Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tingly Fingers

Last night I went to my Reiki teacher's house. I was there to give her hands-on Reiki, of which I have seriously less experience now than distance, and to get her feedback. I was hoping to get more comfortable with the hands-on method, and get some guidance about what sensations I am looking for when scanning someone in person.

It was awesome. She reviewed hand positions with me, which was helpful. Then I started at her head - crown and 3rd eye chakra. There was such heat, that I felt like she was giving ME Reiki! Afterward, she said she felt as if I was moving my hands up and down through her aura, which I wasn't. I think our energies were mingling and flowing back and forth between us, which could explain her feeling that - that's really what it felt like to me!

The best thing she taught me is that the tingling I experience in my fingers is me actually sensing energy. When I scanned specific areas on her body, the tingle would turn "on" and "off" and it was very consistent with information she was giving me! I was thrilled and energized (ok, pun intended) - when I left. And, as always, immensely grateful for the experience and ability to channel Reiki.

I don't know where this is going - I only know that I am going along wherever it takes me.

I'm dying to be part of a Reiki community to share experiences, common goals and thoughts, and to have more opportunities to send and receive Reiki.

Today is my birthday.
My Reiki teacher is going to send me distance Reiki tonight so I can experience it from the receiving end. I've only had hands-on Reiki from her, so I am very interested to feel the difference!!

The good thing is that everyone I've sent Reiki to so far, either distance or in person, has felt it in some way. I think that, over all, has been the most validating experience of all.

I do have one person who has paid me for distance Reiki sessions. I am probably moving in that direction.

However, I want to say here that I wouldn't charge anyone for the first time at this point. If someone wants me to send distance Reiki, I will gladly do so for free. If the recipient finds it to be a beneficial and positive experience, and would like to continue to receive Reiki from me, we can talk about setting up some times. I am going to charge a minimal fee for repeated sessions.

When I send distance Reiki, I focus exclusively on the person to whom I am sending it. I scan that person, attempt to intuit the places where he or she needs the energy, and ask the spirit guides to help me channel it there. I do send energy to each place I feel a need, and the aura in general, asking again that the energy go where it can be most beneficial. The person receiving the Reiki gets my undivided attention and focus for this intention for about 30 minutes.

Here's what I experience (after doing the distance and power symbols and intending the energy to go to the specific person):
  • Scanning: I imagine the person lying before me and slowly move my hand over him/her, starting at the crown chakra and moving downward. When my hand feels "held" in place at a certain spot, I begin to direct energy to that place. After directing energy to that place for as long as it feels like it's flowing, I continue to scan downward, and then on the person's back, stopping at any point to send energy.
  • Sending energy: My fingers get tingly, like when they're "asleep" - pins and needles feeling. They also sometimes get much hotter, like I'm wearing hot gloves. For as long as the tingling and/or heat lasts, I keep my hands there in that spot, directing energy to that place. Sometimes I also feel tingling in my arms, nose and lips! My teacher says that this is the energy flowing from my crown chakra down through to my fingers.
  • After: Towards the end, I send energy to the aura in general, asking the Reiki guides to please send it where it can most benefit the person to whom I am sending distance Reiki. (I say the person's name, of course). Then I close with the ckr, and take a moment to send thanks to the Reiki guides and Reiki energy.

I hope that is helpful. Please share comments and questions freely!


FineArtPainting said...

My goodness, I am soo busy today, but I wanted to acknowlege you! So, let's try again here:

Many happy returns.

Birthdays are times when we receive lots of blessings. Enjoy the times ..

Astrid Lee
Reiki Master Teacher

Alice Langholt said...

Thank you again Astrid!
It's nice to have your good wishes!


Anonymous said...

I have had one Reiki treatment and really felt pressure on the top of my head. Legs and toes my fingers were tingly and hot for at least 2 weeks after