Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trying Not to Try

In my last post, I was experiencing some computer difficulties, and mentioned that I would be spending the weekend away for some R&R, friends, family & energy work. I also mentioned that I had been feeling a little "stuck" lately and hoped that would resolve itself soon. Here's an update.

The computer issues are resolved. Glad about that!

I had a really great weekend, and began to get inspired about how to nurture my own intuitive development, how to encourage it to flourish and move ahead. One of the things I need to work on is grounding. Another is patience. Once I can increase my ability to ground my energy and be still, I will be more able to be patient and be open to receiving new insights. Sounds logical, I think. In practice, more challenging.

There's a concept of trying not to try that I need to get my mind around. (Or not, because thinking about it too hard could be considered "trying.") Being grounded, still and open requires letting go. What am I supposed to let go of? Effort, for one. So the first challenge is to simply BE.

BE in the moment. BE still. BE quiet. Not just quiet from talking, but quiet in my thoughts. That takes effort - (uh oh, not supposed to be making an effort. That's trying.) I have read that during meditation one should either 1) count to give your mind something to focus on, or 2) allow thoughts to pass like clouds floating by - noticing them but not giving them attention, and releasing them. It's easy for me to get distracted by my thoughts as one chains onto the next. I may have more luck with counting.

There's also the idea of visualizing. Imagining energy coming in the crown chakra, meeting energy that comes up from the Earth at the heart chakra. I can do this, and feel quite tingly when I do. Then one can release any anxiety or worry down into the Earth again. This is a technique for grounding. I need to make it a part of my day, several times a day.

I assign many of my Energy Healing Mentoring students a week of daily meditation practice which includes a meditation and a grounding exercise. They all come back to me reporting how valuable that week was, and that they intend to continue making meditation and grounding parts of their daily practice. I think I need to assign it to myself as well. It may be time for me to heed my own words here.

When giving Reiki healings, it is important for the practitioner to "get out of the way" of the energy, just allowing it to flow through him or her to the recipient. I find that if I think too hard about where it should go, or if I focus on trying to receive information I start to get a headache. It's a cue that I'm trying to hard. Don't try. Just BE. Let it flow. It will get where it needs to go, and information either will or won't come. It's important not to try to control it, but just BE the channel for the energy. It's kind of like being in one of those automatic car washes where the car is moved on a conveyor and you just sit in the car while it drives itself. You have to set the car there at the start of it, and then keep your hands off the wheel and let the mechanisms take over. If you try to steer or push on the gas or brake, you'll cause a problem with the process. I think same goes for Reiki healings. Set it up, then let it happen. It will work best if you don't try to make something happen.

So what I'm going to do this week is:
  • find time to meditate and ground each day
  • mindfully let go of thoughts, worries, and effort
  • quiet myself and be in the moment as much as possible
  • observe and note the changes that may happen
Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I love this post. This may very well be the most important thing you have ever written. Being truly in the moment gives one the ability to savor the sweetness of each passing minute, and to feel the soft caress of life as it flows over and around you. I wish you luck in your journey. Savor it. - Peace.

Alice Langholt said...


Thanks for your comment. I had no idea it would be so important, but I know the idea is something I could improve on and it would have an impact in my daily life. So I've got a goal.

I like the imagery in your comment of the sweetness of the minutes and the soft caress of life.

Love and light,

Frank Dickinson said...

I agree with Fred - love the post and it's importance.

I needed this reminder Alice, thank you.

Traveling the journey with you,

DawnLonewolf said...

I love this post also. It is exactly where I am in my life as well. Some of your comments reminded me of what I am reading right now (see As evidenced by both our love of trees there is an understanding of not only how important but how URGENTLY important grounding is. I imagine I have roots like a tree going deep, deep into the mother earth. Then I just BE and allow myself to feel.

Kellie said...

Hello my friend!!

I haven't spoken to you for a couple of weeks now, and for that I am sorry. I read your post just now - 10:40pm here. And you were on my mind earlier.
I took my children to the park and decided that it was a good time for some meditation and healing, that is when you became very dominant in my mind........ So I hope that you received the energy that I sent to you!!!

Love & Light,

p.s. Wonderful post and remember that "You take care of You" or you won't be able to help take care of others!!! XXXOOO

Moroccan Wife said...

I have to agree also w/ Fred. This is a very important post and so very pertinent to many lives, mine included. I have to remember this and continue to learn from it. I wish you success on your journey, Alice, and in turn, success on mine as well! Bless you. Peace out...

Alice Langholt said...

Frank, Dawn, Kellie and Noura,

Thank you for your wonderful comments! When I wrote this I had no idea what impact it would have, and how much it would mean to others. Thank you for showing me. It reinforces the importance for me too.

Love and light to you all!