Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Into the Light in 2009

2009 is right around the corner - starting at midnight actually! And I'm wishing everyone a great one, with success, enlightenment, and great joy.

I've seen "light" coming at me as a theme lately and so I'm blogging about it today. I'm talking about some energetic developments, new attunements, and learning that I'm beginning now.

I just received the manual for the Lightarian AngelLinks attunement series, and I'm going to schedule the first attunement for some time this week. I've been reading it, and it feels like this could be a profound growing and connecting experience. I'm looking forward to the attunements very much. I'll post on how they feel to me, and also I'll be able to pass them on, so stay tuned for that. The first one is called Seraph Rose Aura. Click on the link above to learn more. Because this is the "licensed" version from the Lightarian Institute, let's just say this attunement series wasn't cheap. But it felt important to me and I pondered it for quite a while before signing up. (I'll try to offer them back at a discount.)

Also, I mentioned in my last post that this Friday I start learning with Sarah Weiss. Her course, which I hope to take one on one with her is called Light Journey Training. As I've been learning more about angels, guides and channeling, I feel that connection with "light beings" such as these are an important part of my learning.

This has represented another shift in my perception of reality. When I began learning about Reiki, I didn't know about this level of awareness. I wouldn't have really believed there was more to life than what I had already experienced in terms of spirituality. Actually experiencing physical experiences of the flow of energy changed that for me. It also helped me approach learning about angels and guides with an open mind. Reiki opened up a door that just keeps letting in more light. Hence the theme for today's blog post!

Stay tuned!


Tara Harper LPN, LMT, CHt Reiki Master/Teacher said...

Alice, I really enjoy reading your blog because you are so honest about your experiences. Soemtimes the things you say remind me of experiences I have had and the memories are exquisite! I am so glad to hear people talking about the shift in perceptions after working with the Reiki energy. It really is just the begining of many things for many people!

Pamir | Reiki Help Blog said...

Increasing your Light Quotient is just about the most important priority anyone could have.

My sincere wish for the world is that people don't balk at the first mention of such things, and give it due consideration. For out of the Light everything emerges, even mundane, worldly success & happiness.

We've made so many other "things" gods & a whole lot of trouble has followed. Here's to the Light in 2009!

Alice Langholt said...


Thank you so much for commenting. It's so good to hear that people enjoy and relate to my posts and experiences. Knowing I'm not alone and others have "been there" makes all the difference and brings hope!
Wishing you beauty and light.

Dear Pamir,

Thank you for reading and sharing your illuminating (;D) insights add so much meaning. I'm blessed to have readers who add to the value of my blog and the world.

Love and light in 2009.

Leslie Smith, B.Msc. said...


I love your blogs! Hey, you have a present, but it can't be opened until 12am on January 1st. You will find it on my blog post at that time. :)

Much Love,

Alice Langholt said...

Ooh exciting Leslie!

Thanks for being here and thanks for the present! I'll be clicking over to your blog at 12 a.m. (well maybe 12:15 after kissing hubby and tucking in overtired kids!)

Peace in 2009!

Walk in the Woods said...

Oh ... light is a theme, without doubt or question ... and my prayer is that it find its way into the lives that eed it most!

Merry 2009!

Alice Langholt said...

Walk in the Woods,

Welcome, Happy New Year, and thanks for gracing my blog with your comment! Yes, I'm feeling the need for light everywhere and will do my best to spread it however I can.

Thank you and blessings for 2009!

Cirklagirl said...

Hi Alice,

My daughter does Reiki sometimes... I guess with two Reiki grandmothers and a Reiki dad, she has the gift!

Happy New Year!

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Cirklagirl,

Thanks for the comment! It's great to see how living in a Reiki family effects everyone for the better.
Reiki truly is a gift.

Love & Light,