Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crazy Days

The last few days have been kind of crazy. For two days, I had weird computer issues. First, Twitter suspended my account. Mine was one of a large number of accounts mistakenly suspended for no reason. Twitter corrected it and apologized but it brought to life how much I really rely on my involvement with Twitter. I have a lot of contacts there, students, friends, and colleagues. Suddenly not being able to access or post from my account was rather freaky. The good news is that my husband has a Twitter account, and we were able to get the word out to my friends that there had been a mistake. Their support was impressive, as they passed the word along via "Retweets."

Next, my gmail chat was hacked by a "middle man attack". The perpetrator actually butted into a chat I was having and started typing insulting things, making it look like it was coming from me! It was almost funny but it really wasn't because it was so confusing, and then I felt really out of control of the situation and even a little violated. I went through the process of logging out, changing my password from another computer, adding protection to my computer, purging all possible culprits from my computer, and emailing Google. It took several hours. There seems to be no lasting damage, except to my sense of well-being and security. I also changed passwords to most everything else I log into.

Then my car started acting funny. The seatbelt light on the dash started coming on even though I was wearing my seatbelt. It even beeped continuously, which was very annoying, all the way to and from my destination! I took it in for service. A wire was severed and it will be fixed next week sometime when the part comes in.

I went to use my cell phone and the number buttons wouldn't respond to my presses. Removing and resetting the battery solved it, but it was enough to make me wonder what was next.

Next was that when I got home, our Internet connection was down. I found out there was an outage in the area. It took a couple hours to come back.

None of these were big, horrible problems. But it really made me wonder just what is going on. Emotionally, I feel a little off too - like it's hard to say the right thing, and I'm sensitive to criticism from anyone. Is the world tilted at a strange angle?

I found out that there was a lunar eclipse early yesterday morning. Could that be the catalyst for this rash of incidents? I don't claim to have the answer. But I have some thoughts.

I know that I've become more sensitive to changes in energy around me. For instance, I can tell if someone is sending me energy, or even "feeling" or "scanning" my energy. Maybe as a result of an increase in sensitivity, the things around me also respond to changes in ...whatever energy shifts during times of astrological change (such as a lunar eclipse).

Or maybe it's just a series of events that has nothing to do with me or the cosmos. I don't really know.

All I know is that I'm trying to make sense of things, and putting them into a context helps somehow. Some people say "there are no coincidences" meaning that everything has a reason for happening, even if we don't get the reason yet.

I suppose that searching for the meaning behind my technological issues could lead one to say it's a message for me to get off the computer for a while. I did bike to the library with two of my kids today (during the Internet outage) and found a good book to read. (Awakening Intuition by Mona Lisa Schultz, M.D., Ph.D.) If I hadn't had the Internet issue, I might not have gone there and found this book. Perhaps there is a message in the book for me.

I have been feeling a little stuck lately, in terms of my own intuitive growth. This book could be where I find the means to move forward again. I'm taking a weekend vacation this weekend, to visit friends and my sister, get some R&R, do some energy work, and have a break. I think there are possibilities here too for adding some wind to my energetic sails. I'm going on my own - a rarety for me. (Big thanks to my awesome husband, who encouraged me to take this opportunity and will hold down the fort with the kids.)

What's the bottom line? I guess it's that I don't really know the reasons behind the craziness that attacked my technology and emotions lately. But I'm embracing the opportunities to grow that may have arisen from them.

It's the best I can do with what I've got!


HaumanaDao said...

When the Winds of Change are blowing it's sometimes hard to understand the "destruction" they may wrought until it's all done and over with and can be viewed from a more subjective perspective which sometimes can take awhile. When everything breaks down around you, the one thing you can be guaranteed that will happen is asking "What the heck is going on?" Spirit does have a sense of humor and knows that if you're not listening to the whispers in your ear or tappings on your shoulder, then how about this?!?

As you mentioned, perhaps all of this led to such a breakdown in your work that you had no other choice than to take some time for yourself with your family; has this been on your mind? Also while spending joyous time with your family you "accidentally" discovered a book that will lead to resolving the stuck issues you've been having with Intuition. A coincidence is a Co-Incident begging the question "With Whom?".

Getting edgy, irritable, or overly sensitive is another clue that a change is a comin'!!

From my perspective I see resolution to stuck issues with Intuition and time with your family that wouldn't have happened without these breakdowns. I call this Perfection in Action. Good for YOU!!!

Alice Langholt said...


Thank you so much for this wonderful comment!

Blogging it out helps me gain some perspective, and then wonderful readers like you make it all come together.

I appreciate you so much.

Frank Dickinson said...

Hey Wonderful Teacher,

Even being sensitive to the fact there is a possibility of a string that runs between all the events of the week is intuitive. That's a good thing. Celebrate it.

If there is anyone that deserves time for herself - it's you my friend.

Claim it, take it, and enjoy the hell out of it!!

Blessings to you,

Arlene said...

I have had times when a series of similar incidents happened to me. I didn't know what to make of it either, except as a "test" from the Universe to see if it flustered me or not, and how I responded. It's weird when it happens though. I can empathize with you for sure.

Alice - I sent you a message on Facebook - I wonder if you received it or not. I have something I want to send you.

You are strong and weathered the storm well, it seems. You must be becoming very powerful, that's all I can say!

Alice Langholt said...


Thank you, my friend. Your comments make me feel so great and I'm glad to be your friend every moment of every day.


Thank you and as for being powerful, I don't know about that! I just take what comes and try to make sense of it somehow - don't we all?
Responded to your email and thank you for that as well.

Love and light,

Rose Reiki said...

What a time for you! Interesting what you say about the lunar eclipse. When we had an earthquake here last year I was out of sorts for a while. It really upset my energies and put me out of balance. (Maybe as for us that was an oddity!)
Life will always throw these things at us!
Love following your blogs as you have so many interesting experiences.

Murielle aka Salem said...

This was a great blog to read! I'm glad it got you thinking! And that, "thinking", might even be what was needed. In the words of Pooh Bear, ' "You never can tell with bees." ' I like to try and find out the "why" as well, but sometimes it's not the why that is important at all. And KNOWING the cause of something doesn't necessarily mean it loses or gains meaning, so there's that too!

buy fluoxetine said...

Nothing happens by mere coincidence. There's always a reason for it. And the secret is how we respond to a given situation. The good thing about you is you responded in a positive way, thus even more than making the most of your situation. Indeed, everyone needs time for woolgathering.

BIO: Being Inward Outward said...

My elders say that once a negative thing starts it sets off in a blaze all the way. If you let it go that direction, that is. Check out my other blog:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to read you have been experiencing some downers lately. I too have had a few of those recently. My car is in the shop for the 4th time in the past month and the cost was way too much. Each time they give it back they say it is fixed but it acts up in the same way again. I have been wondering if it had anything to do with energy relation, lol. Well, the good news is, they let me use a loner for free, the bad news on the loner is, it's a gas hog, lol. Anyhow, I will as usual have you in my thoughts and prayers, and also Reiki Circle. I will also send you Reiki right now before hitting the submit button on this message. Things will be getting better soon, I know they will. Sometimes the poop has to hit the fan before the air clears into a wonderful exhilarating experience. This too shall pass, with much brighter smooth sailing days ahead. The retreat is going to be the best thing for you right now. God will pull you through it all.
Sat Nam, `(-_-)'