Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finally Energy Returns!!

Hooray! I'm feeling better! I've definately turned the corner, and am feeling much more like myself. I sent a little Reiki this morning to my RMT, to help her with her writing, and I felt the familiar and welcome tickle of the energy leaving my palms and fingertips. She varified that she felt the energy (she said her nose was tingling - I did send to her head!) and it's great to be back!
I want to thank Bridget, my RMT, and Helena from the DHL for their generous gifts of Reiki that they sent my way yesterday!

Tonight I am sending distance Reiki in response to a request, and I'm looking forward to sending good strong Reiki healing her way.

I will be getting my first DHN client this weekend, and I'm looking forward to that too - yay!

Meanwhile, its my middle daughter's 6th birthday. She is so cute. I'm working on a new youtube video for her, look for it on my youtube page (see links on the right). When it's done and uploaded, it'll be called "The Sari Show." She's a real star!

I also have much more Reiki reading to do - I'll be sure to post the information that seems interesting.

That's it for now!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you've been sick, but glad that you're doing better!

I tried to post a link to a Reiki cartoon that I saw while looking for a photo on photobucket, but the link didn't work. Oh, well.

Take care,


Alice Langholt said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I saw the cartoon, and it was funny! The link made it to my email intact. I'll try to post it for you.
click here
It reminds me of one I saw with someone "Reiki-ing" the leaves! :)

Thanks for commenting!