Saturday, January 30, 2010

Signs That Smack Ya Over the Head

Inspired by my Twitter and Facebook friend Amy Oscar, I started asking the angels for signs. Signs that would knock me over with bluntness, signs I could easily recognize. You see, life has been a little crazy as of late. My article writing job that I've had steady assignments from for two years has abruptly ended after the transfer of the articles to another company. The new company isn't adding content. So the writers and editors have all been dismissed. Time to find new supplemental sources of regular I feel more in need of guidance than ever. As most of you know, my husband recently started a new job after nearly 8 months of being unemployed. We have lots of recovery to do, bit by bit. The income I bring in is essential. So although it comes from many different sources, when one drops, another needs to fill in where that came from. And I need to find it.

So interestingly enough, nearly two weeks ago I had an idea for a business and I approached three companies about it. They signed on immediately. It's a side thing, but could get bigger. I know I need a website, one that looks more professional than one I could do myself. And last night I was chatting with my sister online and I told her about it. She immediately volunteered her boyfriend's services. I had no idea about this, but apparently he is a graphic designer who designs websites and logos, and he will do this for me free of charge. Good timing, seems like. Okay, perfect timing.

Last night I was driving to do a Reiki demonstration at the local wellness center where I teach Reiki courses, CHEMAM and as I drove I was again asking for guidance. When I got home, I went on Twitter and my friend Krystal who does Oracle readings, said out of the blue that the angels were telling her to do a reading for me and she'll email me this weekend. I was surprised (read - knocked over the head), and told her I had just been asking for guidance. She said that's why they contacted her to email me. I'm eagerly awaiting the message, but felt like I had been responded to already.

Although I can't hear whispered guidance (yet), and really need to schedule in daily meditation time, I do think that Amy is right. Ask, keep asking, and things will happen. I seem to be landing in the right place at the right time lately, so I'm taking these events as signs that I'm getting where I need to be. It's a journey for sure.

If you have experiences to share, please do. I'll keep posting as events unfold for me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Introspection

We're nearly in the middle of January already. Here where I live in University Heights, Ohio, the world is blanketed in a heavy layer of snow. It's gray and cold outside. People I speak with talk of already being tired of winter. I can relate. It's not my season. But it takes up a good quarter of the year here every year, so it's not different. The anticipation of spring has set in already. It'll be a while before it gets here though.

Two of my local Reiki classes have been postponed due to low enrollment. I understand that this is common at the start of January. People don't want to venture out, holiday bills are piled up, and the long holiday season has taken some a while to get reorganized after it ended, so registration details were missed. The Reiki for Parents and Distance Healing classes at CHEMAM have been subsequently moved to February, new dates TBA. I was sort of bummed over the need to postpone, but I am going to take this time to focus on continuing my online work and I am teaching a local Kundalini Reiki class to some wonderful people at Insight Wellness.

The second weekly issue of Reiki Talk will go out today. And I will also be working on my personal growth - via meditation and taking time for Reiki self healing to be the most effective teacher and Reiki channel that I can. Winter quiet is a good time for tuning in, and maybe this is the message I need to receive - focus inward now for a while.

I did raise some fees at the start of the year, and a couple of people have commented about that. I want to put out there that money will never be an issue if someone needs Reiki or really wants to learn but needs financial arrangements. I am willing to scholarship, make payment plans, whatever someone needs in order to learn or receive Reiki healing or training. So if you want to receive or learn Reiki, but are stopped by money issues, email me. I'll work with you. I want to share Reiki with everyone who's ready to tap into their inner energetic power. It's there for you, and so am I.

I had an insightful conversation yesterday with Amy Oscar, a truly amazing woman who has a wonderful blog and writes about angels. She encouraged me to ask the angels for signs that are obvious, and then watch to see what happens. I think lots of people are afraid to ask for signs, worried that it won't work, or that they won't get anywhere. Or maybe some are afraid that they will, and it will change their lives more than they are ready for. All I know is that when we were tweeting with each other, my head had that "being gripped" sensation that happens when I feel my guides are trying to get my attention. So I'm passing the message along here, as much as I'm taking it to heart for my own practice. I'm going to ask more often for signs and guidance from the angels who are there, waiting for the opportunity to help. Join me! Let me know how things go for you too. I'll be posting.

Wishing everyone an introspective, aware and enriching January.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy New Year everyone!

This year is slated to be a year of growth for me, I've decided. Involved in this growth is an expansion of my website, where I now offer Usui Reiki attunements for those interested in learning the "original" form of Reiki healing. I also changed the Energy Healing Mentoring Program into the more streamlined Intuitive Development Coaching, which is greatly simplified into individual sessions.

I've also started a BlogTalkRadio show called Reiki Talk, which had its first broadcast last night. Here is the player so you can listen to the recording at your convenience.
I started the show to help people get introduced to Reiki, answer questions, and address specific topics pertaining to Reiki healing, such as Distance Healing, Reiki and Permission, Reiki and Angels, Reiki and Kids, Reiki and Teens, and more. There are call-in opportunities and a live chat going on during the show, so please tune in, participate, and enjoy. The show will air the first Sunday night of each month, at 11 pm EST. All will be available for listening afterward as well.

Those who subscribe to the Reiki Awakening Newsletter will also be receiving new weekly Reiki Tips emails with ideas for using Reiki, and special discounted courses or products featured on my website. To subscribe, enter your email at the bottom of my website. I welcome your feedback on the Newsletter, Reiki Tips, and Reiki Talk.

I am teaching locally, with more classes scheduled through March, at CHEMAM, and Insight Wellness for those in the Cleveland area. Local classes scheduled include: Reiki for Parents, Distance Healing, Kundalini Reiki, Reiki for Teens, Reiki for Nurses, and Usui Reiki. I'm also offering Reiki healing sessions and Intuitive Development Coaching at CHEMAM.

I really felt that it was time to move forward. Teaching Reiki is an important part of my life and my passion. I really believe it is my role to share this amazing energy with all who are open to learning about it. Although some of my family members and friends look at me with some skepticism, wondering if this career makes sense for me, or if it can be successful, I know in my heart it's what I'm meant to do. I'm moving ahead, finding ways to reach more people, and quietly and confidently continuing to walk this path. The emails I receive from people who have learned or received Reiki from me, and the students who thank me for the way Reiki has changed their life are the validation that this is right. I don't have an explanation for the strength of my conviction, other than the way that I feel a sense of joy when I've helped someone access this powerful energy. I'm a teacher, a gateway, to connect people with their powerful energy for balance and healing. Reiki is here for everyone, and all are capable of helping themselves and each other heal and be well. I wasn't aware, even 3 years ago, that this was who I am, but now I know. Funny that it took this long to develop, but life works in mysterious ways. Maybe I wasn't ready before, or maybe I was honing my teaching skills to lead up to this. Whatever the reason, I feel like I need to embrace this role, like I've finally discovered myself in it.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.