Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moving Forward, Moving Upward

First, I would like to express big thanks to Jane Arnell, who graciously offered, designed and gifted me the most beautiful, perfect and fitting header to my blog that I could ever have imagined. Such wonderful talent and generosity is a true blessing. And she's a cool person too so click on her name and check her out!

I'm excited at the progress of my upcoming website www.reachinglight.com as eight amazing spiritual people are collaborating to create this resource on alternative health education and energy healing, spiritual and intuitive development, and more! Stay tuned!

Over to the right you'll see new links for attunements to Guardian Angel Reiki and Tachyon Source. Guardian Angel Reiki connects you with your own guardian angel who will be with you always assisting with healings and providing guidance when asked. I've found it quite powerful for myself and those whom I have attuned. Guardian Angel Reiki attunements will be $25.

Tachyon Source is an attunement for those who already have Tachyon energy attunement. It enables you to create a permanently charged Tachyon Source object which will in turn charge all it touches and is near with Tachyon energy. Tachyon energy converts into life force energy. Life force energy provides healing, balance, wellness and positivity. It is the energy of Reiki. Tachyon Source attunements will be $18, and you must already be attuned to Tachyon energy to receive this attunement.

I am grateful to all who have given me the opportunity to practice and hone my abilities at channeling. I am now receiving requests for channeling in exchange for a donation afterward. The donation is open to your discretion as far as amount, and other forms of exchange are fine as well (i.e. crystals, energy healing, attunements, readings, artwork, etc. Just email me if you would like to offer an exchange of this sort when you ask your question.) Donations can be sent to my paypal address, and please do so after I give you your channeled answer. What is a channeled reading? Simply, you email me a question - something you are wondering about your life - and I connect with your energy and ask your guidance to help me write you an answer. Then I email you what I've received. The question can include a bit of explanation so I can be specific with your guides. If you ask me "What will my future hold?" I will probably receive a general answer in response. The more specific the question, the clearer the response. I also sometimes get additional information, which I will always pass along to you as well.

I wish everyone holiday light and blessings this season, and a year of abundance for 2009.



Frank Butterfield said...

Hi Alice --

I'm so glad to read that you are now offering channeled readings!!

To everyone who is reading this -- I highly recommend Alice for a channeled reading -- she is very clear and her work is wonderful.

Enjoy all the abundance and well-being that is already flowing to you!!

Frank Butterfield

Alice Langholt said...

Thank you Frank,

for the very kind testimonial. It means a lot coming from you for sure, since you teach people to channel. You've been very helpful to me and I appreciate your allowing me to do a channeled reading for you as well as the fantastic feedback you offered.


Hana Mi said...

How wonderful to have come so far on your journey,I read your post from last year this evening. It is inspiring that you have flowed so much into the energy and all that you offer is a great gift.

I may as yet come to you with a question after my trip.

Have a special holiday

Namaste x

Alice Langholt said...

Hello Hana Mi,

Thank you for visiting, and your kind words! I wish you a safe and wonderful holiday and hope to hear more from you when you're back home!

Beth the Reiki Artist said...

Good luck with growing your website! You've done wonders with your blog so I'm sure it will turn out wonderfully.

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Beth!

Thanks for the compliment and always great to see you here!

Keep up all the good work you're doing too!