Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Tour with Sharon Baker, RN, RMT

Hello everyone! I'd like to welcome author Sharon Baker to the Reiki Awakening blog! Sharon is an RN and a Reiki Master Teacher who has written a really wonderful Reiki book about her powerful experiences with Reiki, Healing With Hands. I really enjoyed reading the stories about the many different people Sharon gave Reiki to, and the ways in which their situations were improved after receiving Reiki treatments. Her additional scientific information is enlightening and her writing is both heartwarming and real. Great news is that I have 3 copies of Healing With Hands to give away! I'm honored to have an article I wrote featured on Sharon's blog this week as well! So to win a copy of this wonderful book, here's what to do:

1) Read and leave a comment here about Sharon's article.

2) Read and leave a comment on Sharon's blog about my article. Those who have commented on both blogs by Friday, July 16 will be entered in a drawing to win one of the three books. I'll announce the winners on Friday afternoon! A bonus is that everyone who comments on Sharon's blog is also entered to win a basket of books! It's a double win opportunity! I'm so happy to have the chance to feature a really wonderful author, and reward my readers too! Enjoy Sharon's post!

by Sharon Baker, RN, RMT

Strength, force vigor and power producing an effect. It may be mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical, life force or spiritual energy. It is the synergist for all living things and systems to operate. Energy is manifested in many forms: motion, light, heat, ionizing radiation or sound. Nothing would be happening within us or on our planet without energy.

My recent Reiki Master Student, Colleen D, is an automotive engineer. What really got my attention was that Colleen seemed so comfortable with energy medicine concepts: no struggle to prove ideals or science. After my initial surprise, I decided to interview her for this month's newsletter.

I began by asking what drew her to Reiki. She said it was her late father, a magistrate and lifelong seeker of esoteric truths, who encouraged her whole interest in Reiki and related therapies. "Dad received Reiki treatments himself and was an enthusiastic fan of Dr. Robert Becker, author of, "The Body Electric." She began her early journey learning Eastern views of stress reduction and self healing. She later experienced a Reiki session and soon completed all the Reiki levels. Colleen also stated, like many, she was sensitive to antibiotics and since she suffered from chronic bronchitis, had to look outside the box for treatment.

I asked Colleen about parallels between Reiki and engineering theories. Familiar words to both are blueprint, electrical, stress, design, systems, vibration, energy.

Colleen stated that both Reiki and engineering share a common thread regarding vibrational theory and its application here on earth. the earth itself has several rather slow frequencies between 6 and 50 cycles (or hertz) per seconds called Schumann's Resonance. As I researched this data further, I found an interesting tidbit-the average earth frequency is 7-10 hz. which corresponds to the average frequency of our brain waves. She added, everything on the earth has its own resonance-water, trees, rocks, lowland and highlands. Thought and light are among the highest forms of vibration and light itself contains multiple vibrations. Per Wikipedia, the physics, the term light sometimes refers to electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, weather visible or not.

You as light workers are manipulating and channeling this highest form of "light" resonance. Human hands frequencies have been measured from .3-30 hz. and this changes according to the need of the client as the treatment progresses.

"Also, we recognize open and closed energy systems in engineering," Colleen explained further. "Thermodynamics' 1st law is the 'conversation of energy' - the total amount of energy in a closed system remains constant and can only change form, it cannot be destroyed. I think of this form as I do self Reiki. I circulate my own chi via my hands, moving out toxin and stress of the day. Also, in engineering, we deal with open systems, where something constantly interacts with the environment moving in energy from its surroundings for maximum functioning. For example consider a car engine, with its inlet and outlet, as an open system. Air and fuel are ingested through the inlet into a chamber in the engine. Within the engine system, there is a spark plug where the air and fuel mixture ignites, to create a powerful explosion, which increases the size of the engine chamber. After the explosion, the engine rids itself of non combustible waste through the outlet or exhaust. As we give a Reiki treatment in open system fashion we also interact with the environment to move chi into the client. The healers are also the properly timed spark plug which ignites power and maximizes the flow to help the client run efficiently, expelling waste or toxin through human outlets. Another engineering view is that electrical systems automatically have a magnetic field which is also widely recognized in Reiki. Whether human or machine, electrical fields exist even when there is no current flowing. If current flows the strength of the magnetic field will vary but the electrical field strength will remain constant."


