Monday, February 4, 2008

White Sparkles & Reiki Rules

Last night I sent Reiki to a person who sees white sparkling light when I send to him. It was the third time I've sent distance Reiki to him, and this time, when sending the energy, I saw white light behind my eyes, and had strong energetic sensations tingling on my face, and particularly my right eye (not sure why there). It was particularly cool. Maybe our energetic connection is increasing from repeated Reiki, or maybe my sensitivity is increasing. Reiki is always interesting!

His feedback said that again he saw the same white light, and that his stomach ache, which he had when we started, got better during the session.

And, over the weekend, my daughter, Rayna, who is 8 and attuned to Reiki II, and I sent distance Reiki together to my friend who sends to us sometimes in the morning. I held Rayna's hand and did the distance symbol, and we each concentrated our Reiki on a different part of our friend - Rayna did the knees, I did the head and chest. Our recipient had a bad cold and a sore knee, and we both felt the tingling and heat of the Reiki in our hands as we did the sending. It was a nice mother-daughter bonding experience for us too.

It was the first time that Rayna had experienced sending distance Reiki, and so I layed down some "Reiki Rules" for her. Reiki Rule #1: Never give or send Reiki energy without permission of the recipient. Reiki Rule #2: Only send distance Reiki from home. (That rule applies to Rayna because I don't want her playing around with it at school. She should be concentrating on learning and playing with her friends there, and it might weird out or annoy her teacher if she is busy trying to send Reiki to someone. Plus, it lets me help her, so it puts the distance Reiki in a more structured, controlled environment). Rayna doesn't know the distance symbol, but I taught her that if she focused her intent on sending the Reiki to a specific person, that it would go there. She was very accepting of the rules, so I feel good about this.



NatzG said...

Hi there! I found your blog, through who knows what channels :-). Really enjoying reading about your Reiki experiences. Thanks! Have added you to my reader.

Alice Langholt said...

Welcome, natzg,
and thanks for visiting, reading and posting. Please come back soon!


Anonymous said...

I broke the 1st rule. I really forget about it.. What can happen?

Alice Langholt said...

If you broke the first rule, you sent Reiki to someone who didn't request it. Either: they didn't want the energy and thus didn't receive it, and it went to the universe; or, they were open to it, and it helped them. However, think of it like this - you wouldn't want someone treating you with any medical treatment without your permission (assuming you are capable of giving said permission), so give the recipient the same respect. It's a pretty basic ethical rule of energy healing, so really try to incorporate it into your practice. Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Alice, thank you very much!!!! i'm beginner, and already have made mistakes((( also so many questions and fears about using Reiki.. i learned from my master that recipient should pay or he can lose smth.. so smth wrong happened with me after such unaccepted enegry exchange..
Alice i have so many questions, really, sometimes i just worry that i can cause the wrong things of using energy. My master reiki gave me so weak answers that i need to tell with someone more experienced, who really examined this subject well, thought about it deeply. MAybe u can help me with my questions or can give a contact of person who'd be able to talk and give answers.
Thnx in advance.

Lena /russia/

Alice Langholt said...

Dear Lena,

I would be happy to help you in any way that I can. Email me directly because it will be easier to communicate.
Also - don't worry so much. Reiki is a positive energy, which goes where it is needed. You can't hurt someone with Reiki.
As far as an exchange, the reason for the exchange is that a person who receives yet does not give anything back could feel indebted or subserviant to the giver, or else the giver could become resentful on some level. While neither will affect your ability to channel Reiki, it could cause emotional blockages or negative energy in yourself. So exchange of something is good - even if it is by sending Reiki to the person who attuned you (with his or her permission of course!), or giving that person a gift of any kind.

Please do email me, Lena, with your questions and we can explore the answers together. I, too, am new to Reiki and learning from others and as I practice and channel the energy. My email is on the top right of my blog.

Love & Light,

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Kathy Luz said...
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Kathy Luz said...

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