Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To California... With a Little Help From My Angels


I went to California last weekend to be with my sisters. This long weekend trip was a gift from my mom, dad and my sisters for my 40th birthday (which was in December). One of my sisters (Laura - in the picture with me) lives in Washington, DC, and she was attending a conference in California (where my other sister, Melanie, lives). Laura stayed the weekend after her conference to be with me when I came out there, so we three could spend the weekend together. I had never been to CA before, and rarely have the opportunity to travel, so this was a very rare and wonderful gift. This being a long weekend, I didn't have teaching obligations, so this was the perfect time to go.

I got to the airport, after having made many arrangements with my mom and mother-in-law, who were watching the kids and making dinner. My flight out of Cleveland was supposed to get me to a connecting flight in Minneapolis, MN. Suddenly there was an announcement that the airplane had a flat tire and they were waiting for a mechanic to change it. It may or may not cause a delay. I waited a few minutes, concerned about making my connecting flight. The next announcement said that the plane needed special tires brought in - driven in - from Detroit. The delay would be five hours. I got in line to talk to the airline person behind the desk.

Behind me in line was a young woman who was lamenting already that she wasn't going to get home, that she was going to miss her friends in Oregon who were going to drive with her, that she was going to be stuck. I turned to her and said that I was setting the expectation that I'd be moved to a direct flight, in first class, seated next to a celebrity I've always wanted to meet. She laughed and marveled at my positivity. I told her we get what we put out there.

Well, when I got to my turn, the airline person typed and typed on his computer and said he was unable to find me another flight since the storms out East had caused so many people to need to get on flights. Everything else was full. He encouraged me to try calling a representative of the airline from the phone bank in the middle of the room and see if someone there could help. So I did that, determined not to give up. After a long time on hold, and another long conversation with that airline representative, I was again told that there were no flights that could get me to California until the next day. My weekend was already short, so a full day's delay for one day in California was not going to be possible. The airline representative suggested I call someone from the other airline that my itinerary included.

I called that airline, and after a long hold was speaking with another representative who was also unable to get me on another flight. Sadly, I got back in line to ask for a refund for my ticket. As I stood in line to speak with the airline person, I was leaving tearful messages on my sisters' voicemails saying that I wasn't going to make it and that I was so sorry. The airline person saw me. When I got to the podium, he started typing on his computer. He said he was going to be creative and try to find me a way to get there. I stood and silently asked the angels for help getting me to California. He typed and typed. He called someone and talked to her. Suddenly, he said "I got it!" and he hung up the phone. He had found me a flight to Detroit that connected to a flight to Los Angeles (see the word "angel" in there?), getting me to CA just two hours after my original arrival time. I took it. I also hugged that guy and thanked him profusely.

The gate to board the Detroit flight (which was leaving in 10 minutes) was right next to the gate I was at currently. I walked over and sat down until we boarded. As I sat, I looked at my boarding passes. The seat for my flight from Detroit to LA was in first class.

Everything went smoothly to Detroit, and getting on my flight to LA. As I sat in my seat on the Detroit-LA flight (next to a charming guy who has the difficult job of working for Toyota), I was reading a book I'd brought. The author mentioned cheesecake and I thought "yum, I'd love some cheesecake. Maybe I'll be able to have some in California." When the flight attendant brought our meals, just about 10 minutes later, wouldn't you know there was a piece of cheesecake included? The angels arranged for dessert too, I guess!

I spent a wonderful weekend with my sisters, one I'll never forget. I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to go, and also for the lesson that there's help if you stay positive and ask for it.

Wishing you many moments of awe and wonder.


Anonymous said...

that is such a wonderful story! keeping one's angels in mind (even though they are always with us) gives them full permission to step in just where they are needed each time! your blog post has inspired me to keep my angels always in my mind, not just when i am in a tight spot.
lots of love & angels
nazlie (@khoki)
ps: i also turned 40 last year ;)

Amy Oscar said...

A wonderful reminder that the angels have a sense of humor - that "celebrity" wish made me laugh out loud and look! you wound up next to a Toyota Executive, who's getting more celebrity this week?!

PS My angels are nudging me to mention that there is always a reason for delays like this. These days, though I may never know why I'm caught in traffic or delayed at the airport, I've learned to give it to the angels, with gratitude and look for the lesson, encounter or inspiration in the situation.

That and a nice piece of cheesecake..

Frank Dickinson said...

Gotta love those angels eh?

Excellent post Alice! The power of belief is, well, powerful!

Glad you got some time for you.

bouchane said...

Thanks for your nice story - glad to know you got there - and that it was because of the kindness of strangers... as it usually is. :-)

Alice Langholt said...


Thank you for your comment! I'm learning to appeal to angels for guidance and support more and more, and it's delightful when I feel they've helped me! Good to know you're inspired too. xoxo


Any time I think of angels, I automatically think of you too since you are so close with them and give me such important guidance. I appreciate the reminder that there are always reasons, and it certainly seemed evident on my CA trip! Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm blessed to know you.


