Monday, January 25, 2016

Walking Thank Yous

I've been thinking lots about the meaning of life. I guess it's my ongoing thing to do this. I've always been a seeker of spiritual connection. 

The new insight I've got is what I put in the graphic to the left. And here's the question - how to "live love"? I think I know. Sure, it's being kind, doing nice things, that's certainly the surface. But underneath is this deep sense of gratitude for life. This lifetime, especially. The relief I feel about having a warm house, healthy children, a car, food, books to read, time to grow... and bathrooms - I'm really grateful for those too. Really and truly.

So back to what I was saying...

This gratitude. It motivates me to do those nice things. I volunteer. I try to be encouraging, and also empower people, and inspire by sharing this feeling. Whatever I do is an expression of gratitude - it's walking my thank you. Thanking by DOING rather than saying (although I do my share of saying thank you as well, and teach my kids to say thank you because - manners, after all!).

Walking my gratitude means that everything that I can do that's an act of kindness, big or small, or even something regular like making dinner, has become an expression of spirituality. 

When people thank me for doing these things, it sorta feels weird to me, because I'm doing these things because I'm grateful. But, I also know that people need to express gratitude. I don't need the thanks (except for my kids - yeah I like it when they say thank you, although sometimes I laugh when they thank me for something like taking care of them when they're sick - of course I do that!)

I'm pretty sure this idea will feature prominently in my next book.

What do you think of this idea? Does it resonate with you? Please reply and let me know. 

Peace and love.


Shammu said...

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