Friday, September 17, 2010

Needles and Energy

Yesterday I had acupuncture for the first time. It happened that I met an acupuncturist, Jared West, at Insight Learning and Wellness Center last summer where we were both working at Camp Insight, a holistic day camp. I was teaching Reiki and songwriting, and Jared was doing challenge games with the campers. This summer, he suggested to me that we do a trade. He would give me an acupuncture treatment, and I would give him a Reiki healing. I agreed. I've always been a little curious about acupuncture, and I'm not afraid of needles at all.

I've also been rather stressed over waiting for registration for many classes I've scheduled that are coming up at the start of next week. Enrollment is a little lower than I was anticipating, and my promotional efforts have been huge. So I thought the timing was perfect for a little healing and releasing stress, and this was a great opportunity to try something new.

So I talked for a bit with Jared about my feelings and what's been going on in my life. He was interested and caring. Then I lay on the table and he placed needles in my ears, head, forehead, arms, stomach, and feet. It did not hurt. He put on nice music and told me to just relax, meditate, rest, whatever I wanted to do and he would check on me in five minutes.
I decided it would be great to just meditate a bit and take advantage of quiet time. I closed my eyes. I felt mildly tingly as I noticed energy flowing. I asked my guides what I could do about the enrollment for my upcoming certification program. I felt that I was receiving a response. It sounded like a conversational reply to my question. The response said that I have done all I needed to do, and I should just relax, take this time to care for myself so I can be the best teacher in my ability, and let the students who should be learning with me come. It's advice I would have given to another person had he asked me the same question, but for some reason, hearing it told to me was very reassuring. I felt myself relax.

Jared came in and asked me how I was doing and I smiled at him and said just fine. He adjusted a few needles and left the room again. I tuned in again, grateful for the chance to quiet my mind. I asked what I could do to attract students more. The answer came again, sounding like I was having a conversation with someone who was always there but who I had not really noticed before. The answer was to shine my light, from the heart. I asked how to do this so it would be noticed. The answer was "intention, silly." I liked the "silly" addition, because "intention" is a word I am always using when I'm talking about Reiki to my students.

I also asked what I should do to improve my own intuitive growth. Chided again, I was answered that this meditation was an example of something I should do daily. That the intuition is there for me if I could just get quiet enough to notice. It was good advice, and resonated familiarly because I had just told my students at the Increasing Intuition workshop I taught on Monday night that meditation is the most important means to strengthening one's intuition. More advice I should heed, of course.

Jared came back into the room and asked me how I was doing. He began to remove the needles. I was really relaxed and happy, and felt lots of energy flowing, the stress really gone. As I was telling him that, I noticed a bright, lime green aura appear around his head. I smiled really big and told him what I saw. He laughed, and I laughed too. He said our energy was probably reflecting off each other. It was a nice idea. He left the room again. I kept laughing. Then I started to cry. I think I just needed to release all of the clenched up tension I had been holding for quite some time over all of this.

My acupuncture experience was really great. I felt wonderful for the rest of the day.
I was also glad to have been able to share Reiki with Jared, who really enjoyed it as well. We agreed to do another exchange in two weeks, something I'm looking forward to already.

Energy flows in many ways. It's been great to experience some of the same benefits of a Reiki session in a different modality. I look forward to future opportunities with acupuncture and also whatever other chances I'll be offered to experience different energy healing modalities.

Building a local Reiki practice is hard work. It starts slowly. I've been expecting lots of return for lots of effort. It is coming about, but slowly. Word will spread and more students will find me. The ironic thing is that I was just called on the phone and asked if I could teach Kundalini Reiki for an associate and her client who wants to learn it. I said yes and we planned for Sunday to be the start. Then she said there was another client interested and gave me her number. I called, and that person was added. By the end of the day, I had 5 students enrolled for a class I had not scheduled or put any effort into promoting. I was left shaking my head at the humor in the Universe.

An addendum: Last night I taught an hour long Intro to Reiki class online via webcam. The replay is available for $10 and it's really packed with information. It's in .exe format and so it has some interactive components too. If you'd like to download it and view it for yourself, this paypal link will take you to the download page once you put the $10 through:

Also, I've opened a new section of the online Energy Healing Certification Program, starting in October. You can read more about it and enroll here:



Anonymous said...

Alice!!! Happy Yom Kippur!!
My intution is telling me that you are going to be writing a book soon, and become a successful Author in addition to being the successful Wife, Mother, and Reiki Master Teacher/ Intuitive that you already are. You have excellent writing skills Alice, go for it!! I know you want to, the talent is there, and the energy has been sent out now to help it become reality.
Sat Nam, **(-_-)**

Transcription Services said...

I hate Needles, the have many side effects....
Thank you for the post..

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Piper,

Thanks for the comment! I do think that a book is in my future, although how far is yet to be determined! Meanwhile, I've got lots to occupy my attention! Thanks for your faith in me, as always!

Love, Alice

Transcription Services,

I don't think there are side effects to worry over from acupuncture, but there are many kinds of energy healing methods, and so you are free to choose one which does not use needles, and has healing and soothing results for you. (May I suggest Reiki? :D)

Love and light,

John said...

congrats on undergoing the needles. As an acupuncturist and energy healer since 1983 I have seen many people put off the beneficial experience because of fear or some previous unpleasant experience with needles of some sort.

As you observed, it's just another way to move the life-force energy. It's all the same, just a different method. I don't personally believe that any one is superior to the other. That said, in my own experience, hands on and distance techniques offer more flexibility in treatments.

Regarding side effects, again it's all the same. Moving energy can stir stuff up on many levels. Drinking plenty of water and some light exercise can help clear those things to prevent or at least minimize any "healing crisis".

Love, light & laughter,

Edwin said...

the needles are quite used to clear the meridians of body...its a wonderful art of treatment

Winstrol said...

It is amazing when you think about that needles can truly heal diseases and addictions and are much more for the body.There should be more articles like this one on the web. Very well written, I enjoyed reading it.