Saturday, December 20, 2014

A New Age Bracket

Today is my birthday. I started this blog eight years ago, so it's also my blogversary! 

I take some time every year to consider how far I've come in the last year, and also since I started my blog, which I consider the time of the most significant change in my career, the beginning of my spiritual connection, and the start of living my true life's calling. 

I went back and read last year's post to remind myself where I was last year. It's always amazing to me to realize just how much happens in a year. Last year on this day, we had just recently moved here to Maryland, and were in the process of trying to sell our house in Ohio. I had just launched my Reiki Awakening Academy website, and was working on learning to update it and use the ecommerce system. My kids had started new schools, and I was looking for a place to practice Reiki locally.

Since then, I'm more at home here, our Ohio house is sold, the RAA website is doing well for us, my oldest daughter started High School, and all of the kids have adjusted beautifully. My husband has made great strides in his new job and loves it. I found a perfectly suited office to rent space in as needed, and have some regular clients. I've been teaching at The Institute for Spiritual Development, and have more classes scheduled there for 2015. Seven  weeks ago, I published a new product and started a new website for it. (This is a great time to get A Moment for Me Calendar, by the way!) Over 100 have sold already, and they are carried in four stores so far. I'm working on a new line of books for A Moment for Me now. I was interviewed in US News & World Report for an article called "What is Reiki?" 

Year 44 was a great blessing indeed. 

Today I'm 45. It's funny, but I keep thinking about how on surveys and registration forms that ask you to check which age group you're in, now I'm in a new age bracket, the one called 45-55. I've been joking that I hope there are perks in this new group, like graduating to a new level of life. What awaits? Better food? Special VIP access? Secret meetings? I picture an envelope arriving with a code for a secret knock, and an address. I imagine going to that address, and knocking on the door the special way, and being granted access, but no one under 45 is allowed in. They check my ID, and let me in, closing the door firmly behind me. What wonders await inside?

So far, my body has granted me some interesting temperature modulations. I'm told that's part of it. Interesting. Especially at night when I need to throw off the covers, only to pull them on again in about 2 minutes as I start to shiver. But, I'm sure there are more enjoyable perks awaiting. 

As last year was the year of the angels, (44 is the angel number in numerology), I've decided that this year of my life is the year of perks. I'm going to put the expectation out there that all kinds of abundance is flowing into this 45th year, even better than before. I'm in! The perks of being 45 are amazing, and wonderful, and I can't wait to experience them!

And that, my friends, is how you manifest a great year.
Happy birthday, me!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alice! ♥ Blessings to you. ☺

Debi M. said...

Happy birthday Alice. (December 20th is my birthday too.)
I'm just reading your book Practical Reiki, and I love it. I'm a little unclear on attunements. You can find several websites that offer free attunements online. Are these effective?

Alice Langholt said...

Happy birthday to you too, Debi! :D
So glad you're enjoying my book.
Learning Reiki is best done with a teacher who cares about your success and confidence. Free attunements offered online are not usually coming with that kind of support. Also, you know what you're getting, so to speak, if you work with a teacher who supports you personally. I really believe that's the best way to go, rather than taking your chances with what's out there. It's your energy, and it deserves careful and respectful treatment by a teacher who takes his or her work seriously.

Debi Madore said...

I thought that's what you would say. I'm going to finish reading your book and some other material. I have a lady that teaches Reiki pretty close to me so I'll get with her when I'm ready. Any other type of guidance you can give me would be appreciated.

Alice Langholt said...

Sounds like you're on the right track. My guidance is to be sure that your teacher is someone you are comfortable with. I teach by distance and hold online classes. ( So, I'm happy to offer you my services if you feel drawn to learn with me. I also travel to teach groups in person, should that be of interest to you or any of my readers.