Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Trickle or a Gush - Intuitive Development

One of the things I do for people is intuitive development mentoring. I would like to say outright that I am not the most intuitive person I know. Not at all. I'll also tell you that I was not born psychic, and I never had any sort of childhood intuitive abilities. I have never seen a ghost, spirit, guide, angel, or UFO. Many people who I mentor have much higher developed intuitive abilities than I do. They see visions, symbols, colors, angels, hear messages, are empathic, and more. So what the heck makes me qualified to mentor anyone in intuitive development? It's a great question. I've asked myself the same thing dozens of times. I think I started doing intuitive development mentoring before I knew the answer.

Maybe that fact in itself is part of the answer.

I think it all goes back to two things. First, I am a regular person. As I said, no natural psychic abilities, nothing particularly connected about me from the start. Nope. But I have been a seeker. I always wanted a spiritual connection. Then I learned Reiki. Boom. Things changed. When I say things changed, I don't mean it in an offhanded way. I mean...THINGS CHANGED! Developing a spiritual connection is a huge awakening. Because of Reiki, I have a physical reaction to spiritual energy. Something invisible is there, and I can feel it, tell it what to do, and it goes and does it. Seriously, that is major. Reiki took me, a spiritually disconnected regular kind of person, and showed me a dimension of life that I never knew was there. It was like stepping into color from black and white. The inspiration of this change in me taught me that others like me, regular people, could also experience the difference. I figured if I could do it, anyone could. So my journey started with Reiki.

But it didn't stop there.

I practiced Reiki every day. I found reasons to call the energy all day long. I gave Reiki to my plants, food, my kids, my parents, sent distance Reiki to friends, and joined the Distance Healing Network so I'd have more people to give Reiki to. I began to notice that the more I connected with energy, the more I was able to sense - my intuition was growing. I could tell where a person needed healing; if the person had pain or emotional issues, illness or trauma. I started to get a sense of it. I talked to others, found teachers, received attunements to help grow these connections. If you've read older entries in my blog (or you go back and have a look), you'll be able to follow all of this as it happened.

I realized that I could also help people do this. I wanted to be able to show people the way into the world of color. I started teaching Reiki. People emailed me with questions about how to sense energy, and I would give answers from my own experience. I came to realize that distance healing was something I had grown very comfortable doing, with validating results. I wanted to show people that they could do that too. So I started mentoring distance healing and put together an ebook of what I learned, in order to help others get as comfortable with distance healing as I am. The more I learned and discovered I could do, the more I wanted to show people so they could learn it too.

That brings me to the other reason I mentor intuitive development:

I'm a teacher. It's who I am. I have an ability to explain and show people how to understand things, and it works for this. I take each student from where they are, and show them how to get where they want to be. Often, ironically, they bring more to the table than I ever had. People are different, after all. Sometimes people come to me with experiences with angels, guides, or spirits, but they want to learn more about distance healing. I'm happy to give them the tools I use that make distance healing successful for me. Whatever they come with doesn't really matter as much as helping them reach the goals they have set for themselves. That's what I focus on - bridging the gap.

Along with being a teacher is something that I feel is one of my own intuitive gifts that has developed. I can get a sense of how to help a person achieve what they want to learn. I listen to (ok, more accurately, I read about) what the person's goals are. Sometimes the person tells me about what's challenging about reaching his/her goals. I quiet my thoughts. I get a feel for what the person said, and then I get an idea of how to move forward. I tell them. Sometimes this involves creating a curriculum of exercises to develop an ability. Sometimes it may mean suggesting an attunement designed to open the awareness of that particular area. Other times, it may mean sending healing to whatever is blocking the progress. Whatever it is, I seem to have an answer that makes sense and helps the person be successful.

My own intuitive growth has been a trickle, rather than a gush. I have seen some of my students experience an intuitive gush after Kundalini Reiki attunements. Suddenly, someone can channel information, or is seeing angels, feeling new and exciting sensations. I love it when people embrace these sudden gifts. Sometimes people become ungrounded or overwhelmed, and I help them adjust. No matter how fast or slowly one's intuition has developed, I think an important thing is to look back and see over time just how much growth and change has actually happened. This blog has been valuable for me in terms of doing that.

Always, though, intuitive development is a process. It may be a trickle, a gush, or some combination. But it happens when and how the person is ready and open to receiving it. And that may be the most important lesson of all.



Donna Thomson said...

