Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beyond the Mind

Lately, I've been pondering the way people think about healing energy and try to define it. Students in my Energy Healing Certification Program are charged with defining Reiki in a paragraph, an "elevator speech" they could use to answer the inevitable stranger's query "What is Reiki?" They don't pass the program without being able to do this. And it isn't easy! Search on the Internet and you'll find a great variety of definitions, just for the word Reiki. But look for energy healing and you'll find thousands of techniques and methods, variations on methods, and practitioners saying that their method is the most effective of them all.

I love what I do, and yet I'm very interested in learning more, expanding my abilities, incorporating new energy methods, and making sense of it all from an experiential perspective. So news stories such as this one really draw my attention.

Dr. Nemeh lives in my area, and I know several people who have had individual or group sessions with him. As you saw on the video, he has "catchers" to stand behind the people he works on, because they often become overwhelmed with energy and collapse. That's different.

I'm also fascinated by the noise discussed in this news story, that occurs when he does healings via Skype. I haven't tried doing a live distance healing over Skype, and I have some interesting and powerful distance healing techniques that I wonder if they would produce such a sound if I tried them live that way. Think I'll have to grab some colleagues and do some investigative work on that one!

Then there's Braco, the Gazing Healer. He came here recently and one of my students went to see him, skeptical, and yet she reported feeling profoundly changed by the experience. Here's a video about him, and his healing sessions via Skype.

Braco simply gazes, stares out at people, over internet or live. And those watching report powerful emotions, strong energy, and often visions while looking at him or being in his presence.

Recently, I read a book "Whose Hands Are These?" by (the late) Gene Egidio, an autobiography. In this book, Gene tells his fascinating story, and reports how he began doing "Open Eye Healing" - basically staring and sharing healing energy for a group of people at a time. His crowds grew to enormous size, just as Braco's have.

So what's going on here? There are connections. I believe the connections are these basic ideas:
  • Energy is directed by intention.
  • The energy that is directed is a natural part of our inherent essence already, but at a higher "frequency" or "vibration" so it affects our own by also elevating it, enhancing the ability to heal and balance.
  • The limits to what we can do are ours to discover. The more we are open to allowing for endless possibilities, the more we find that to be true.
  • Love, gratitude and humility strengthen this connection.
  • Understanding that healing for others is a direct result of the recipient's openness and ability to receive the energy, rather than the healer "doing something to them" is also important.
  • We are all connected by this ONE energy, our collective consciousness - intentions, thoughts, and emotions - create our reality. This creation via intention and manifestation by expectation of results is Spirit energy. Not separate from us, doing something, but a part of the endless and limitless energy of life that we are and create. This means that WE are, collectively, God/Spirit/Source.
So what do we do now? Bring all of these methods, modalities, etc. under the umbrella of "energy work" and know that whatever we do, the concepts above apply to strengthen it. I think that Dr. Nemeh and Braco are just examples of what happens when we do that. (Plus perhaps some factors such as near death experiences, or being open to a spiritual "calling" where they are concerned). How much is learned, acquired, or brought into being by being open...that much I'm still engaged in finding out by observing myself.

I'm one who knows that healing can be learned, because I learned to do what I can do now. I wasn't gifted from birth, had no significant near death experiences or bold flashes of light and understanding thrust upon me. No, just a lot of "try it and see."

I know that I plan to learn more, try more, and discover more. And keep doing what I already am doing - try things and reflect on what it means. And I have Skype, but haven't tried live distance healing over Skype ...yet.

Are you interested in moving beyond self-imposed limits too?


Salem Witch Child said...

I'm an energy healer. But I've never learned much about reiki. I've thought about it, but never taken the steps to learn it. My way works for me though, and that's all that really counts.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent post! You are so articulate. It totally makes sense, if we can astral travel and remote view, then we must be able to reach out and touch/help/heal in other ways, precisely "beyond" just as you stated. When one masters any of these, the intention is all it takes to do the sending. So correct. Rock on! This is one of the many reasons visualization is so powerful too.

Greg said...

I'm so glad I found this blog! Last sunday I went through my level 2 Reiki attunement and so far I am absolutely loving where the path is taking me. Seeing this post brings me a lot hope that "energy work" will become increasingly accepted and explored, incorporating all modalities in a non-exclusive way! Oh also, before I run off to work for the day, I just want to throw out there that I would love to colloborate, especially if you plan on doing any long distance energy work via Skype soon. Namaste.

Sherry Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing the videos and your unique insights.
Sherry Andrea

reiki lover said...

This is one of the many reasons why I do love reiki and have a deep apprehension with it.

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reiki cosmic energy activation said...

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what is reiki said...

I loved your blog,i asked my self what is reiki ? many times until one day i decided to google it and that's how i found your blog,your articles made me soo eager to learn more about it. thx for posting these helpfull informations. smiles

Anonymous said...

Dear Braco Healer, I deeply need your help. Can you please Heal me? I am trusting in you with all that I have.