Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gifts from the Universe

This week, I have been overwhelmed by people who came into my life at the exact time they were needed. Also, Evan, my husband had an experience worth sharing that he described as spiritual. That is rare for him, and my readers here probably know that already :)

First I want to say that I am a person who struggles to find patience. I get all of these ideas and want to make them happen now. I take the leap, and hope that I land where I'm going. Sometimes I feel frustrated that things don't happen exactly when I want, or feel I need, them to. It can be hard for me to shake it off and have faith that it's all exactly right.

So what happened this week?

I spent a day feeling frustrated and worried about things. Business, money, and feeling impatient. Chatting with some friends about it, I had an idea that my beautiful new website could use something to make it better, but what, I didn't know. So I posted on Twitter asking for an expert in marketing and web design to help. And I received a gift.

Helena Jackson, (click her name for her website), my Group Leader in the Distance Healing Network, contacted me via Facebook. I didn't know she does this work, but she sure does, and she is the perfect person to help me. A fellow Reiki Master, and someone who really cares, she has already begun getting me thinking about many things that can help me improve my website. Look for great things to happen in the near future. Thank you Helena - you are a wonderful gift.

Then, a friend from Facebook, Fred Krazeise,(click his name) got in touch with me. We shared a series of emails and some distance energy healing. Fred is a coach, massage therapist, and energy healer. He is truly amazing, caring, and loving, and he gently took me under his wing to coach me on some ways to improve my outlook and find that necessary path to patience. I encourage everyone to check out Fred's webpage. Fred, you are a gift and I'm so grateful.

Now about Evan (my husband!). The other day, out of the blue entirely, Evan said to me "I had a spiritual experience." I admit I almost fell on the floor. But instead, I listened to him tell me all about it. I asked him if he would write it in his own words to share here. He agreed. The universe gave Evan a gift, and I share it with all of you here. So welcome Evan, and thank you for being a guest on my Reiki Awakening blog. Here is Evan's story in his own words:
I work for a large community hospital that is in the process of a massive restructuring on all levels. Many positions have been eliminated and persons let go with two weeks pay an health benefits for another month. My own position had been eliminated and I had to bid on a new job.

The process had been going on for months with little information coming from senior management. Essentially, my anxiety has increased exponentially during this time.

Last week I applied for two jobs and sat through two 20 minute interviews even though I had to endure five 60 min interviews to get my current position. Both ended with a vague acknowledgment that I would know the results within the middle of the following week.

Last Saturday I was driving my children to see a movie. All during the drive, I was obsessed with fears of losing my job, not being able to provide for my family, and feeling essentially worthless. I got a brief reprieve during the 90 minutes of watching the film, but during the drive back those feelings came back full force. I began to think that I would be out of a job, I would lose my home, and my family would lose their healthcare.

Then my thoughts shifted. I realized that I did not want to live in fear anymore and that this was a terrible thing for administration to put people through - this constant fear and anxiety. At that precise moment, I felt a wave of warm energy wash over me, and all my fear and anxiety vanished. I began smiling. As a test, I tried to focus on my fears again to try to bring them back, but it did not work - they were gone.

For the first time I'm approaching work with no fear and full acceptance. What the energy represents, I'm not sure. It could be giving me just what I needed at the time. It could be the universe finally allowing me to let go. It could be a process setting the stage for something greater. Whatever, brought it, I am truly thankful.

And there's more gifts. Last night, promtped by some friends on Twitter and a feeling of urgency I get sometimes when I feel my guides are pushing me in a direction, I decided to make a LOA (Law of Attraction) list. This list is a list of what I want to accomplish and see happen in my life. I wrote it with deadlines (in my typical impatient way - lol) and as if they were already there. There were 12 items on my list. I didn't know what to do then, so I went to bed. Today, two of the items have come to happen. I was offered to write paid posts for a new Life123.com blog which likely will include me being able to write on Reiki, and after making one phone call, I will be teaching a 4 session Reiki for Parents course at my local library. Wow. I'm awed and thankful. I'll keep you posted on the rest of the list. :)

And more gifts, although it's not my birthday...
Dan Doviddio wrote about his Reiki healing session from me on his blog, Seeking Good Vibrations. Check it out here. I am so glad to have received such positive media coverage lately (for more, check my previous post or links on the RA website).

An accomplishment: My first Reiki Awakening Newsletter is now published and emailed out. It includes an article, a special, and a featured attunement. If you'd like to be on the mailing list, please sign up via the ReikiAwakening.com website at the bottom.

Peace and may the Universe gift you all this week as well.


Lisa of TinkerAndPo said...

Wow, Alice. That second paragraph could've been written by me, about me. You've given me some things to think about; thank you!

PhebeK said...

Your husband's experience at his job reminded me of a similar situation I had at my job a few years ago. The Public Library was cutting its budget and decided to cut all Assistant Manager jobs at the Main Library. I was one. When I was told by HR, I returned to my Dept calm. My boss commented that she'd be freaking out by now, how was I so calm? I credited my zen training for 'being' with what was, in the moment. The only thing, I must confess, is that I could just take early retirement so I did have some security. Turned out, I was able to finish my last 6 months there and receive my full pension. Good karma? Good use of energy?

Fred said...

I am particularly moved by your husband's experience. It truly shows how powerful intention and releasing fear can be.

And thanks for the mention and link to my site! :-) But, as I said to you earlier today . . . you've done all the work. I haven't done anything.

Alice Langholt said...

Great to see you here and thanks for the comment - I know that patience is something that many of us work on. I hope we can grow in our quest to move beyond impatience as Evan did this week!

Thank you for sharing your experience about your job. Glad that it turned out right for you and we wait for results of Evan's position to resolve in the next few days. Regardless, his ability to get to this place of release will make whatever the next step is easier to manage.

You are right that Evan has done something very powerful here. I am proud of him and think he has truly evolved.
Your advice and philosophies are an inspiration to me Fred, and I am blessed that you are in my life.
Thank you,

Helena said...

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say thank you to Evan for sharing such an incredible story that shows how powerful our thoughts are. By consciously breaking away from that tide of negativity, you created a rush of pure positive energy and relief! What an inspiration!

And thank you to Alice for your kind words. Any time I can help, let me know. Also, your blog looks awesome!!! :)


Alice Langholt said...

Hi Helena!

Thanks for coming over, thanks for your comment, and thanks for being YOU! You are truly inspirational and I'm so grateful for your help.


Kriya Create said...

How absolutely wonderful for you! I just discovered your blog yesterday, and feel quite blessed to have read what you write. Just wonderful. Continued blessings to you and yours. Vikki at www.kriyacreate.blogspot.com

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Kriya,

Welcome and thank you for commenting! I hope you enjoy reading about my journey this far, and am glad you enjoy my writing.

Blessings in all you do,

Jane said...

Oh, I am enjoying your blog! And I find it fun that you've received the right marketing help for you, just as I wrote today regarding myself on my own blog Jane's Medicine Tree. We do receive the help that we need -- or at least are offered it. Whether we always recognize it, and 'take it' is another story! I'm heading over to your website to check it out!