Saturday, May 10, 2008

Electric Reiki

Today was my husband's graduation from his MBA program. Congratulations, Evan!

I went to the graduation ceremony, and grabbed my camera on the way out the door. When I got there, I got seated and took out my camera. I turned it on. It turned itself off. My batteries were dead. I put in my spare pair of batteries. They were dead too. The camera wouldn't even turn on. Bummer. They were rechargable batteries, so I guess I had charged them too long ago for them to have held the charge.

I figured I could use my cell phone camera to take his picture, but not really the same. I figured that, as long as I had to sit there and listen to the speeches and watch all of the other graduates file along before Evan, I would see if I could charge the batteries with Reiki. Couldn't hurt.

So I took two batteries, did a CKR over them, and called the Reiki into my hands. Then I channeled Reiki on the batteries for about twenty minutes, while the keynote speaker made his speech, and the president of the college said some things. The first group of graduates lined up to get their diplomas. I didn't feel the Reiki flowing anymore at that point, so I put the batteries back into my camera. Right before Evan was on his way up to the stage, I turned on my camera.

The battery level was at half, and I was able to take pictures! It was extremely cool. I'm still excited about it.

It was a real testament to the reality and power of Reiki.


Lynda Lippin said...

I still have yet to try this on batteries, but this is the second post about charging batteries that I've read and I am going to try it now!

Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Blog

Alice Langholt said...

Hi Lynda,

Thanks for your comment! Let me know how the battery charging works for you. I'm still amazed about it, and feel great knowing it worked.


Beth said...

Wow! That's pretty incredible. One evening I was driving along and then my battery light came on in the car. I turned off the radio and the fan and chanted CKR all the way home. When my husband tried to get it going the next day, it started and he drove it about three feet and it was sincerely dead.

Having a dead battery in the driveway is much better than one on the highway! Thanks for reminding me of this!!

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Anonymous said...

could be because warm batteries work better than cold ones, and a camera needs about half-charged batteries anyway, so probably there was some energy in them, which was activated by warmth.

About the car: same story, warm battery works better than could.

Alice Langholt said...

Hmm. Maybe. Or else the Reiki could have made a difference. Guess we're not advanced enough to prove it, but the bottom line was I was able to use my camera when I needed it.
I guess one could try an experiment with uncharged batteries and wrap them in a warm blanket or something for 20 minutes and see if that works the same way.

jean said...

Very cool! Reiki works on car batteries too. So instead of panicking when your car battery died, take a few minutes and charge it up.

Vatican Lokey said...

That's it, I'm calling you Ever-Ready from now on! ;D