Sunday, January 27, 2008

Becoming More Aware?

I had an interesting experience (funny how I always seem to be having interesting experiences with Reiki!!) the last few nights. I sent energy to a nice person who has been here visiting my blog, and requested Reiki. His feedback afterward indicated that he had seen white light behind his eyes during the time I sent him the Reiki. So we tried it again a few nights later, and he had the same experience, and remarked that those two times were the only times he had ever had such an experience. It was also the first time for me that someone I had sent distance Reiki had ever "seen" the energy inside his or her awareness. I am so grateful to him for letting me know what he felt.

Before I sent him Reiki the second time, I felt that I needed some Reiki, so I spent a few minutes giving myself Reiki. As I was doing so, I had a strange sensation that was new. I felt as if my third eye chakra was opening up, like a window. My forehead tingled, and even more, felt like...gee, it's hard to describe, but it just felt like it was opening, like a lens from a camera that opens at the push of a button. It was different.

I've been concentrating on attempting to see energy. While I send Reiki, I look at my hands, slightly relaxed focus, looking above and beyond them. Often, I see some shimmer around them, whether translucent, or a little bluish, and it subsides when my focus changes or I blink. I've also been trying to see auras around people. I was told to relax focus and look slightly above the head of the person whose aura I'm trying to see. Today I did this while looking at the rabbi of my synagogue, because I was teaching Sunday School, and the students were all in the sanctuary for a morning service. We were supposed to be looking at the rabbi anyway, so I figured this was as good a time as any to practice. I really felt as if I saw a shimmer around her - not really a color - more see-thru, but it reminded me of looking above a grill when it's really hot. That kind of shimmer. I might've also caught a glimpse of orange, but it could've been the wood behind her shimmering through the aura (if that's what I was seeing).

I was holding my eyes slightly out of focus, (but was wearing my glasses), and so that could account for what looked like it might have been an aura. Or, maybe I'm starting to develop this awareness of energy.

I plan to keep trying.

Also, this afternoon I was very tired, so I rested for a short while. As I did, I felt a little tingly, as if someone was sending me Reiki. I know my Sunday Share group has me on their list, so it very well could've been from one of them. Also, for the first time, I saw a color behind my eyes, suddenly. It was hot pink. Don't know if that has meaning, but it was different for me.

I also have been thinking that I would like to communicate with a Reiki guide. Sometimes I ask questions inside my head when I'm sending distance Reiki, and I feel an answer. I don't ask big ones. I don't even remember what I asked last time. But I wonder, is a Reiki guide with you all the time, or only when sending Reiki? Is this a presence that's only able to communicate while doing Reiki, or anytime? Is this a guardian angel? Is this just my consciousness? I sometimes feel a little lonely about Reiki, because I'm alone when I channel energy, sitting in my living room. I don't have the opportunity to do much hands-on Reiki, so most of the time, I'm alone. It might be nice to feel like someone is with me as support when I'm doing this.

My RMT believes, and always has, in angels. I've never experienced one, so I reserve my judgement, as usual, for something to which I can personally relate. I don't have blind faith - I need to experience something to know it's real. I have said that many times in this blog - it's part of who I am.

It also is the reason I know Reiki is real. I feel tangible evidence, and the people I send Reiki to feel it and benefit from it. When I experience something, I know it's real, and I can talk about it with confidence to others. I know I still have lots to learn, and I enjoy reading what others write about their experiences with Reiki.

I love Reiki.



meredith said...

I think it is wonderful that you maintain a healthy skepticism...when I first learned Reiki II, I was skeptical of if/how, etc. the distance reiki would, like you I asked for feedback (lots) and did "experiements" and like you, there were people that literally saw me and/or the energy, just like I was there...and also there were people that saw/felt nothing. It is no different than hands on reiki when some people see/feel the energy, or feel colors, but it takes some getting used to in the distance mode.

keep on doing what you are doing. it is beautiful. and it is working. :)

Alice Langholt said...

Thank you Meredith,
I appreciate your comments and insights very much! I am finding the range of people you describe - those who felt Reiki before I sent it (felt my "intention to send?") and those who felt nothing whatsoever but sheepishly thanked me anyhow. I'm determined to learn all I can, though, and so I keep it up, and being convinced of the validity and reality of Reiki really helps my confidence level as I try new things.

Your encouragement means a lot.
In gratitude,

Anonymous said...

"those who felt Reiki before I sent it"

Alice, when you use the Distant (Absent...whatever you learned it as)...the definition I use when I teach that particular symbol to students is No Past, No Present, No Future...i.e. No linear time. So yes, the person could feel the reiki "before" you sent it, while, or at a later time. Linear Time, is an illusion. We just think it is real...but the only thing that is real is the now.

You are a wonderful student. Sometimes it saddens me when I hand someone a beautiful gift, and they never unwrap it, and shove it in the closet to gather dust.

You are busy unwrapping the gift, and appreciating the beauty of each layer of tissue paper.

with love & light,

Alice Langholt said...

Nice analogy - wrapped gift. I do feel as if I am unwrapping a gift, and even each layer of tissue paper is a wonder. I don't know if I'll ever find what's at the heart of it, but the experience of unwrapping has me captivated!

Your compliments and encouragement are absolutely invaluable and precious to me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.