Hi Alice, I believe that we are all naturally intuitive but it's like an unused muscle that, with a little attention, can be used again. It's about re-learning what is an inherent part of us. And yes you are a teacher and even though you may have a different level of abilities to others, there are students waiting for what you have to offer. It's nice isn't it! One more thing, it's good that you have that spiritual connection through Reiki because many people who are intuitive don't necessarily have the spiritual connection (hence those only in it for the money etc). Keep up the good work. :-)

RuthAnn said...

Wow.. I am humbled by your humility Alice. Your gift is so important to so many of us seeking.. hungering for more knowledge and needing an intuitive guide. You my dear Alice, are that Light that we are seeking to walk us down the path.

Thank you for all you are.

Blessed Be You

Unknown said...


You make me smile - and proud.

I smile because I know through our friendship the level of your intuitive abilities. You may not seen visions, colors etc., but you see something deeper. You see the desire to learn that is seated in peoples heart.

And you lead them to do just that - learn. And grow. And set more goals. And learn again.....etc, etc.

That, my friend, is what I call "true" intuition.

I'm proud because I get the privilege of calling you Teacher.

You go Teach!


Murielle aka Salem said...

ABSOLUTELY fantastic. Your blog has stirred up a lot of latent thoughts and I'm in your debt for such! You bring a wonderful gift with your expression!

Caryl Haxworth said...

I find it most interesting that you thought you weren't intuitive in the first place. Just the fact that you took the path you did, shows that your intuition was working for you. I am glad you followed it, even if you didn't realise that it was what you were doing. From what I can see you have travelled the right route - not only for yourself - but also, for many others.

Love & light,
Caryl :) xx

Alice Langholt said...


Thank you so much for our comment! I deeply feel that one who is working with spiritual energy sincerely gains an appreciation for the spiritual aspects of this amazing work. That's how it's been for me, and I'm so grateful.
Blessings to you!

Your comment invoked tears. I'm grateful beyond words for your beautiful show of appreciation. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is truly my honor.

I'm blessed to know you, work with you, teach you, share friendship with you, and call you colleague. You have blossomed because this energy work is a true part of your BEing. It's a joy to see your joy, because it mirrors my own.
Keep lighting the world.

Always glad to inspire and thank you so much for the comment (and tweeting too!)
L&L to you!

I think that intuition is so hard to measure. It can be hard to define, hard to hear, hard to know if you are following it. That's why it's such a nebulous subject! Sometimes it's easier to look back and connect the dots to see that you were on your true path all along. I think that's what I've done many times, and it's great to recognize that it's been right. What a feeling! Sharing that with others, and helping them find theirs is an amazing thing.

Thank you for your insight and encouragement!

Light and gratitude,

Erin Kennedy said...

Hi Alice,

I am so glad I found your blog (through Twitter).

I had my first Reiki attunement in 1991 and my second in 1994. I have yet to go for my master level, but want to.

Reiki has changed my life in so many ways. I too, feel closer to the Source because of it. It's as if I have a direct link. I've used it on my kids, husband, other family, even my animals (llamas love it!).

I also notice that I rarely get sick. If I do, it's because I'm going on 3 hours of sleep and crabby. :) I also feel pretty confident in my body that it will always heal itself, no matter what comes along.

I don't consciously use Reiki as much as I should, so I'm grateful to have found your blog and subscribed because it reminds me of the power and awe Reiki inspires and that I need to use it more. Thanks.



Rose Reiki said...

This is truly inspiring and I wish I was more disciplined in ensuring I do reiki every day and allow my intuition to grow further. I am intuitive but need to practice. I seem to go through different phases - sometimes do it more and like today have not done any, though saying that I think will shortly.
If only you were in the UK!


Alice Langholt said...


Thanks for your comment! I'm glad to hear about the ways that Reiki has enriched your life and wellness too. It keeps me coming back, you know? :)

Thanks for being here to enjoy my blog and for sharing.

I think it's great to be interested in improving your intuitive strength and connection. I work remotely, so being in the UK is just as close to me as being in the next house from mine. If you'd like to talk more, just shoot me an email.
Love and light,

Daniel Brenton said...

Hey, Teach --

I can completely relate to the comment "I think I started doing intuitive development mentoring before I knew the answer." I haven't been doing mentoring, but I realize I was feeling the Reiki energy through my hands when I'd go to bed over the last few months, and that after a 3-5 minute period it would "back off." I didn't understand what was going on, until I ran into this Reiki person on Twitter ...

All the best,

-- Noob

Alice Langholt said...


I'm glad you've decided to journey into Reiki. It has been waiting for you, I think. I'm glad to be your teacher as you learn Reiki and thank you for the honor of letting me introduce you to this healing method.

You're more intuitive than you think.