Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Colors of Energy

Now that I'm starting to feel a little better each day, I'm back to working with Reiki. I have been feeling like the cold is moving to my eyes, so last night I activated the Reiki in my hands and put them over my eyes, and it felt like I was sitting outside in the sunshine on a warm summer day. The warmth spread over my face, and was very soothing and welcome.

I would like to be able to "see" the colors of energy, and am planning to try to be as open to this as possible. I asked the question in my mind of the Reiki when I was sending Reiki a few nights ago, and thought I received an answer to draw the power symbol over each eye and the third eye chakra, and to give my eyes Reiki. I've done that, and will continue to try. I was encouraged by the summer sunshine feeling I had last night, and so maybe little by little I will develop this awareness. I read that it's about "attuning" your eyes to a different vibration. Also, I wonder if after being attuned to Reiki III, I will start to have an increased sensitivity to the energy, that will help me develop this visual awareness. I really hope so.

And, I have "The Reiki Touch" by Rand, which includes a DVD and CD for different meditations. I think that one of the tracks on each may deal with this, so I plan on exploring that when I have some alone time, maybe on Monday. I have read the book, but haven't explored the DVD or CD yet.

If anyone has trained or developed the ability to be able to see auras, or energy colors, I'd like to hear from you.

Love & Light.

Also wanted to add some updates with this post today...

  • I received my first DHN assignment client, and will be sending to that person this week. For my first three weeks, I am paired with another DHN "veteran" who will also send the same person healing.

  • I had an interesting experience sending Reiki the other night. When I was sending the Reiki, it would flow, tingle my fingers, for about 1-2 minutes, and then suddenly stop. So, I would renew the power symbol, and send to a different place, and the same thing would happen. Finally, I directed the flow to the person's entire aura, intended toward her greatest good, and it flowed consistently. I emailed feedback to her afterward, and she replied that she felt the energy, and kept "grounding" herself. I think that she was stopping the flow by whatever she was doing, and I felt that! I'm glad I found a way for the energy to flow to her that was easier for her to accept, and also grateful that I was sensitive enough to feel her reaction to the energy. It's said we all learn from the energy. It was a learning experience.

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Eleanor said...

Hello there. I am reading through your blog as I have just been attuned to Reiki I very recently. I find reading through your posts "grounds" me and makes me feel more confident that what I am doing is right. I am not distant healing yet as I am not level II. My reason for commenting is because I have always had a natural ability to see what I thought was a persons aura. I have since learned that us humans have four energy fields surrounding us and the one I can see is the "Astral" field. I came to this conclusion after much research. I don't often talk about it publicly as folks think I've lost my mind, but if you are still interested in hearing from people and discussing seeing peoples Spiritual colours feel free to get in touch with me :)