Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going with it...Worry-free

Things went differently than I expected at my session with Sarah Weiss. It was a powerful healing session with lots of clearing. I held a very powerful healing crystal called a Herkimer Diamond (not really a diamond-diamond but that's what it's called). For the first time I actually felt healing from holding a crystal so this was a new development for me. I really felt swirling energy sweeping through each chakra from the top down while I held it. I'm getting one of those! I bid on one on Ebay today!

In any case, I learned that my first and second chakras were rather blocked. This is due to worrying about money, work and time. Basically - worry in general. I do tend to worry and have trouble staying in the moment, always thinking about what I need to do next. Sarah worked with me on getting into my "place of abundance" (think "Happy Place" :D ) and there being worry-free. In fact, I noticed that when I'm feeling surrounded by energy, as when I call in energy for healing work, there is no room for worry - the thoughts of worry just won't come in. Nice. So I'll be working on that, and working with more crystals as well.

But as far as the Light Journey Training goes, because I can't make the sessions due to prior teaching committments through the school year, I can't take this training. So we're going to work on one-on-one monthly sessions for self healing and intuitive development. Probably similar stuff will be learned. At some point when the time fits right I will probably take a class with her. For now, I do have work to do and things will continue to develop. I'm also in a transition again, which I can feel - kind of muted energy sensations rather than strong when I channel Reiki.

I spent today all day giving Reiki to my son Eli, who has a bronchial cough and fever. He has been feeling pretty awful. Finally got the Tylenol to catch up to him so he's just now feeling a little better. Plus,we're grateful to friends on Twitter and Facebook who sent him additional healing energy throughout the day. Evan and Rayna also gave him Reiki. When a mom feels helpless that her child is sick and suffering, it's nice that something else can be done to help. That's why I love Reiki.

I had my first Lightarian AngelLinks attunement, and will be scheduling the next one tomorrow and continuing. There are 5 total. I look forward to offering them here, and will be doing so soon.

I'm grateful for the new requests for channeled readings and attunements that have come in the last week. Bringing new healing modalities to people is such a blessing. I love the idea that people I attune go and attune others, and they attune people, and everyone is channeling healing energy, increasing the amount of healing energy throughout the world. It's a beautiful thought.

So I continue to develop new and stronger links to light, angels and guidance. May that happen for you too. Peace.


My Autism Insights said...

It sounds like you had a very intense experience! Sorry to hear about the course, but you're right - when it's your time it will fall into place. Glad to hear your son's feeling better. I've been practicing on my kids this weekend and getting the feel for doing distance treatments, observing the effects as well.


Alice Langholt said...

Hi Andrea!

So glad for your comment. Yes, it was intense, yes, a little disappointing but it means that things will work out in a different way and I'm open to that.
I'm so proud of you about your work with the Kundalini Reiki and look forward to hearing about the ways in which it is benefitting you and your family.

Love and light,

Marilynn said...

Hi Alice & Andrea,

I am also an energy worker and love your post. I started out doing Quantum Touch and it has evalved in it's own way since I started. As I continue to do new things, it's so wonderful to experience how they work out and to learn new ways of using energy to help others heal! I've found that distance healing is a great way to help others even when they live far away...even Europe. It never fails to amaze me how powerful Energy Healing matter the modality!!


Alice Langholt said...

Hi Marilynn!

Welcome! Thanks for commenting! I have been most profoundly affected by distance Reiki and it's nothing short of miraculous every single time. I'm in the Distance Healing Network so I can share with more people. (

Great to be in touch with you!

Naomi said...

I have some Herks, aren't they just AMAZING?! You sounded disappointed, I hope you're not too much. Just remember that it comes from you and the divine essentially, nobody can teach you better :)

Alice Langholt said...

Hey Naomi,

I know it's meant to be as it is, so I'm putting all else aside and letting it be. I'm trying to see lots of things that way now so it helps. Thanks for your thoughts too because you're so right!

The herk experience WAS really amazing and I'm going to work at tuning in to stones and crystals now!

Love & Light,

Anonymous said...

I know why your blog got rated E for excellent, you are truely awesome Alice, so now I am also rating your blog A for awesome. I just love it, and you too.