Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reiki Power!

Here's the update from yesterday's post about my student who was testing me by having me send him Reiki last night. I sent him a good half-hour session and felt quite connected to his energy, and figured the rest was up to him. He sent me an instant message after school today saying that he feels certain that he felt the Reiki I sent, heat in his stomach. Very likely, though I did ask if he felt anything in his head, since I sent him quite a bit there. But I did also send Reiki where he felt it and the important thing is...he felt it at all! He, who was ready to dismiss Reiki, but decided to try it, has actually felt the energy. I wonder what will happen now. I bet he'll do a bit of thinking, maybe research. It's quite validating for a skeptical person to have an experience somewhat outside the realm of his normal set of beliefs about reality.

And another Reiki-charged meeting...In my professional life, one of my latest freelance projects was to edit a guidebook about buying a house. I was assigned this project, though I had actually requested a different manuscript because it was about parenting, and I did the editing and emailed the author to let her know it was done. She, it turns out, "googled" me and found out that I am a Reiki person. And so, it turns out, is she. So it feels more than random that we ended up working together. I mean, can one consider the odds, with so relatively few Reiki people out there, that we would end up working together in this way? My mind is reeling. I told her by email that we had to talk Reiki and talk about our Reiki experiences and all, to see if there is more of a reason our paths have been brought together in this way. Geez, don't I sound like a person who believes in divine intervention? Never thought I'd feel like there was a reason for things happening, but since I've been involved with Reiki, sometimes opportunities seem to present themselves RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE, and in case this is one of them, I don't want to dismiss it.

Love & Light.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,
Reiki energy is funny that way. You meet who you are supposed to meet, when you are supposed to meet them. And the help, guidance or overall experience received or given from the seemingly "chance encounter" can leave us changed for life.
So, here's a funny coincidence (?). . . I, too, asked for a different subject to write about, but was given the real estate topic instead! Once I read your entry, I laughed out loud. Not because I was surprised, but because I was impressed with the Universe's persistence in making sure we met!

Also, I wanted to share a book with you. Last year, I started working with auras, chakras, etc. and came across a book that was really helpful. It is called "Working with Auras: Your Complete Guide to Health and Wellbeing" by Jane Struthers. This book is easy to read and helped me to first learn how to see auras. Since you are interested in seeing auras/colors, you might want to check it out.
Michelle,your grateful BFB partner

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for visiting and commenting! I think that is very funny about us making other requests and ending up together.

And I will definately check out your book recommendation. I am learning not to dismiss anything anymore! I'm going to request it at the library today.

I'm interested in talking more with you about your Reiki experiences, so please drop me an email when you get the time.

Great job on your helpful BFB guide, by the way.
Love & Light,