Thursday, December 20, 2018


Here it is! Today is my 49th birthday. The first day of the last year of my 40s.

And, things are good! Here are some of the things I've been doing since my 48th birthday:

I'm working on completing my dissertation, with an eye on graduating in May.

I have my own office, which I love so much. It offers me a lovely spot to officiate quick weddings, give Reiki sessions, and teach small groups of students. I also give Angel Card Readings, and I have an Aura Camera, so I can give readings with that too.

Rayna is in her first year of college, and doing very well, and working on getting her driver's license. So far, I'm somehow surviving the anxiety I feel when she's behind the wheel. The struggle is real though!

I have learned a lot about energy healing by working on my dissertation. I think the meditation practice with HeartMath meditation has made my healing work stronger, too. Info about that is here:
The HeartMath Inner Balance Meditation™ App and Sensor

Still teaching online, and Reiki Awakening Academy has a new, better website. It took a long time to be ready, and still looks similar to the old one, but it is better mobile-friendly, and has a more modern look.

Gray is good!:D
I let my hair go gray. And it's long. It saves me trips to the hairdresser and I like it. Hello, end of my 40s!

I'm teaching at Montgomery College, and loving it! My students are wonderful people who are really interested in learning what I teach them.

I wrote 20 Skills for the Amazon Echo, and they're fun and positive.

I am grateful, very much so, for my life. I love being on my own schedule, managing my work, teaching, and being here in Maryland.

I'm ready for new and exciting opportunities! Okay, 49! Bring it!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What's good?

Today while giving a Reiki session, the words, "What's good?" came into my head. As I wasn't thinking about anything in particular, save the feel of the energy, I knew it was an important message. 

I said to my client, who is struggling with ongoing guilt, that in every situation is an opportunity for us to find the good in it. Even when things suck. Even when something feels terrible, that's only our assessment of it, and we can choose to find the good. 

So - at first, asking "What's good?" might ilicit a snarky, "Nothing! This sucks!" comeback from our mind. But then, ask again. "What's good?" What possible good can be found in this situation?

Begrudgingly, the mind may offer something small. It might start with, "Well, at least it wasn't worse." It might be, "I got through it somehow." It might even be followed by the word, "but" and a reiteration of the tough side of things again, as if it's necessary to reaffirm the bad part. It's funny how we tend to cling to the bad as if it's giving us bragging rights. 

Again, though, come back to, "What's good?" And there may be more that you can think of. Maybe something you've learned from the experience. Maybe some experience you can share with someone else so they don't suffer as you did. Maybe you're wiser, smarter, or stronger because of this experience. These are all good things. 

The more we focus on the good, the more we feel goodness is the focus of our lives. The suffering shrinks in comparison eventually, as we spend more time seeking, finding, acknowledging, and then being grateful for those good things.

And that moves us toward a more enlightened way to live.

Wishing you all good things.