Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Signed Up as a Volunteer for the Distance Healing Network

I just signed up to be a volunteer on the Distance Healing Network. I'm waiting for an email response, but being a part of this network means that I will be assigned a person who has requested healing, and I am responsible for sending that person distance Reiki once during that week. I think it's a great idea, gives me a wonderful opportunity to practice and channel Reiki energy in a beneficial and healing way, and it is the first step on fulfilling my wish of sending Reiki every day. I hope I can do a few people a week. I'll post when I receive a response. I'm really excited about this!!

The Distance Healing Network web page is:

Check it out.

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Lavender Lady said...

Hello! Reading a little thru your blog I came upon this and sent my basic information there too!
Thanks for the link.
Have a great day. Mary