Sunday, August 23, 2009

So Much to Learn, Where to Turn?

I've been thinking lately of all the things I want to learn to help myself grow. There's a lot. And it feels a little overwhelming, actually, knowing there are so many choices and I only have a little bit of time these days to spend on reading.

I'm reading Ekhart Tolle's A New Earth which is truly enlightening and transformative. I can only read a little at a time, though, because it's a lot to digest. I'm taking away the idea that facing the aspects of one's personality that comprise the ego - recognizing them as an observer - is a means to removing oneself from being driven by them. It's really fascinating and I recommend this book to anyone interested in looking at one's life with a discerning eye.

I also want to learn to read Tarot. I have a set of cards, and a book about it, but haven't yet gotten far enough to attempt to try to understand one card from another.

A close friend is studying Huna, and what he's shared with me has ignited my interest in this Hawaiian healing art and philosophy. So I want to learn more about it, and feel pulled in that direction.

I also want to lend more time (or even some) each day to meditation and self healing. I don't do enough of this, and I know it would benefit me very much in the areas of energy clearing and intuitive growth.

I feel torn between these things and the minimal time I have to devote to any of it, and wonder which would be the best thing to concentrate on. It can feel overwhelming. I guess the best thing is to finish one at a time. Growth can't be rushed, which is probably the biggest message in all of this process....

Patience. That's what I always need to remind myself at times like this. I need to have patience. The time will present itself to learn what I need to learn. I wish sometimes that I could stop the rest of my life and just focus on all of these things at once, but it doesn't work that way. I have a hunger for knowledge and growth that doesn't like to be patient. But I need to.

I suppose all will balance and in time I'll get to everything. Most likely more things I want to learn and do will come along as I'm getting from one thing to the next. It's a growing list, but that's okay. It's good to have new things to learn and more waiting. Growth is a continuous process. So is patience, apparently!

Patience is something I really need these days for other aspects of my life. Since the end of April, my husband has been searching for a job. The search continues, and we remain positive that something will happen soon. Patience. Also, I'm starting to query book agents and publishers with my novel, which I just finished. Now I wait for responses. Patience again. I'm waiting to find out if the enrollment will be high enough for my Reiki courses to be held. Patience. It's not a word I like very much, and it's never been easy for me, but what makes patience possible is trust.

I have decided to have trust that things will all work out as they should. Whether my husband will get a job here, in VA, or in Utah, things will work out. Maybe we'll stay and maybe we'll sell the house and move. Whatever happens, it will be for the best, and I trust the Universe, the Powers That Be, Source, the Angels, whatever, that the best interests of my family will be arranged. It is this trust that helps me have patience.

Some people would call it "faith." Maybe trust and faith are the same thing. I am not sure. I've never considered myself a "person of faith." Trust seems to be easier - just telling myself that it's all going to be fine has a calming effect.

Then there's "surrender." That is also a kind of trust - just saying that I'm going to just BE in the moment and not worry about what could happen. Just dealing with today - the now - is part of what I've been learning from Tolle's book. It takes practice, because I find that planning gives me a sense of security. And sometimes I find myself trying to plan for many different scenarios, and I get caught up in the "what-if's" before I know it.

Patience, trust, surrender - these are the lessons I'm working on. Who knew that deciding what to read next could get me here?



Frank Dickinson said...

Who knew? *wink*

Excellent post my friend. Everything you have written here shows the growth that you are already experiencing.

Walking the path, discerning your direction and evaluating as you go - now that is spiritual growth if I have ever heard it!

Thanks for sharing your journey with me and others. It truly does help bring insight to my daily life.

You are a blessing.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, honest post. Thank you for sharing your journey. You've come so far in your own learning and it's been an amazing journey for you. So, I always counsel people to measure their success and progress not by the how far they have to go, but by how far they have come. You rock, Alice!

Kat said...

Hi Alice,

What a beautiful and honest blog entry. You are doing good work and I am so glad and grateful our paths have crossed. I am confident that your intuition will guide you to your next steps. You are an inspiration to me. I mentioned you in my latest blog entry. If you ever need a client/student reference, feel free to use me! Love, Kat

Alice Langholt said...

Frank & Fred,

Thank you for your encouragement and letting me know that even reflecting on my progress means progress is happening!

Thank you for your comment! And thank you for including me in your inspirational blog as well I hope everyone will read and be as inspired by you as I am! I'm glad I could have a part in your finding your strength. Keep on doing the great things you are, Kat!


loveandlight said...

Great post! I have been reading Eckhart Tolle as well. He recommends Byron Katie - which I have found has been an incredibly practical tool in helping me wake up and be present.

Alice Langholt said...


Thanks for your comment! I'll check out Byron Katie too - so much to learn! :)

What a journey!

Love and light (to you too!),

Ronald J. Britton said...


What a wonderful, open, and honest blog post. You have said the things that many are thinking but may not have the courage to step and say out loud.

As I read your post I felt as if I was speaking to myself, patience; trust; faith; and surrender, all things I strive to have and/or do in my life.

Keep up the good work, you are on the path to enlightenment.

-Ron Britton-
Founder - The Center for Healing Wisdom

Alice Langholt said...


Thank you so much for your comment! It makes me happy to know that posts I write resonate so strongly with readers. That was the original purpose of this blog - to connect with people who are sharing this journey and to feel less alone.

You have brought this home to me with your comment and I am grateful.

With love and light,

Jon said...

I too find myself sometimes a little overwhelmed by everything that I want to study. What makes it even more challenging is that when I start studying something new, it tends to introduce me to a whole bunch of new things that I then add to my "want to learn" list.

Like you say, patience is key.

Thank you for your posting.

Alice Langholt said...


I guess that's the beauty of learning - there's always another layer being uncovered that's inviting us to learn more.

Thanks for your comment and grow well.
Love and light,

Mary Rettig said...

So much to learn about Reiki. Beautiful post and comments. I am committed to learn more about Reiki and support Reiki healers.

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Mare,

Thank you for your comment and I would be very happy to share whatever I know about Reiki with you. Go to my website at and let me know how I can be of help.

Love and light,

Duane said...


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