Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meditation has annoyed me

I am trying. Seriously. I've determined to allow 30 minutes per day to meditate. I know it would benefit my intuitive development to do this. I also know that a person who does this sort of work should have a regular meditative practice. Otherwise, it's like getting personal training from someone who doesn't exercise.

Sure, I do self-Reiki daily. That's a given. It also truly helps me stay healthy and balanced. I can feel the difference and know that it's working.

But meditation, that's another story.

So I decided to take this seriously and really give it a try. At first, I was meditating just sitting quietly and closing my eyes. That was okay. I could stop whenever I wanted to, and usually found myself sitting there pretty peacefully for about 20 minutes.

Then I got this Holosync CD. It promises to help one meditate at a much deeper level, by listening to the sounds that have some kind of binaural waves that are supposed to engage some kind of deeper brain waves into the process. Cool, I thought. I can sort of fast-track my meditation practice. This is a good idea.

So I put it on, sitting with my earphones in as instructed. Waterfalls and bells are played. Hmm hmmm hmmm...what am I making for dinner?...oops....meditating now.......ding ding.....oops I forgot to call the kids' school to remind them that I'm picking up today....oops...meditating! Stop thinking!....ooh, I need to email this person and put that event on my calendar, and I should make that call, and ....ugh I'm doing it again....dang. How long until this is over?

This is about how it's gone now for a few days running. This is not enjoyable. Instead of peaceful, I left my meditation time frustrated and feeling like I'd wasted 30 minutes trying to listen to waterfall and bell sounds and getting some benefit from trying not to think.

I have to rethink this.

I know that there are benefits to meditation. Of course. Meditation is the number one way to increase one's intuition. I know this. I think, actually, for myself, that Reiki is better for me because I am able to do this much more when I'm working with Reiki.

But I should also try to have a regular meditative practice, and I'm not doing so well at it so far.
Just thought I'd share.

Kinda funny to rant about meditating.

I'm not giving up. I'll keep you posted.


John said...

Love your blog! I'm level 2 Reiki and have been for 3 years now. I am now waiting for the moment to take it to Master, but feel Im still growing. My blog here features Healing crystals, which we sell, but my main love is reiki especially healing with pets. Best wishes with your journey.
John at crystal lincs

Rozonda said...

Hi Alice, I identify with you so much because I've taken up and given up meditation over abd over again for the same reasons as you. I hope I will master my mind someday- it is indeed a wild ox, as the Buddhists say. Hope you get it!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe try meditating in a different way, take a quiet walk, or draw ect, sitting still isn't for everyone!

Agrigirl said...

Funny Alice but spot on. Keep at it - it will come and you'll be pleased.

Amy Phoenix said...

Hi Alice,

The frustration you are experiencing is pointing to something and trying harder to meditate may or may not actually help you feel more like meditating. :) Your determination is admirable.

Possibly I can offer an alternative way of experiencing meditation as a way of life, rather than just a practice leading to a result. Practice is helpful for various reasons and it often comes easier when we tune into what we really want from the practice. Look forward to chatting more about this.

Here's an example if you're interested: http://peace4parents.com/simple-meditation/

This article highlights the value of experiencing meditation moment by moment: http://touchstonez.com/2011/08/11/benefits-of-meditation-during-stressful-times/

Lovely to connect with you again. :)

Tracey said...

Love your blog - meditation requires emptying your mind and most of the time mime seems pretty empty anyway until I sit down and then it gets full of ...stuff.
I try to fill it instead with wisdom from the ancient traditions, you are welcome to read some over at theRainbowSeeker.com
Good luck with the sitting still,

usuireikiteachers@gmail.com said...

Enjoyed the post (made me laugh) and found the comments helpful!

Kim Frazier Shaughnessy said...

I love this article because I can totally relate. I've had some very weird meditation experiences which leaves me feeling like they must be weird...so when they're not, I'm bored. I am a Reiki Master Teacher myself and daily meditation is my weak spot. The humor in this post is well received!

Red Hawk said...

Love the blog! It took me a few months before I was really able to sit down and clear my mind. And some days I still have trouble. But remember different people meditate in different ways.

The Soulful Vegan said...

Let me know when you get the hang of meditation, I'm trying to find that quiet balance inside myself that insist on doing thing at 1000 mile a minute!

The Soulful Vegan said...
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Jwls Poyner said...

Hi Alice! I just came across your blog & your meditation problems! I was wondering if the Holosync cd you are using is from Learning Strategies? If so, I also started meditating years ago and would find that my mind kept wondering, so I ordered holosync & at first also found it a little aggravating, but as I kept using it daily, the aggravating part started to reseed & the quiet mind took over - after about 1yr of the first cd - I was given the option to order another but this time with my words embedded in the sounds - So I wrote a life changing story, recorded in my voice and they sent the audio - since then I have come to the conclusion that your own words resignate to your inner wisdom and change your thought patterns to ones of your own beliefs and understanding! I hope you have success in which ever way you choose to meditate!
Namaste Jwls

health-problems said...

meditation is a fun activity, if we apply it we will feel comfortable and feel focused face any problem, confidence increases, and our subconscious will become sharper. so I recommend to do that yet. http://www.health-problems.tk

Geena said...

Hi Alice, Have you tried a different kind of meditation Maybe Tai Chi?

I think meditation is about grounding in the moment and connecting to that divine energy. It helps us clear and balance ourselves, as well as receive some daily guidance. There are lots of ways to meditate though.

I like to write or to walk, and sometimes I"ll just sit and meditate =)

Helen Leathers said...

Just a thought, if you do reiki on yourself everyday, surely that put you in a really nice place? Can you not extend this time to included your meditation? I often help myself get into meditation by using reiki on myself to help stop my mind whirring. I always think that A reiki treatment is pretty much a mediation in itself so maybe you don'tneed additional meditation time so your mind and body are rejecting it?

Chondon Chondro said...

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