Always good to know you're reading and thanks for commenting too! Yes, I'm learning to incorporate angel contact more and more, and it really makes things interesting!
Much love to you & RuthAnn.


You are so right that people have a lot to do with helping us in so many ways. I'm grateful for the help of that airline person who really went all out to find me that flight at the last minute. Thanks for the comment and peace and light to you.


Anonymous said...

You just never know who you might run into during your daily round abouts. Angels are hidden everywhere in life, not just the cosmos. Perhaps that girl the gentleman was talking to was an Angel in disguise and told him that trick you needed?? Angels are very mysterious like that.

This is a GREAT story Alice! I'm glad you got to Cali and that you had your CHEESECAKE!!

This is what happens when you fully let go of everything and just trust that the Angels will provide for you. When you completely trust and let go Miracles can happen, much like to your flight to Cali.

Alice Langholt said...


Thank you for your comment! It does make a difference when you see the angel touches in the way things work out - especially when problems are solved and cheesecake appears! :)

Thanks for being an inspiration in the way you communicate with angels too.

Love and light,

David Franklin Farkas said...

Great work Alice.

I have friends that call me in those circumstances. Clearing travel problems have become a specialty.

On a red ey flight back from Vegas I asked for a window seat and was reseated... then the gate agent came back on and put me in first class because 'someone decided not to use his ticket.' Comfy night's sleep.

Blissings... David

Giftedmum said...

Ah the sweet blessings of synchronicity when the Angels intervened & walk through your day with you...leaving gentle...loving...funny ..remarkable stepping stones for us to rest our weary feet...I love your story..thanks for your love & Light

Alice Langholt said...


Great story and good to know of your experiences too! More and more I'm realizing the little synchronicities around me and thinking of them as signs, gifts, and shows of support is very comforting indeed. Thanks for commenting! xo


Thank you for always saying something poetic and beautiful. I truly love the way you look at life, here and on Twitter I'm blessed by your comments.

Love and light,

Lisa K. said...

What a great story! I love angel stories and this one was a doosy!! They always come in the nick of time, don't they. It's great that you have such faith. It makes it stronger.

You can't beat First Class! :)

Thanks for posting!

love and peace, Lisa K.

Alice Langholt said...

Lisa K.

I'm honored to have you reading & commenting! Love your website too! I've come a ways since I started this blog 2 years ago and had many doubts and no experience with angels. I'm entering a new phase of this journey I think, and it's getting more interesting every day!

Thanks for being an inspiration in your work and a friend on Twitter!

Anonymous said...

Wow Alice just read this & it brought tears to my eyes, goes to show call on the Angals & burst into tears, it will help. Thanks. Lotsa love, Angie

Carolyn said...

Hello my new Reiki friend...I loved this blog post..and it did bring tears of gratitude to my eyes for you. I too, regularly rely on my angels for help with I learn to ask more, I trust more. Have you heard of Tom Moore's The Gentle Way? He writes about asking for angelic help...I read about him in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.....thanks Alice. Espavo, Carolyn :)

Alice Langholt said...


I'm so glad to know that you're reading and with me so empathetically. Thank you for your comment and caring!


Thank you for the comment and also the book recommendation. I'll check out "The Gentle Way." It sounds like something I should read. I'm moving forward on my journey and learning to ask for help and support as needed. This is a new thing for me too and it's interesting how it seems to bring "coincidences" to life, or at least awareness of synchronicities!

Much love and light,

Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring Alice, and you 3 are beautiful in your picture together, your smiles are as lights, that illuminate brighter than the sun that day. I'm so glad you had a good time getting to reconnect. God bless you. I needed to read something good and awe inspiring as this. Thank you once again for an excellent read, and for leaving a window of hope for those in the dark feeling life is bleak. Hugs
You're a good person Alice, I love that about you.
Sat Nam, **(-_-)**

Tammy McLeod said...

beautiful story Alice... you get what you ask for and what you give. Thanks for sharing

Kathy Crabbe said...

Sending you some more Cali Sunshine (to remind you of your sis!)

Thank you for being you and spreading inspiration, wonder, wisdom and good vibes onto the planet!

In honour of your blog I'm awarding you with the Sunshine Blogger's Award - congrats!

Sparkly Blessings and more!
Kathy C.

ps see you on twitter!

Alice Langholt said...


Thank you for commenting, and for such beautiful words. I'm glad that my writing made you feel good and always glad to know you're there reading, dear friend. Much love and light to you.


Great to see you and thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Incorporating positive thinking and asking for angelic guidance is new and pretty exciting at moments like I described in this post. So glad to know there are others on this journey with me.


Thank you for the sunshine award and the nice comment! Glad for your reading and your inspirational friendship here and on Twitter!

Love and light to all.

Reikidreamer said...

As always your post made me smile, thanks for sharing your story. You had me wondering what celebrity was going to deliver your cheesecake.