Thursday, January 8, 2009


This week, a door unexpectedly closed on one of my writing jobs. The experience (rather unpleasant unfortunately) left me wondering what it all meant. I've decided to take it as a sign that I need to be concentrating more on building my energy work practice - getting the word out more, helping more people, teaching and promoting energy healing, and focusing my intention on these goals.

My Herkimer Diamond healing crystal came, and I got the same swirly buzz from this one as I had from the one at Sarah Weiss' house. So I sat down and meditated for 30 minutes, focusing exclusively on envisioning my ideal day, and was surrounded by a joyful feeling inspired by the image. I felt happiness and gratitude, and there was no worry or stress. It was nice. I will do this more.

I'm grateful, too, for several recent requests for channeled readings and healing that have led to lovely exchanges - crystals, artwork, and one person who is knitting me a gorgeous shawl! I cherish all opportunities to help people, and the obvious value that they place on my teaching is validating and fulfilling.

I have received the Lightarian AngelLinks attunements, and am feeling a stronger connection with the Archangels in this set of attunements. The connection I have now is helping to validate my feelings about the direction I want to go with my endeavors. I would love to pass the attunements on to anyone who wishes to receive them. Because this energy is an official licensed system, if you want the attunements I will need to order the manual (which comes via snail mail!) for you from the Lightarian Institute. The price of the manual is $34, and there are 5 attunements. I will do each attunement for $13 each. That makes the entire package $99. This is less than what I paid for them, and much less than the going rate. I just want to be able to pass along attunements at a rate which is affordable. I'll set up a link on the right, but until I do, please email me if you're interested or have questions. Anyone who receives these attunements from me will be able to: pass the attunements to others as a licensed facilitator, and have his or her name listed on the Lightarian Institute's website.

When one door closes, another opens. And I'm interested in making this door the one I proceed through.



ShalomReiki™ said...

I definitely plan to take you up on the attunement. Probably after my sons upcoming bar mitzvah. Sounds very interesting.

Alice Langholt said...

Hi ShalomReiki! :D

Mazel Tov on your son's approaching simcha!

Whenever you're ready, I look forward to the experience of sharing the AngelLinks with you!

Love & Light,

Starlene Breiter said...

Funny that you said the last line,, when one door closes,, another opens cause reading the first paragraph of this made me think that exact thought!

You can do this and watch yourself prosper even more then you expected to do with your writing job! You have a knack for being able to express yourself anyhow, so why not do it with something that you love so much, yanno?

((hugs)) and I am with you sister!

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Starlene!

Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your encouragement, and feel that things are already going in a very positive direction.

I'm blessed by your friendship.

Starlene offers attunements to almost every energy healing modality I've ever heard of, people! Check her out at

Starlene attuned me to: Colors of Angels, 7 Facet Seichim Reiki, and my newest - Lightarian AngelLinks.

She's a bright light.