Moroccan Wife said...

Wow, that's pretty fascinating about the parallels b/t engineering & reiki. what a concept! The vibrational theory is particularly interesting b/c that is often what I feel the most when giving and/or receiving Reiki. I've been having some amazing experiences more & more lately. I do hope to read Sharon's book soon. Thank you for this guest post :)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this "engine" idea myself lately, as I take in a great deal of energy and am working on making sure I have outlets for it as well. Fascinating post, thanks, Sharon! -Jennafer M

Dana Lisa said...

Great post! I appreciate when people can make the connection between what is happening "spiritually" and "scientifically" with Reiki. There are a lot of parallels with what Sharon and Colleen describe and what Dr. James Oschman describes in "Science and the Human Energy Field" (I use this article for all my Reiki classes):

Reikihealer said...

Thank you, readers, for your supportive comments. I find it is not mandatory but validating to have science on our side. Yes, Dr Oschman's book is a great tool for class-I use it ,too. Colleen is a great role model and teacher in her automotive world. However, each of us is a teacher in our own arena- that's how we will change the consciousness of the planet!So thank you for being you!

Alice Langholt said...

Sharon, I want to thank you for your insightful and informative post on my blog! I also want to emphasize how much I enjoyed your book and am glad to share it with my readers. Finally, thank you for the opportunity to write for your own blog. I wish you great success in your blog tour and with your book!

Love, peace and gratitude,

Lisa Foster said...

Interesting it is! That is exactly how I feel as I offer Reiki to myself or my clients. I visualize the life force energy flowing down into my crown chakra, as though I'm filling up my tank... then I see the energy flowing down through the lower chakras, passing thru my heart chakra, feeling that loving feeling, passing down through to my palm chakras, thinking of them as the pedals which I feel the energy slowing down or speeding up accordingly to what the client needs. Life Force Energy is amazing! A time for wellness is now, and when Reiki can be compared to what most of us are familiar with, it makes it a more easier way to get a sense of or explain in a more easier way so that people can get a sense of how and what the energy does... Our physical body is our automobile for living this time on Earth!
I am very interested in reading Sahron's book! Thank You!
Lisa F

Reikihealer said...

Thank you ,Alice, for hosting me on your great blog site-as I see it, we energy practitioner are all in this together. Some time ago I was the only person in my community to speak about energy ideas-others didn't know what I was talking about--it was very lonely.Now it so empowering to find so many enlightened ones!! Lisa, I really like your visualization process-I am certain it helps you stay vibrant. I do one similar for myself every night before I go to sleep.

Alice Langholt said...

Thank you Noura, Jennafer, Dana Lisa, and Lisa for your comments! I'll be announcing the winners of Sharon's book in the next couple days! Love and light to all on your journey and gratitude for your reading and posting!

Again, thank you Sharon for guest posting such an interesting and informative article! As Reiki becomes more mainstream, the scientific studies will increase and results will continue to be documented. There is so much to come! I hope you'll stay in touch! Blessings, Alice

Alice Langholt said...

Noura, Lisa F and Jennafer M, you are the winners of Sharon's book! Please email me your snail mail address so I can get the books ready to send out to you when they get to me (I'm waiting for the package to arrive here!). You can email me at

Congratulations and thank you for reading and sharing insightful comments!

Love and light, Alice

Reed said...

WOW what a great post. I really liked the analogy of the healer/practitioner being the spark plug. I also enjoyed the language around energy. Looking forward to reading Sharon's book at some stage :)

reiki edinburgh said...

Great post. Thanks for the info

Allan E. Reid said...

to have science back-up spirituality is a great advantage to us as reiki believers. But I always mention that we don't need proof, we need faith.