Monday, May 9, 2011

Water Energy

I've been thinking deeply lately (oops no pun intended) about water.

I've posted before about water and the work of Masaro Emotu, which very much impresses me. Click here to see my post on intention and water.

I'm also embedding here one of a large number of very well done videos illustrating the Rice Experiment, this one done with Reiki energy, showing the difference that Reiki can make on water, visually presented through cooked rice.

Okay. Now here's what I've been thinking lately, and I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

I've been teaching Reiki, as you all know by now. :)

When I'm teaching, I offer many analogies to help people understand things about energy. One of the analogies I've been using lately to describe life force energy is water.

Water is:
  • a high percentage of our bodies
  • in the earth
  • in the sky
  • in the air around us (humidity)
  • in our breath
  • interactive, reactive to heat, cold, and intention
  • a finite, replenishing quantity, here on the planet for millenia
  • vital for all life
The truth is, the more I compared life force energy with water, the more they seemed...intimately related. Every analogy I could think of for water also applies to life force energy (except for the physicality of water, I suppose, verses the etheric quality of energy).

But everything else applies, and that's really got me thinking right now.

I think that there is a link here. Energy and water. Reiki energy affects water. It creates a molecular change, purifies, realigns the essence. I can also, and I know that anyone who has Reiki can, cause a small cloud to "melt away" by intending Reiki towards that particular cloud. The other clouds around the chosen cloud stay the same. I've done it dozens of times. (A note here that I have friends who say this is not a nice thing to do because it may affect the weather patterns in some other place in the world. I have also been told one should ask permission of the cloud spirit before doing such a thing. I offer these notes for your opinion also. For me, they sit in my "I don't know" file.)

I also have a teacher who says that water is a conscious Being - a living energy. Whatever form its in, it is ONE with itself, running through all life, part of the planet, changing, moving, and replenishing itself. There is, I believe, great wisdom in this idea.

So I'm offering this idea out there to all of you lovely readers.

Life Force Energy - All That Is - the energy that gives us consciousness; makes up our emotions; is integrated with our physical bodies; is between us all, allowing us to offer Reiki to any person, living thing or idea, anywhere in the world; which responds to intention by affecting healing...could this be integrated with the living energy of water?

Is the living energy of water the same energy of Life Force Energy? Perhaps this is the way to relate to it.

This idea is still one in development for me, but I would very much like your opinion on the subject as it marinates further in my thoughts.

Soak it in! :D


Amy Oscar said...

I think so. From my perspective, water is composed of the same 'life force energy' of which all things are formed - including our bodies, including our thoughts, including Reiki. Hard concept for us, especially Westerners - with our cultural tendency to break everything down into individual components - to wrap our heads around. But yes, from the perspective of energy dynamics, all things are made of the same light, love, life energy. Great post.

T_McLeod said...

Thanks Alice! I really enjoyed this. I think you are on to something regarding life force and water. Really interesting post.

Reikihealer said...

There is nothing like showing results seen by the naked eye! I love it. Sharon Baker

Hopfully Hesitant said...
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Sabra said...

My friend, a reiki master, and I, second degree, were hanging out and swimming the other day and we started discussing reiki. She mentioned hearing about giving reiki sessions while in a living body of water as a way to amplify it's affects. I thought it was very interesting. What are your thoughts?

Ananda Love said...

This is really interesting. It takes your mind into the in-between stages of thought. The all of everything is energy. Water is just a great metaphor to describe it's omnipresence. Look at the elements too. Hydrogen, carbon, oxygen...basic parts that are energy but make up the reality around us.

Sarah Nabarro said...

Really interesting - I am a Reiki practitioner and also an artist and have recently started applying reiki to water with water colour to create "Reiki paintings"... but am still trying to figure out whether the Reiki has any impact on the movement of the water on the paper...!!

Krista Dunlop said...

Interesting that I found this site. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and also have my professional level in scuba diving. Just the other day I was thinking of trying Reiki underwater with some scuba divers to also test out my thoughts on ... how Reiki works underwater. I am presently researching to find out if any such studies have been conducted. Personally, I feel underwater Reiki would be such a natural environment for Reiki Practioners to consider working in and provide so many benefits to people and our beautiful marine animals.

I would love to keep in touch with you and share whatever research information we may discover on this subject.



Alice Langholt said...

Hi Krista,

What an amazing idea! I would LOVE to hear about your underwater experience with Reiki - that is fascinating and you're right - it does feel natural. I really believe there is a strong connection between water and Reiki energy.

Please do keep in touch!

Love and light,

Johnathan Foster said...

I am a reiki master and quantum healer. I stated looking deeper into kirlian photography. It seems it is often dismissed on the claim that water is a confounding variable, i.e. As a picked flower dies it's kirlian image diminishes. This is debunked on the grounds that water causes the images and the diminishing image over time is the result of water leaving, not energy/aura leaving. This, to me, seems to be evidence that water is life force energy. The auras of people, then, would be water vapor. Larger auras would indicate a stronger connection of internal and external chi. Various colors would be an indication of the influence said person has on the memory of their respective water/vapor. The same would be true of all entities, I just used a person as an example.

Alice Langholt said...

@Johnathan Foster - Thank you for your comment. That's fascinating, and while I agree that there is something of a living being that is water, and a strong connection to life force energy, I am not sure that saying that water IS life force energy is enough to fully explain this energy that is all life. I think it's still limited, but getting closer.

Thank you so much for your input - it's fascinating and contributes a great deal to the discussion.