Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Distance Reiki, and Late Night Hands-On

Last night, I sent distance Reiki to my friend who has been experiencing some anxiety. I sent energy, as before, to her area of concern, and to her heart and crown chakras, and to her knees, which made my hands tingle when I mentally scanned there. Then, I did the distance symbol, and asked that healing energy go to her past life trauma involving pain. I felt tingling then, but less heat than the last time I sent energy there. I am hoping that it means that the issue is resolving for her, albeit gradually. I will most likely have an opportunity to do hands-on for her next week, and I'll keep you "posted" (ooh, a blogging pun!).

A little note: I remember thinking while I was sending distance Reiki last night, and my whole hands were tingling like mad, that I bet I could charge a cell phone battery if I felt that when I was holding it! Guess I'll have to keep trying for that one!

Meanwhile, later last night, my 15-month-old woke up crying inexplicably. I took her into my bed, and wondered if she was having some pain due to gas. She laid down face-up on my stomach, and I activated Reiki and put my hand on her stomach. Within minutes, she was passing gas, and then she felt better and went to bed peacefully.

Tomorrow night I am sending distance Reiki to my other friend who I send to weekly. She wants to learn Reiki I and may join a Reiki I class taught by my Reiki teacher. I am encouraging her to do this.

Happy holiday wishes to those celebrating today.


Dana said...

I'm loving these entries! Thanks for coming to Zaadz.com to invite us over! I am hoping the Reiki Tree pod can give you some tips/guidance as you explore! I put my hands on everything and everyone! hehehe. I was not at a very important birth a few days ago, and I sent Reiki to the newborn; it was a wonderful way of connecting with him! Hugs!!!

Alice Langholt said...

Thank you Dana,
And I'm so glad to see you here on my Reiki Blog. I'll keep writing, and you keep coming back! I think that sending distance Reiki to a newborn was a very loving gesture, and probably helped the baby be soothed with positive energy.

Eli said...

Hi, Alice, This is Eli. I'm not sure if you remember me, but i took one of your classes at Akiva. I'm very interested in learning Reiki, and allready doing some work with Auras and the like. How would I go about doing so? Where could i go to receive an attunement? and what are the financial costs?

Alice Langholt said...

Wow Eli,
So glad to see you here! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Reiki blog. (Incidentally, I'm coming back to Akiva after Winter Break, so maybe I'll see you there or even have you in my class!)

I have a Reiki teacher that I could put you in contact with. She is a Reiki Master, and a warm and wonderful person. She has taught teens Reiki and may be teaching another class. If not, she may know of someone who is. I'll respond to you directly by email with her email address, and you can ask her. I am not qualified to teach or attune yet.
Hope to see you soon!
Peace, Alice