Saturday, October 11, 2008

Intuition and The Universe Lining Up

This morning I had an interesting experience. I was typing away at my computer, trying to get some work done while I could when I started to feel tingly - as if I was receiving Reiki. I had a quick flash of my friend, whom I had attuned to Usui Reiki level 2. So before stopping to think, I shot her off a quick email telling her the time and asking if she had just been sending me Reiki.
A couple hours later she replied a surprised "yes" answer. This is the first time I've been able to notice Reiki without knowing it was coming, and also intuit its source.

Today my husband and I discovered to our dismay that a large frame around one of our back room windows is rotting out. We called a few window companies to get estimates and left messages, worrying about the cost. I left and took the kids to the playground.
We had just gotten home from the playground when a little puppy with a collar came wandering into our yard. Seeing no owner about, I coaxed the puppy to come to me, and called the phone number on his collar. I left a message with my phone number and a few minutes later a thankful person called and was on the way to get the dog. When he came, we found out he is a handy man who moved a block away recently and he could replace and fix our window. He called us later with an estimate. I think we'll hire him. Nice.

It seemed as if the universe just lined up right today.

Also -
I want to show you a new blog I like. I added the feed to my right hand column, but please check it out. It's excellent - informative, thought provoking, and relevant to all things Reiki. I'll be taking the Reiki 30 Day Challenge probably starting next week. Here it is: . Funny name, but way impressive. Check it out.

I'm so excited because next weekend I'm going on a Reiki Retreat!!!! From Saturday morning until 2 pm on Sunday, I'll be in a beautiful environmental education retreat center, staying in a beautiful wildlife reserve, and sleeping in nice dorm-type rooms, sharing Reiki experiences, nature connection, and Reiki treatments with 14 Reiki people. The immersion and connecting with other Reiki people will be amazing - I know it! I'm so excited already! I'll be getting more details about the schedule in a few days. I'll keep you posted.



Lynda Lippin said...

Love the Reiki story Alice! And I look forward to hearing about the Reiki retreat. We just got back to Parrot Cay from our month in NYC.

Lynda Lippin

Cher Monroe said...

Oh yes your definately tuning in nicely. Hhave a great time on the Reiki retreat. Sounds very enlightening! :)

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Lynda and Cher!

Great to hear from both of you!

I hope your vacation was a good one Lynda (you certainly needed it!)

Cher, you hang in there too because good things are just around the corner for you!

With love,