Monday, April 6, 2009

Knock, knock...Opportunity is here with a delivery.

This week has been exciting! I am continuing to be open to new opportunities, and they are flowing in, sometimes from unexpected places.

For example...

On Friday, I was online and saw my Chios teacher/ mentor/ friend / fellow healer Connie come on gmail. I shot her a quick hello and asked a question. She told me she would be in town (she lives 2.5 hours south of me) over the weekend. The conversation ended with her and her husband planning to come for dinner on Saturday night at my house! They did join us, and we had a fantastic time. Connie and Bill brought their aura camera, which is very cool. They took pics and did full analytical reports for my oldest 3 kids, hubby and myself, and also our two friends who were also there for dinner. My kids adored Connie and everything she told them about their angels, special healing abilities, and their paths in life.
Here's my aura picture! (Like my haircut? I think it looks better in person, actually!)

Also, on Friday, I was at the jewelery store because I needed to get my ring repaired. The jeweler gave me his business card, and I offered mine. He asked me what I do, and I said I am a Reiki Master. He got all excited and asked if I would give Reiki to his mother, who, it turns out, lives about two blocks from my house. Of course! I love opportunities to do local Reiki.

Today I received an offer to be a Group Leader for the Distance Healing Network. I have been involved with the DHN as a healer for almost a year and a half. Here is my first post about it on this blog. I am very honored and I accepted the position. The DHN is a network of volunteer healers who are matched with people all over the world who have requested energy healing each week. There are Group Leaders who distribute assignments to their team of energy healers. This is what I have been offered. I'm waiting to hear more about how to get started in this new role with a wonderful organization of lightworkers.

It's Monday, and that means Energy Day for me. I have really made an effort to continue dedicating Mondays to energy work in all forms. This includes meditation, blogging, attunements, and learning more about energy healing so I can be a better, clearer resource for my students and stronger healer as well. It's become my favorite day of the week!

I am compiling my mailing list for the newsletter. If you would like to be included, please click over and enter your email in the form at the bottom. I am going to be sending out periodic specials on attunements and classes, plus information and resources to those on the list.

Peace and opportunity to all!


Wendy said...

ooh nice Aura! It reminds me of Citrine and Peridot stones! Have been following you for some time on Twitter.

Keep up the great work, reiki being! Keepin' things reiki charged!

(fellow reiki master)

Aria said...

Awesome pic... and best to you on your Energy Day! ;-)

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Wendy & Aria!

Thank you for visiting and commenting! I'm so thrilled to meet such wonderful people here and via Twitter.

We all are shining the light in the world - increasing the healing and raising the vibrations. Thanks for being with me in this.

Arlene said...

Hi, Alice! Lovely aura photo. Can you share what the colors mean? That would be interesting. If it is not too personal. My husband and I had ours done when we lived in Arizona - we lived about an hour away from Sedona and there was a shop there where we could get it done. It was really interesting.

Congrats on your new "post" on that energy healer network. That's wonderful.


~~ Lisa of TinkerAndPo! said...

Wow, that's so cool, Alice! Good for you becoming a was only a matter of time before your energy led you to that path.


Andrea said...

Oh Alice that is so great! I am so happy for you. I'm also really jazzed about getting started with the mentoring program. Have you ever felt as if your life is finally clicking in place, as if you're flowing with the Universe and everything is as it should be? Well that's how I feel now and how I've felt ever since we met. Great things ahead. I know it. Have a great energy Monday.

Sandy Walden said...

Beautiful and interesting photo, thanks so much for sharing.