Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Protecting Your Energy

I learned something, (applause, please!) and when I learn something, the first thing I want to do is to share it. (It is the teacher in me that drives me!) I am hoping that this lesson is something that will help someone avoid what happened to me.

I'm relatively new to energy work, even though it's a part of each and every day for me. I do lots of attunements, advising and teaching. I blog about it, and think about it often, pondering how I can get the message about the amazing power we all have inside us out to more people.

My day to day life and Reiki practice both involve more giving than receiving. I know this, and it's something I know I need to pay more mindful attention to in order to restore the balance.

Before giving a healing or attunement, I first ask my Guides and Angels for protection and support. I feel the energy and their presences around me before I begin, and it feels good, grounding, and helps me feel ready. After the session, I thank them. I also do my best to keep my mindful attention on the flow of the energy rather than let my mind wander. Being in the moment is part of my practice, and it still takes a little effort, but it's becoming more natural. This feels right to me, and has been a good practice.

I recently learned about grounding, and posted about its importance and benefits. Today I'm going to talk about protecting your energy.

I never knew about the importance of doing this all the time, but apparently for energy workers and anyone who raises their energy to a higher vibration (through meditation for example), it is an essential practice. Having energy that is big and flowing outward apparently has the ability to attract entities and manifestations. Interacting with others for attunements and healings can make one similarly vulnerable. What are entities and manifestations? Basically, as I understand it, they are energy thought forms which take on a life of their own, and attach themselves to one's energy, causing blockages or damage. Some can be malevolent, as I found out first hand early this morning.

Here's what happened.

I was asleep. It was 5:45 am. I awoke suddenly, feeling as if a heavy energy was weighing on my head and chest, smothering me. I could breathe, but this felt wrong. I didn't know why it was happening and I asked for angelic support from Archangel Michael, to help get this energy off me. I felt it continue, weighing heavily, for 15 minutes. Suddenly, it released. I looked at my watch. It was 6 am. I lay in bed, wondering what had happened, and suddenly at 6:15, it started again. The sensation was more powerful this time, feeling like a big pillow being pushed on my face and chest. I tossed in bed, but it continued. I asked again for Archangel Michael and my angels to please fight it off, and I felt a struggle going on. In 15 minutes, it was over again, and I was shaken, but felt released. I realized I have been the victim of a psychic attack.

When I got up, I told my friend and amazing healer, Sophie Lhoste, what had happened. She checked into my energy, verified that I had been attacked, and said that it was related to the attunements I did at the summer camp last week. Something that had felt displaced had come after me. She reiterated the importance of protecting my energy all the time, and said I need to learn to do that. As an energy worker, I am vulnerable to outside energies and must be mindful of cleansing my energy and protecting it.

So how does one protect oneself? There are a number of ways:
  • cleanse the room. Here is a great guide for ways to do this, from my friend Alana's website.
  • ask for help. Ask for the angels to protect your energy, placing a shield around you. You can also ask them to guard your home, bedroom, wherever, before going to sleep at night, or whenever you feel vulnerable.
  • cleanse your energy. Do daily self healings such as Etheric Cord Flush, and ground your energy many times a day.
  • visualization techniques. You can imagine yourself protected in a bubble of white light, golden light, or a blue cloak of protection. I am going to use this at the beginning of each day and before bed.
  • crystals & stones. I carry energy charged stones with me during the day, and I am going to charge some with the intention for "protection" and add them to my collection. Tiger's Eye is a stone that is known to be good for this, as is quartz.
Stay tuned, also. Because Sophie is going to host a 50 minute teleclass on Psychic Protection, and she's sure to give more very important methods of how we can all protect our energies from negative influences. The class is going to be on Thursday, August 27, at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. The fee for the call is $25 and I'll be there too, learning these important techniques with you. Sophie is an amazing teacher, healer and resource, so I hope you'll take this opportunity to join us on the call. Click the button to sign-up.

I urge you to try these methods and start today to make them a part of your daily practice. If you work with energy, or you're around people with negative energy, protecting yourself can keep you from absorbing negativity that can affect you. So learn from my mistakes, and know that I am sharing this with you to help protect you as well. We're all in this together! Energy connects us all.

Let me know how it goes for you, and I hope you'll join us on the call.

Peace and light.


Phil said...

Great advice, Alice! Love your suggestions for "protection."

Some of the things I do to "ground" include using lavender oil, hold rocks (or carry in pockets), hug a tree, and go for a walk.


Alice Langholt said...


Thanks for the comment and for adding your suggestions for grounding. They are all good ideas, and helpful for getting one's energy flowing, which is important.


Kathleen said...

Alice, thank you for sharing this. Grounding is super important. Sending you positive energy and blessings.

Alice Langholt said...

Thank you Kathleen,

I appreciate your comment, and especially the positive energy and blessings!

Frank Dickinson said...

As always Alice, you provide great information and teaching for those of us on the journey.

Thank you.


Alice Langholt said...


I can always count on you for that measure of appreciation and caring you bring. Thank you. Please learn from my post and protect yourself!

Love and light,

Bindi said...

Thanks for the great advice Alice :)

I visualise myself with a white bubble around me, but this is also something I've just started to do in the last two months.

Will there be a recording for the call you mentioned? It'll be in the middle of the night for me due to time differences.

Thanks, Bindi x

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Bindi,

Yes, everyone who signs up for the call will have access to the recorded version as well.

Thank you for your comment, and I like the white bubble image!

Love and light,

Rev. Naware, RMT said...

;) Thanks for the mention dear! Another thing I urge people to do is realize that we're not perfect and sometimes things are a learning experience, so if you try one way to ground and it doesn't just work, realize you may have to keep at the technique awhile to notice a difference, if it continuously "does nothing" for you, then move on to something else. Another fabulous way to remember keep your feet on the ground and stay grounded - Faery logic - paint your toenails red! (Easier to keep those feet on the ground when you can see them!)

Alice Langholt said...


Painting my toenails! Cool. Never occurred to me that this could be a way to ground -lol! Love it.

Thanks for the great reminders, and for being there for me today.

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

You're an amazing light being Alice!! Somehow when I think of you, I see you with wings. Your site is looking more and more awesome and professional. Keep up the awesome blogging. I always enjoy reading it, very intelligent it is.
Sat Nam, ~(-_-)~

Susan Berry said...

Thank you, a valuable lesson, although it made me cringe to read this. How a teacher could attune a student to the Master level without instilling this practice as part of the training is disheartening, and I hope a wake up call to those who play with what they do not understand, and the very real dangers that one must be prepared for.

I hope that you are well!

Alice Langholt said...


You give such a good point. Learning by experience can be hard and scary. A RMT should do what she or he can to prepare the student for protection and grounding. I may have been lightly introduced to the concept, but I never knew how important it really was until this experience showed me.

Keep sharing your light and wisdom.

Beth Hansen-Buth said...

This was a really good reminder, and something that I take for granted sometimes. When I first started on a more metaphysical path, creating a white ball of light around me for protection was one of the first things I learned. It's become a habit.

One thing I like to do in my Reiki room is put up the Reiki symbols in the four directions as well as above and below. Then I'm free to meditate, do Reiki, and the only unexpected visitors are the cats. OK, they're not that unexpected...the Reiki room is their favorite place to be!!

Alice Langholt said...


Thanks for your comment. It's great that you have a protection routine that you are used to doing. Putting symbols around the room can be effective too, as far as I've learned. It's great to be in the habit of something so important.

Love and light,