should not feel discouraged. This is a learning experience for me, and I'm learning that the recipient - even my mother - might not always feel the energy. I have to continue to believe in myself and my ability to send Reiki, regardless of how much the recipient senses. My teacher is a Reiki Master with amazing ability, and she said that sometimes she gives a hands-on treatment, and she feels the person receiving lots of energy, and afterward the person will tell her they felt nothing. She doesn't let it create self-doubt, because she trusts and believes in what she is doing 100%. She said I wouldn't have had this experience if I wasn't ready to have it. I trust her.
Anyone else have a comment or experience to share?

Reiki II - Distance Reiki is Real

Originally posted 12/4/07

I want to thank a friend from my previous blog for letting me practice my newfound ability on her! Even though she lives in Chicago somewhere, and I'm miles and miles away in Cleveland, Ohio, we had a very positive experience last night!

I dimmed the lights, put on my soothing inspiring music of choice ("Dead Can Dance" - a strange name, but awesome music), and concentrated on sending the most positive, healing energy possible to her. I felt tingly, and slightly warm, not burning hands like I have felt before, but a different sort of tingle. Maybe it's because we've never met. I don't know. But I really tried to send Reiki to any place that I felt there could be a need, and every place that I felt a tingle at all, or any warmth when I thought of that part and mentally "scanned" her. I also sent Reiki to her aura in general, and asked that the energy go where it's most needed.
Afterward, I emailed to let her know that I was done. Then I watched my computer for a while, waiting for an email back, and then I went to bed. I was a little nervous, hoping that what I was trying to do was received as I intended.

This morning, there was lovely feedback from her! She felt the energy I sent, and even felt really good during and afterward, and she even sensed when I began and when I stopped.
I think we'll do it again sometime soon.Thank you, E.!

Anyone else? Email me - I want to continue practicing and helping people.There's no charge - I only ask that you email me sincere, honest feedback afterwards. (The next morning is fine).Here's the email:click this!

Practicing Distance Reiki --Feedback was received

Original post 12-4-07

I received feedback from my friend who I sent distance Reiki last night. She really felt the energy I was sending. She didn't report feeling it at her throat, but the other places I sent it coordinated with her description of her experience. She was gracious and grateful, and felt very positively affected by the experience.

I'm very grateful to have the ability to help people with Reiki. I never imagined that I would be able to do this.

My husband thinks Reiki is "fake." I hope one day he opens his mind a little and believes me. His mother is the same way. Oh well. It may be too much to expect him to come around. He isn't going to change my belief in Reiki's validity.

Practicing Distance Reiki

Original post 12-3-07

I sent distance Reiki to a friend last night. I'm still waiting for her feedback, but as I mentally "scanned" her to assess where she needed the energy the most, my hands became very warm, from the fingertips to elbows, as I pictured her throat chakra. She is a singer, and if she is stressed or upset, this could be a place where it would manifest. I held my hands still and sent the Reiki there for about 15 minutes straight, until I felt the heat in my hands fading a little. Then I scanned her again, and sent some Reiki to the sides of her face, hips, heart chakra and her aura in general.

Afterward, I directed my hands toward my own face, and felt the heat radiating from them as I held them over my face. I sent myself some Reiki energy for about 10 minutes afterward. I read that after one sends Reiki, she should give herself Reiki afterward. It still amazes me to feel like I really have the ability to send and receive energy.

I'm waiting now to hear if she felt any of this. Regardless, I believe that I did something good.
Tonight I'm sending Reiki to Inklings! I hope I can be helpful to her too.

If anyone else would like to help me practice and receive distance Reiki healing from me, please comment, or send me an email here. All I would ask in return is email me feedback about what you experienced while I was sending you Reiki.

Reiki II - How I got here

Originally posted 11-29-07

I've recently started training in Reiki practice. Being a spritually skeptical person, I started with more the desire for Reiki to be real than the belief in its validity. I've really had a kind of epiphany.

My teacher is a friend and Reiki Master. She is very sensitive and amazing. Her hands become very hot with Reiki energy, and she can easily sense where physical or emotional trouble is. But I never believed that I would be able to channel Reiki energy and really feel something real. Until now.

Tami (that's her name) attuned me to the Level II Reiki symbols. Last year, when I was pregnant, she trained me in Reiki I, and attuned me to the energy. I practiced it, and felt that it probably did help me during labor, and my pregnancy. Plus, my baby is a very easygoing, happy and sweet little girl.

But since I've been attuned to Reiki II, I can do and feel so much more, and it's actually tangible. I have been able to send distance Reiki to my mother and strangers, each of whom have actually felt the energy I've sent them. I've even been able to sense where a person needs healing. It's amazing.

I am not a crunchy granola type. I am a cynic about spiritual matters, and have a tough time accepting those with religious confidence in God or other dieties. I get nothing out of structured religious services, and don't buy into the traditional religious views.

This has been amazing. Anyone wanting more information, or wanting a distance Reiki treatment, please contact me. Email, or leave a comment here. I will try to help you. The practice will be good for me, and it could help you too. You can even give me feedback about what you experienced. I won't charge anything.
Just have an open mind.