Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeling the Love

Today is Inauguration Day. The energy this morning and excitement was really palpable! I'm happy to be here feeling a new sense of hope in our country with the swearing in of Barak Obama. He's poised and intelligent with an integrity that's refreshing, and I believe he is committed to helping make our country better.

Today I want to mention some really wonderful people who have mentioned me lately in their blogs. I'm touched by their comments - testimonials, really, and I wanted to share them here with you too.

The first is David's blog. He began the blog because he was inspired by his Kundalini Reiki attunements. He wants to share his experience with everyone and is simply bursting with energy. His blog link is here. He is very gracious and thankful, and I am touched by the many times he thanked me, although I just channeled the energy for his attunements. It comes from a higher source for sure. I really understand that feeling of being so inspired by discovering the power of Reiki! After all, that same feeling is the inspiration for my beginning this blog. So much has happened, and there's so much ahead for David too.

Then there's Candy and Ming who do intuitive healing for pets. Ming received the Guardian Angel Reiki and Colors of Angels attunements from me and we chat on Twitter. I sent her someone on Twitter who I noticed was posting about her sick cats. Ming was able to help the woman's cats - who are in Finland - and was inspired enough to write about it, including me in a most complimentary way. Click on their names above to see the blog entry.

Several days this week while on Twitter, I offered free Reiki healings for anyone who asked. I had the opportunity each time to send Reiki to about 5 people. I've been noticing that it has become easier to connect immediately with Reiki, and channel energy to the specific person immediately and effectively. All I've had is the name of the recipient, and the energy has flowed, been received, and the recipients have been impressed and grateful, as have I. I just decided to do that because I have felt guided more and more to introduce people to Reiki in any way possible. Twitter offers me many opportunities.

A new door may be opening for me to give hands-on Reiki treatments. My Chiropractor, who I saw during the week, told me he has an extra exam room available on Tuesdays, when I am also available. My 2 year old daughter, Arin, started preschool on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I am available. I told him and he said he can think of some patients of his who would probably be interested in Reiki treatments after he sees them. He asked me to make an informational flyer about Reiki and email it to him. I did and am now hopeful that this will develop further.

Several people have purchased my ebook on Distance Healing, and several have also graciously read and reviewed it for me. I'm grateful to those who offered me great feedback and suggestions. So I will be doing revisions in the coming weeks and offering a new and improved version then. I'll do a big unveiling and offer a discount for the first week for those who purchase it. All who buy the current version will also get the new version free.

I feel surrounded by love lately - appreciation and kindness directed my way from many who I've met and shared energy with. Sound feedback, nice compliments and excellent suggestions on my ebook. And doors are opening for new ways to bring Reiki and intuitive awareness to others.

I'm feeling the love. Thanks for joining me.


Dave AKA Mr Spirit said...

Wow Alice! Thanks so much for the Shoutout! I can't express how much you have already influenced things that have been going on in my life with and through Reiki. One little tidbit I wanted to throw in... I see things like this as a piano recital. The Source, Higher Power, God, whatever you wish to call it, is the pianist. But in this case as the one being my teacher, mentor and attuner, you are the piano... his beautiful music is played and comes to my ears through you. So while I am one billion times appreciative, grateful and loving God for Reiki, I also greatly appreciate the quality of the piano... you.

Thank you again and I look forward to a long, meaningful relationship with you.


Tara said...

You have a great way of doing amazing work. I have to admit... in my old Reiki years it has been an ispiration to watch and listen as you and ReikiMoon are sharing in your blogs and sharing the Reiki everywhere. Great inspiration!

ReikiRanch said...

Congratulations on Reiki Awakening... I found some good Reiki Points worth sharing in your blog. I will return often...

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Taylore V.
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Alice Langholt said...

Hi Dave, Tara & Taylore,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! It's just what I was saying about feeling the love - your comments are the perfect example of what it means when I say how much the appreciation I receive from working with Reiki is just so plentiful!

Abundant blessings in all you do,

Alice Langholt said...

Hi again Taylore -

I have a link to Reiki Ranch on my blogroll - it's been there from the beginning! You have great Reiki resources and I'm happy to share them!


Leaming said...

Dear Alice,

Thanks for the link back as well. It surely is appreciated. We appreciate the referrals as well. I have been checking on those cats in Finland:) Together, we can all do great work. Its been an honor and a pleasure. Love, Ming